Trump’s Immigration Plan: Put America First (Unthinkable!)

There is much talk today about Donald Trump’s newly released immigration plan and whether the Republican Party has the stomach for such clear and concise thinking on a complex topic. In summary, Trump’s plan is simple and based on three principles which every intellectually honest American knows to be true:

1. A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.

2. A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.

3. A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.

All three are valid points and boil this topic down to the basic tenets of the issue. Do we want borders, or do we not want borders? Do we want our laws honored, or shall we ignore them? Does our government work for we the people, or does it work for anyone except we the people?

That clear line of thinking is too much for many in the establishment who have a variety of reasons for wanting an open border and cheap labor to exploit.

When politicians talk about immigration, they use terms like “comprehensive,” “work permits,” “business community”, and the most loathsome of all, “jobs Americans won’t do.” What they don’t ever talk about is whether the policy they’re pushing is good for the citizens of the United States, or whether it benefits the rest of the world at the expense of tax-paying citizens. Rest assured, few immigration stances can accomplish both. Let more people in, you drive down the wages. Let fewer people, the line gets bigger and foreigners must waited longer to enter.

According to Senator Jeff Sessions, one of the tiny handful of Republicans who put Americans first on immigration, Trump’s concise plan fits the bill:

“This is exactly the plan America needs,” said Sessions. “Not only would the plan outlined in this paper work, but more quickly than many realize. Most importantly, this plan reestablishes the principle that American’s immigration laws should serve the interests of its own citizens. For too long, ‘immigration reform’ plans in Washington have served the special interests at the expense of working Americans.”

Sessions goes on to say that Trump’s plan puts “working Americans foremost” and puts an emphasis on lifting “struggling minority communities, including our immigrant communities, out of poverty.”

“When the labor market is oversupplied, it tilts the balance of power away form workers and towards employers,” Sessions continued. “In combination with a smart, fair trade policy this proposal would reinvigorate the middle class. Polling shows this plan will appeal broadly to all segments of the electorate: prioritizing the just demands of loyal, everyday Americans who have been shunned by a governing elite.”

Sessions is correct, basic math proves his point. There are Republicans, and many who call themselves conservative, screaming about this issue but want little more than what amounts to amnesty coupled with the status quo. Then there are those who talk a good game but when you get to the details, they do little to actually fix the problem or force government back into the role of putting American citizens first.

Trump’s position on immigration is concisely written and easy to comprehend which stands in contrast to nearly everything that comes out of Washington, DC. Legislation, especially that which deals with immigration reform, is written in such a way that it is impossible to understand what the expected results are or who will benefit from the changes. We have reached a dividing time in the the country where Donald Trump is requiring people to take a side on the issue by keeping it simple.

Are we a nation with a border and laws, or are we merely an unincorporated area into which nomads travel in and out of for work while our own citizens pick up the tab?

  • Shasten Marshall

    Well, I am not sure I agree or disagree with Trump because he is a person that I distrust because of his flipant remarks, and rude behavior towards hispanic people. His plan would not be my personal plan because it will no doubt create a rift between the two countries.

    Nobody talks about going back to the Immigration Laws from the founding of this country, and I think that is what we should do. I am not into nor opposed to some sort of pathway to citizenship, but I wouldn’t do it the way Congress is proposing. Anchor babies, I am not sure this is a big deal either, so I would concentrate on the actual issue at hand.

    What if you wanted to come to the US for any reason (including work), and you went to the border with a passport, and you had a physical and fingerprints taken, and then a couple of days later you had some sort of visa to get in legally? Not too much “red-tape” and we are not discriminating because it will more or less be first come first serve. If we need to close immigration for a time, that would be really easy and we just simply say that temporarily we aren’t accepting applications.

    Also, there would be no welfare and social insecurity of any kind, and I would put anyone who granted immigrants social entitlements of any kind in prison. Immediately, I would do away with so-called “sanctuary cities” and I would deport the bad apples

    Donald Trump would not do something close to this, so he might be better than most politician’s, he won’t solve the problem. If you make immigration easier, then people will go home eventually whereas they are not now. History bears this out when we had a lax border patrol, people went home because they knew they could come back if they wanted. Essentially, the US has successfully trapped 10-30 million people inside the country, and even with certain types of visas one cannot go home.

    There is a bureaucracy that is too big and bloated, and if that was addressed then I believe the problem would most likely solve itself with regular drone surveilance, and better boarder patrol. There is a problem at the border, but it is a relatively easy fix, and you don’t have to grant amnesty necessarily. Common sense and not hatred and ignorance should prevail here because if you got rid of illegal immigration worker’s 1000’s of small businesses would go under.

    • Ncirel1

      Trump is rude eh? because he calls a spade a spade to funny. To make illegals go home implement e-verify….simple solution

      • Shasten Marshall

        Let me guess. You are some sort of hick who likes budweiser and watches NASCAR. LOL Mr, Trump tells it like it is!!

        • Ncirel1

          lol, you lose…..actually I don’t drink beer at all. I like a good Cab or any good dry red wines, would love to study to be a
          Sommelier . But I do have to confess to a love of old vintage cars. Yes and Trump pretty much does tell it like it is….lol

          • Shasten Marshall

            OK, I am sorry for prejudging because I know a lot of people who like Trump who live in a trailer. I like vintage cars too by the way, and things from the past. I don’t drink either, but I used to like imports or micro brews but they are so horrible for your health. I live in Mexico, my wife and son are Mexican, and I am also fluent in Spanish. I have a pretty good grasp on the issues of immigration, and I think he has a good idea if he can do it. There is an alternative though which is not really being talked about which I have really close to my heart. The one who has come the closest to speaking my language is Ben Carson, and I would take the likes of that man over Trump any day. My biggest fear is that he will try and convert America into one gigantic casino, and then for 30 years you will have a few loyalists who say that he was the man and the rest of the country hating him because he didn’t understand the tenents of how free capitalism is supposed to work. That is why I am not so quickly on the wagon.

            • Ncirel1

              See we have a lot in common! My son in law is of Mexican descent and therefore my grandchildren are also 🙂 And by the way he likes Trump also! To me this is not anti Mexican it is anti Illegal…..huge difference

            • Shasten Marshall

              I am not exactly anti illegal because I know who they are, and Trump I don’t think does. The fact is that among the berry pickers and construction workers, there are also business owners, home owners, and fortune 500 workers who are here illegally. Maybe the latter are the exception, but I have met them. When you are here in Mexico, Central/South America for awhile, you see this issue drastically different. Politically, I am more conservative than Trump, but I think there is a better way to deal with the problem. I know a lot of people here in Mexico who are on the conservative side, and they too see that this issue isn’t as straight foreward as it might seem. There are plenty of people who got lucky enough to get through the loopholes to become US citizen’s who I would rather not because they get their citizenship paper’s then wreak havoc on the system, where as most of the illegals I know just go about their business only they have to keep underneath the radar. I am just not sure I am sold on him yet because if you take his economic policies you might as well vote for Ralph Nader because it isn’t conservative. There are a lot of reasons I distrust Trump the chump!!

            • BSG1949

              Any conversation with the word illegal in it tells the story..You break the law you pay.simple..

            • If you look at the history of our immigration laws, you will realize that it is not that simple. What I am for is solving the issue once and for all.

              I am completely indifferent to an amnesty bill, but I am for fairer immigration laws. Why is it that if you are from some countries that you don’t need a visa to enter the country, and others you do? I think that if you can get a passport, then you should be able to enter and exit the US at will. If you want to work, then we can do that too. We have to cut off welfare completely to illegals in order to do this though.

              Besides, I think Ben Carson is going to get the nomination!!

            • BSG1949

              Trump understands what capitalism is you..and as for turning America into a casino?..LOL!!!..Trump is the only one who understands the economy, and he hads run a business..a world class business..Being a brain surgeon means you’re smart, but not qualified to be president..

  • gildersleeve

    I hope Trump gets the nomination because I am sick and tired of Boehner and McConnell type RINOs letting everyone walk all over the Republican party. I believe Joe’s dog is smarter than these two. Joe’s dog swam the river to get out of the rain. Trump is anything but a yes man and will mix it up with other countries trying to do their usual screw America deals. JMHO.

  • BSG1949

    Trump cause a rift?What are the illegal immigrants causing..We pay pay out billions so people can break our laws, and the crimes being committed. Ask the victims how they feel…They’re not coming here only from Mexico, but from all over, aside from those who are overstaying their visas on our dime!…