Media says McCain is big winner…

…is that the kiss of death? So now the battle for 2008, is it McCain “Republicanism” or Reagan “Conservatism”? The question is who really wins in the Republican Party?

Update: McCain’s PAC advertising now on Google, seen here:

It links to Straight Talk America

I heard McCain speaking sometime during the night about the Republican Party getting back to “conservative principles”. This sounds funny from the man who supports many things which diametrically oppose “conservative principles” such as soft immigration laws, terrible campaign finance laws, and health care for illegal aliens. My feelings are that many of the things McCain supported cost the Republicans congress.

The so-called “gang of 14” got smaller on Tuesday as well. Lincoln Chafee (R) of Rhode Island and Mike DeWine (R) of Ohio were shown the door despite their “compromise” with the Democrats to be “mavericks” which could also be coined “moderates”. To that I personally say good. It cleanses the party of more Democrats posing as Republicans.

The point as I see it is that McCain is still the media’s poster boy for moderate Republicanism (weak Liberalism) and they will do all they can to push him towards the forefront. To me, this simply illustrates how weak McCain is on Conservative issues. If he was another Tom DeLay, the media would shun him. Therefore, the question remains, will it be a moderate McCain or a conservative Romney come 2008 for the Republicans?

Hot Air is reporting that Michael Steele may be considered to head the RNC. Could be a strong direction towards a more conservative Republican Party come 2008.