The Democratic gamble on Nevada

LIKE MANY A gambler on a losing streak, America’s Democrats have decided to take their chances on Vegas. Last weekend, the panjandrums who run the party met in Chicago and approved the biggest shake-up in the presidential election process in more than three decades.

Clearly there is an agenda involved with moving the Nevada primary in between the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. What that agenda may be is up for debate. I personally can’t see it as anything more than trying to figure in the Hispanic vote a little stronger perhaps.

The Democratic Party says the following:

The official reason for the change is that the current system gives too much of a role to states that don’t look much like the rest of the country. New Hampshire and Iowa are about as representative of America as Cheshire and Lincolnshire are of England. One is a comparatively wealthy, post-industrial small state, full of affluent commuter towns and charming villages. The other is a sparsely populated landscape of farms and grain silos.

So basically what they’re looking for here is certain types of Democrats. The type that they hope will vote for a candidate the fits more in line with their ideology. I’m not saying it’s good or bad but lets not ignore the real reasons for a change like this.

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