Hillary, McCain Enjoy Support Amongst Democrats

Democratic voters overwhelmingly support Senator Hillary Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee in 2008, with 38% supporting her candidacy to 14% for John Kerry and 13% for John Edwards. Clinton’s support among Democrats is strong across the party’s ideological spectrum: liberals (42%), moderates (34%) and conservatives (40%) all support Clinton in a Democratic primary.

Among non-white voters in the Democratic party, Clinton’s support is even more impressive — 55% of non-white voters would support Clinton in a primary, compared to 16% who would support Kerry and 9% for Edwards.

Is it really that cut and dry? Everyone at least on the right is convinced Hillary will be the 2008 candidate. I don’t think that’s the case of everyone on the left. Polls can be misleading and sometimes basically worthless even though they are front and center running up to election day.

Republican Senator John McCain showed surprisingly strong support among Democratic voters, with a 55% expressing a favorable opinion of the Senator and 22% expressing an unfavorable opinion. Among Democrats, McCain’s 55% favorability rating dwarfs the favorable opinions of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (23%), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (33%) and Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean (47%). “The fact that Democratic voters view John McCain more favorably than the Democratic leadership speaks volumes about the party’s leadership vacuum,” said Republican strategist Ed Rollins. “At the same time, John McCain’s popularity with Democrats may actually be a liability for him in the Republican primary, especially with supporters of President Bush.”

McCain is somewhat of an oddity among candidates. I say this because few candidates seem to appeal to both sides. Hillary is popular among Democrats however she is the bane of the right. McCain while criticized by conservatives still enjoys support among moderates on both sides which is a huge number. I would venture to say that depending on who the Democratic candidate was, McCain would have the election simply because of the amount of Democratic votes he would strip away.

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