Is Barack Obama the Dem’s best hope?

USA Today has a somewhat interesting piece on Obama and his prospects for 2008.

According to the article:

Obama, 45, clearly benefits from his rapid rise. He is not burdened by a lengthy Senate voting record. This year’s election made him a prize campaign draw, exposing him to crowds across the country and earning useful chits from candidates in states key to the presidential hunt.

A valid point to make yes, the man has no baggage, a short voting record, and an endearing family.

Political operatives and fundraisers predict that a candidate who wants to be credible as a presidential hopeful must have at least $20 million in the bank by June. Obama is a proven fundraiser, amassing nearly $15 million in his 2004 Senate race and more than $4 million for his political action committee.

So he may have been a cash cow in 2004 for his senate campaign. He certainly may be more attractive in many ways than Hillary and her “baggage”. Many people are “turned off” by the idea of letting Bill Clinton anywhere near interns again. Despite his image as a family man, his interest group ratings scream hard line liberal through and through. However, if he moderated a bit he could be more appealing nationally than Hillary. The question is, will he have the audacity to challenge the party favorite? Could he possibly think he’s more deserving than New York’s own (awful) Hillary Clinton?

My feelings say no.

I think most Democrats want to give Hillary a chance. They want to have Hillary Clinton run for president. They like Obama, but Hillary is in by default. Now, should Hillary run and lose, Obama will be near the top of the list.

That’s my two penny.jpgpenny.jpg