Sam Brownback: “full-scale Ronald Reagan conservative”

At least that’s according to himself. Brownback mentioned he will make a decision on whether he will be running in ’08 sometime next month.

According to Brownback:

“I think there’s room for a full-scale Ronald Reagan conservative in the field,” Brownback said. “I fully agree that other people have much higher name identification than I do. No question about that. But I think what you have to look at is the policy positions they get out once you have an effective campaign.”

I have created Brownback a category which will serve long enough for me to post news of his decision not to run. If he does run, it will serve to eventually put that he has bowed out of the race.

I think people get a rush from mentioning they’re thinking about running for President. Then friends, neighbors, possibly their parents can say things like “you’d make a fine president”. Then, once that feeling is over and reality sets in, people like Brownback will be happy they kept their day job.

Brownback has as good a chance of becoming President as I do of dropping that pesky 10 pounds. Keyboard exercises do little.