Pro-Amnesty Demonstrations Hurting the Cause

I’ve got to say, Democrats and Republicans alike must be cringing watching the Mexican flags fly over numerous cities across the US.

Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through downtown Los Angeles, picketed congressional offices in Dallas and massed in Chicago’s Grant Park in flag-waving, peaceful demonstrations that took place in cities around the nation. As many as 325,000 demonstrated in Los Angeles, L.A. Police Department spokesman Pedro Muniz said, citing the mayor’s office.

I’ve got to say honestly I think these demonstrations hurt the soft amnesty proponents like the Democrats and President Bush.

The vote pandering by both parties has to end. Obviously this will continue to be a hot-button issue in 2008 but who will benefit more. Republicans are insane if they think a soft amnesty stance is going to garner votes. Do you think illegal aliens crossing the border want tax cuts? Not when they’re collecting off the system. The Democrats have everything to gain from illegal immigration, Republicans are foolish to buy in and think they will win votes.

The story I took that blurb from refers to these rallies as “Pro-Immigrant Rights” which is the most misleading headline I’ve ever seen. Those who jump the border are illegal by definition and therefore do not have the rights of legal citizens. It’s not about rights, it’s about amnesty.

However there are opposing views to that and they’re welcome.

Bloomberg story