Grassley: McCain Lead Candidate for GOP in ’08

Sen. Charles Grassley said Friday he believes that John McCain, his colleague in the U.S. Senate, is leading the pack of Republican hopefuls for their party’s nomination for president.

“Only one stands out right now – John McCain because of his efforts to pursue it,” Grassley, R-Ia., said Friday during the taping of Iowa Public Television’s “Iowa Press.” “Another person who would stand out would be (former New York City Mayor Rudolph) Giuliani, if he were taking on a campaign mode.”

I think it’s funny how Grassley says McCain is leading the pack but Giuliani would “stand out” as well. McCain is deciding his future right now in the Republican Party with his opposition to Bush over detainee treatment. Whether you agree with Bush or McCain, the base of the Republican Party is growing more weary of McCain everyday in my opinion. In all honesty he might make the best third-party candidate that would have a genuine shot.

“He’s coming into Iowa strong,” Grassley said. “I believe the thing that would appeal the most to Iowa Republicans is his fight for openness in the appropriation and budgeting process.”

I agree with McCain on more openness in where taxpayer money is being spent. Whether or not that will be “the thing that would appeal the most” to Iowa voters or others around the country is debatable. That’s called “wishful thinking” and while often times the “it’s the economy stupid” crowd is correct, McCain’s proposals just don’t cut it into that category.

Candidates on both sides are posturing for one position or another. McCain is appealing to moderates and clearly distancing himself from the policies of this administration. Hillary Clinton is doing the same while distancing herself from the left as well. Both candidates believe that the center is where they can win.

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