Howard Dean on 2008 and the DNC Chairmanship

Howard Dean commented on 2008 earlier today on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: And finally, Barack Obama’s experience to be a presidential candidate in 2008.

DEAN: Look, Barack has done an enormous amount for the party. I don’t comment on 2008, because I really do have to be the referee and have to be entirely neutral, and I’m going to continue to be entirely neutral.

Nothing big, just a mention so it lands here however there are some interesting tidbits under Read More.

One other bit of information that is of interest was Chris Wallace asking Dean if he’d consider stepping down from the DNC chairmanship:

WALLACE: The election results were barely in when a top Democratic strategist, James Carville — you can see where I’m headed with this — a former adviser to Bill Clinton, started going after you. And let’s take a look at what he had to say.

“The RNC —” this is from Carville — “The RNC did a better job than the DNC —” that’s the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee, “— this year. He says the House and Senate Campaign Committees made up for your shortcomings and that Congressman Harold Ford should replace you as chairman of the DNC.

First of all, what do you make of this criticism, and do you have any intention of stepping down?

DEAN: I have to say I get a laugh out of that one. Here we have — let’s leave the federal races aside, because the DCCC and the DSCC did do a wonderful job. But the truth is we got six additional governors. We got nine additional legislative chambers. New Hampshire now has a Democratic house and senate for the first time in a century.

We did great. And I think the time really has come now, now that we’re in power, at least in the Congress, to pull together, to be unified. We’ve got a lot to do in the next two years. We’ve got to elect a Democratic president, and so…

WALLACE: Do you have any intention of stepping down?

DEAN: No. I talked to Harold last night, and he has no — he doesn’t want the job. This is some kind of inside the Beltway silliness.

This has been up for a bit of discussion since there’s a possibility that Michael Steele may take the position of RNC chair. Dean even noted, according to Michelle Malkin, that Michael Steele could be a “problem” for the DNC. Apparently the “hotel staff”, as Dean refers to them, may end up chairing the party. Que the foot in mouth if it happens.

Addition: I found after I posted this that Hot Air has video of Michael Steele saying he’d accept the position if it was offered to him. Nifty.