Democrats Ponder War in Race for the White House

WASHINGTON — After five years of war and two failed attempts at the White House, Democrats appear no closer to consensus on the attributes of their ideal presidential candidate in 2008. Will he or she have to be anti-war, hawkish on defense or a little of both?

I see this, as an outsider, as the downfall of the Democratic Party at this time. In order to be successful in 2008 in a run for the White House, the Democratic candidate must be very much in favor of the war on terror and supportive of finishing the job in Iraq. That’s all there is too it.

These mixed messages put Democrats right where they started, pacing back and forth wondering how public perceptions of the war in Iraq and the overall War on Terror, as well as congressional Republicans’ and President Bush’s handling of it, should shape their overall message and the one belonging to the 2008 nominee.

This is the other problem right now. Everything looks calculated, to me at least. Does Hillary Clinton support the war in Iraq or is she pandering to Republican voters? We all know the anti-war left wing of the party is scolding her for her stance on the war so far. Will she continue to thumb her base?

The candidate, and it could be any of them, who emerges with a principled stand on the war on terror will fair better than Hillary in my opinion.

Gore, who should have won the presidency in 2000, according to many Democrats, is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, particularly among the grassroots who love his dedication to environmental issues and his critique of the War on Terror.

The one thing that Gore has going for him, as did Howard Dean, is his consistency on the war in Iraq. Dean was more consistent than Kerry and might have been a more respectable candidate on that issue alone. Gore is a staunch left wing activist which, even though I disagree with him, is more respectable to me than Hillary’s pandering to the polling data.

This whole article from Fox News was very interesting about all the Democratic candidates. It’s worth checking out.

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