McCain vs. Giuliani and Will Obama run?

An early look at the strength of potential presidential candidates in Iowa, likely to be a battleground state in 2008, shows Republicans Rudy Giuliani and John McCain flexing their muscles and Democrat Hillary Clinton making a weak showing in a new Des Moines Register poll.

Early polls usually don’t reflect how things will actually be on election day but they’re always fun for discussion.

Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, and McCain, a veteran U.S. senator from Arizona, sweep four Democratic rivals in a set of hypothetical matchups involving a total of eight candidates. However, former U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina gives them a close battle in the Iowa Poll of likely voters.

The problem that McCain and Giuliani are going to have in Republican primaries is their records. Likewise, their records will also be their biggest strength. That makes no sense of course but in this case Giuliani is quite liberal on social issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and gun control. McCain simply enjoys being a “maverick” and many of his causes are not in line with some in the Republican Party. That being said, those matchups represent voters in Iowa. I’m certain the same poll in a more “blue” state would yield different results.

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On the Democratic front Illinois Senator Barack Obama has been making waves for months now as rumors swirl about a possible presidential run. Newsweek asked Obama about his current campaign and is he had aspirations for 2008:

What is the current formulation of your answer to the question, “Are you running for president in 2008?”
I’ve said I wasn’t the day after I was elected [to the Senate]. That was almost two years ago. There is nothing so far that has changed my mind.

So under no circumstances would you seek or accept the 2008 Democratic nomination?
I am not prepared to say that I could never change my mind on something, but, at this juncture, I have no intentions of running.

I personally doubt Obama will run in ’08 only because he lacks experience and his Democratic opponents, let alone the Republicans, would be quick to point that out. I see Obama more as a 2012 possibility for the Democrats.

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