Bill Richardson Says He’s Running for President in 2008 – Or is he?

Yes, another donkey enters the 2008 stable.

“I am Hispanic, which I believe is an asset,” Richardson said. “But I’m not running as an Hispanic, I am running as an American who is proud to be Hispanic.”

Richardson said that he does not intend to form a presidential exploratory committee until January. He has, however, begun hiring national campaign staff, and plans a visit to early primary state New Hampshire in mid-January.

We’ll file this one under the “long shot” category right next to Evan Bayh, Joe Biden, and George Pataki.

Hot Air has some video of Richardson being spanked around a bit concerning a border fence. It’s worth it.

capt.88314f4fb93f4de19cde5fe0956fc6db.democratic_governors_dcnw103.jpgOh joy, another Clintonista in the ring.


According to the Drudge Report, Richardson says he’s not running (yet), claims it’s a stunt by FOX News:


Who knows…