ChristiaNet Presidential Poll

In a closed poll of 681 registered Christian voters, ChristiaNet asked voters who they would and absolutely would not vote for in the upcoming Presidential elections. Those participating could select from three democratic possibilities, three republican possibilities, or place a vote of uncertainty, if undecided.

This probably isn’t of much importance but here are some results:

The possible Republican candidate choices were Jeb Bush, Rudolph Giuliani, and John McCain. Bush received 44% of the votes; Giuliani and McCain each received 28%. The Democratic candidate choices included Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry. Clinton received 53% of the votes as the Democratic candidate hopeful, with Gore at 26% and Kerry trailing at 21%.

That might be where the Republican Party has a splintering of constituents. Jeb Bush is the most socially conservative of the three candidates named which makes it clear why he would beat McCain and Giuliani.

As for Hillary winning over Gore and Kerry, that I can’t explain. Perhaps she seems the most religious of the three. All three are socially liberal but I can’t see why Hillary would win so much more.

“With the surprising revelation that 25% were unsure about who they would vote for in the 2008 Presidential elections, there is still room for political maneuvers by each of the potential candidates,” stated Bill Cooper,’s President. Though results indicate that Bush and Clinton are the most widely known, preliminary election climates are very unstable!

Clearly we don’t even know who the front runners will emerge to be yet but I enjoy viewing polls like this so far from the actual election. They’re essentially useless but something to look back on to see how far a candidate has come.

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