The dynamic duo

Just a short post of a couple notable pieces concerning Hillary and Barack.

According to the Hotline:

Too many of us have awarded Clinton the ’08 nod too soon and too easily. The conventional-wisdom crowd is easily impressed by two things about her candidacy: money and her last name. There’s also a dirty little secret that those of us in the media are leery to admit: She’s good for business (particularly expense reports).

That’s an intriguing statement and one worth noting. Hillary is the darling of the Democratic Party, not the vast left wing conspiracy of the Democratic Party. Anti-war liberals criticize her for the Iraq war vote and her flagrant campaign spending. I have personally considered her a shoe-in since the beginning, and she still probably is, but there is a chance that left wingers could boycott Hillary in search for a more liberal candidate.

On another note, The Politicker has a bit about Obama vs. Clinton:

Amid all the chatter about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s plans for 2008, MSNBC goes beyond the usual process-y considerations to ask what the substantive policy differences are between them.

The answer: not much.

Not much in the way of politics however Barack’s got one good things going for him: He’s not a Clinton.

Hillary on the other hand, IS a Clinton and has that old Bill problem tagging along.

If I were a Democrat (which I’m not) I would probably want someone besides Hillary. She’s got baggage, and lots of it. It would be like supporting Dick Cheney on the Republican side. Sure, he’s a good candidate, but Democrats would run commercials where “Halliburton” is whispered softly. Likewise, Hillary is fodder for Republicans, I think she would give them a weakened stance.