2008 Contenders

Short run down of where I personally believe every candidate stands today. Sure today is August 23rd, 2006 which leaves quite a bit of time for things to change. However there are some candidates who should throw in the towel right now and go back to their day jobs.


Rudolph Giuliania – Might just be President Giuliani come November 2008

Mitt Romney – Good guy, lacks appeal, should continue campaigning but doubtful

George Allen – Again, good guy, but lacks appeal and could have a shot but will be tough

John McCain – What can be said… He could have a shot at it but it might not be under the Republican ticket

George Pataki – Is this a joke? No, really, is this a joke?

Bill Frist – Has some recognition but it’s mostly negative, not a chance

New Gingrich – Good ideas but I think his days of public service are over, makes a better author and news commentator

Tom Tancredo – Congressman from small districts in Colorado will find it tough gaining national appeal. That being said, Tancredo would make a good candidate but I can’t see a victory

Hagel, Huckabee, Brownback – Doubtful at best?

John Cox – Would you know who he is if I didn’t mention him? He’s the only Republican candidate who has announced his running and has a campaign site: John Cox For President. Either way, no chance even with an early announcement and flashy website.


Hillary Clinton – Will most likely be the candidate, doubtful she could win nationally, the skeleton in the closet syndrome might be too high. It remains to be seen though.

Al Gore – I think he’s running. He’s going nowhere but he’s running. If Global Warming starts trying to hi-jack and blowup airplanes, Gore will totally win in a landslide.

John Kerry – Waste of his time and mine

Joe Biden – His own worst enemy, not going anywhere

Wesley Clark – Better TV news analyst than a politician and will remain that way

Russ Feingold – Biden clone, going no where

Chris Dodd – A simple “no” suffices

Barbara Boxer – We have news and video recording devices and the ability to remember what people say and do which means Boxer will continue being Senator, not President

John Edwards – Again, waste of time, we all had the chance once and people said “No, thank you”

Bill Richardson – Might be fun in the debates (Maybe we’ll get Sharpton again) but other than that, nothing useful will come from his campaign.

Vilsack, Warner, Bayh, Gravel – Wishful thinking, “To dream the impossible dream”

There you have it, a complete roundup of candidates and their chances as I see them.

“We don’t need no stinking polls”