“Kerry’s latest joke: he wants to run in 2008”

John “Waffles” Kerry spoke his mind on FOX News Sunday this past weekend and discussed his prospects in 2008.

Hot Air has some video and some commentary.

Here’s the full video from FOX News.

Finally, here is the best titled story concerning Kerry’s appearance: Kerry’s latest joke: he wants to run in 2008

Update: Hot Air has a new CNN Poll showing 51% of Democrats saying Kerry shouldn’t run in ’08.

JOHN Kerry, whose habit of offering tortuous explanations of his public gaffes would appear to be a fatal occupational hazard for a politician, has indicated he is considering another run at the White House in 2008.

Alternately, you could write a book titled “How Democrats Can Lose in 2008” and the first chapter would be “The Nomination of John Forbes Kerry”.

Kerry should stick to his Massachusetts gig and keep his nose (and wife) out of national politics if Democrats want a chance.