How to define the word “plunder”

A little copy/paste will explain it: “(CBS/AP) NEW YORK For months, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has sidestepped questions about whether she would run for the White House by saying she was totally focused on her re-election. She no longer has that excuse.”

Fresh from a “victory” in New York State, Hillary Clinton can now declare her campaign for the presidency. The “great” state of New York was kind enough to be plundered so she had a good springboard for her Presidential campaign. It boggles my mind how people can knowingly put someone in office who will serve less than 1/3 of their term. Well, no, I shouldn’t say that. If (when) she loses in 2008, she can pull a waffles (courtesy Hot Air) and return to her senate seat and pretend she didn’t leave it for 2 years.

CBS continues to sum up her rationale for her campaign: “Fresh off a victory that saw her carry 59 of New York’s 62 counties, including wide swaths of the more conservative upstate region, Clinton would appear well positioned for that run for the White House that many think she will make.” That could probably worked into her first campaign speech.