The end of one career, the begining of another.. Tom Vilsack, the Democrat Governor from Iowa declares his aspirations for the presidency in 2008. In other news, George Allan’s 2008 hopes have been dashed in my opinion.

Copy/paste from Forbes: “Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack, a centrist Democrat seeking an early edge in an all-but-certain crowded presidential field, launched a long-shot bid for the White House Thursday.”

I created a Vilsack a category which will last until he’s eventually beat out for the candidacy.

Vilsack’s own words:

“Americans sent a clear message on Tuesday. They want leaders who will take this country in a new direction,” he said in a statement. “They want leaders who share their values, understand their needs, and respect their intelligence. That’s what I’ve done as governor of Iowa, and that’s what I intend to do as president.”

In other news, George Allan has conceded his race for the senate in Virginia making the Democratic takeover of both houses official. Here’s some video of his 2006 concession which could also substitute for his 2008 concession from Hot Air.

Something you’ll never hear from a Democrat candidate:

“The people of Virginia have spoken, and I respect their decision. The Bible teaches us there is a time and place for everything, and today I called and congratulated Jim Webb.”

Allan (who is a good man) did the right (unfortunate) thing and conceded the race. No reason to drag it out.