Democrats win congress…

…but who wins momentum for 2008? I don’t think it’s very clear at this point.

Nancy Pelosi may be the next Speaker of the House but she’s miles away from being an electable presidential candidate. Therefore, what part of the Democratic Party truly “won”? Most of the candidates ran as conservatives, some even chiding John Kerry for his foolish remarks about troops in Iraq. Liberal candidates, like Ned Lamont in Connecticut, were taken to task. Joe Lieberman smashed Lamont despite Lieberman’s support for the Iraq war. Therefore, what really lost it for Republicans?

In my opinion, it wasn’t Iraq. Polls show most people feel the need to finish the job. What Democrats capitalized on were Republicans drunk with power. No border security was accomplished, government spending was ridiculous, and basically nothing was done since the 2004 election by the republicans congress. The 2006 elections, in most cases, were decided by a few thousand votes. Was that a vote for confidence in Democratic policies? That’s hard to say based on the data.

To me, the moderate, more conservative wing of the Democratic Party have come out swinging. Joe Lieberman won handily. Harold Ford Jr. (D) almost pulled it out in Tennessee basically running as a Conservative Republican with a “D” next to his name. The bottom line I think is that this sets up a battle of the moderates in 2008 at least on the Democratic side.