Feingold: “Remain Aggressive”

AMES, Iowa Democrats face a historic opportunity in this year’s midterm election, but could let it slip away if they become too timid.

Feingold says a combination of President Bush’s low approval rating and voters unhappy with a Republican-led Congress gives Democrats a chance to make solid gains this year. But, he says they must remain aggressive.

Aggressive consistency could make more inroads that aggressiveness alone. Plenty of Democrats in the past, like John Kerry, have been overly aggressive but without substance and principle to follow, it has proven to go nowhere. Feingold, whom I think hasn’t got a chance in the world of getting the nomination let alone the White House, has been an ardent opponent of the Iraq war. That’s fine and dandy however the plan of immediate withdrawal will not resonate with the American people.

How do I know this you ask? Because the polls, and common sense, show this premise. Everyone touts the polls which show that 60% or so no longer supports the war in Iraq. However the questions of “Do you support the war in Iraq?” and “Do you support withdrawing from Iraq?” are two completely different questions. There are plenty of people who, by negative imagery, can be persuaded to be against the war, but they don’t necessary feel as though we should leave immediately.

Any Democrat, including Feingold, could make huge inroads if he, or she, were to take a moderate position of opposition to the war, but not immediate withdrawal. The “finish the job” mantra would do well for any Democrat. It would show resolve, foundational principles, etc…

The idea of immediate withdrawal resonates with left wing crowds however to attract more voters, needed for winning, anti-war Democrats must broaden their views a little. Some sort of gradual withdrawal or something might achieve that but the immediate withdrawal idea is dead in the water.

This concludes my personal election advice to the Democratic Party.