Romney Fishing for GOP Support

BOSTON— Gov. Mitt Romney traveled to Alaska for a fishing trip last weekend, but salmon fishing wasn’t the only thing on his agenda.

The potential 2008 Republican presidential contender was joined on the trip by Gov. Matthew R. Blunt of Missouri, a key swing state, and the trip was hosted by Sam Fox, a major Republican fundraiser and chairman of the national Republican Jewish Coalition.

Romney is a likable candidate on the Republican side however I can’t seem him going to the nomination. He’s popular with the conservative crowd which usually can carry a candidate in primaries and caucuses however I don’t think he has the name recognition. Of course, momentum can change and we all remember the whirlwind momentum Howard Dean had in 2004 just before losing the nomination to John Kerry.

Without big names on the Republican side like Giuliani and McCain, Romney might have a better chance.

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