Hillary beats McCain, Giuliani in New York

Surprising maybe, or maybe not. Since New York just came off a landslide election for Hillary and Elliot Spitzer. This is all according to The Politicker.

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From the The Politicker:

Here are Rudy and McCain’s numbers against Hillary and Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton
Clinton 53 – Giuliani 39
Clinton 55 – McCain 36

Barak Obama
Giuliani 47 – Obama 41
McCain 40 – Obama 39

— Azi Paybarah

No, it doesn’t really mean anything this far out, but it is interesting to read and pick over. New York is quite blue though and, for some god awful reason, Hillary remains popular. She’s even popular among weak Republicans of which there are many. People I know here (in upstate New York) who have voted Republican all their lives seem to flock to her.

I think people like the “idea” of Hillary rather than Hillary herself.

Hot Air also had some discussion of the thumping McCain and Giuliani seem to take from Hillary.