Look Out Ebola: We’ve Got You Now!

One might come to the opinion, based on the appointment of Ron Klain as Ebola Czar that we’re going to spin and tweet the little devils out of existence. Look out Ebola, you’re in trouble now!

We’ve got a political operative; a lawyer, with expertise in hanging chads queued up to kill you off! What’s that? Is he a medical professional; does he know anything about you? No! But nonetheless you better look out, you’re about to be spun to death. You will be attacked with the full force of communications, public relations and social media. But take heart, if that doesn’t work all the folks who screwed this up in the first place are still around, Klain works for them.

Reinforcements you ask? No problem, 700 to 1,000 potential carriers will be joining the fight from West Africa on the Ebola side of the battle each and every week.

Czar Klain will “implement” the fight against Ebola; he’s an “implementer”, whatever that is. Meanwhile, there will be no travel restrictions, although the President does not have a philosophical problem with travel restrictions. What? It sounds like the President is taking rhetoric lessons from CDC Director Friedens’ bus comments. The President says he relies on experts; a long standing definition of an expert is that X is an unknown quantity and a spurt is a drip under pressure. Will Klain be responsible for implementing the absence of common sense policy?

Judicial Watch, by way of the Washington Examiner reports that the President is “actively formulating plans to admit Ebola infected non-citizens just to be treated.” That should fill up our 23 isolation beds pretty fast, as the World Health Organization opines that in West Africa there could be 10,000 new cases a week with a 70% mortality rate, based on the self-admission that the WHO botched the initial response to the outbreak.

Relax, don’t panic!

  • Bob

    The democratic party and this administration in particular have spent their whole cloth on fear. They have made it so race , gender, age, and every other possible distinction have been made to envy each other for the parties advantage. So please Mr. President stop the hollow political piousness.

    Lets not pirouette around the truth. The President doesn’t rely on experts. He dithers on a decision until public and media demand makes it impossible for him to ignore. He has done this throughout his 6 years as president and now with this Ebola Czar. This has also been substantiated in Sec. Pennetta’s new book. Now for some questions. The administration had no problem implementing travel restrictions against Israel awhile back but find it impossible against western Africa? As far as filling hospital beds the administration is totally inept at capably running VA hospitals and implementing Obamacare but can import Ebola patients to fill beds? Which begs to ask the question Will the American service men and women President Obama sent over to Africa to fight Ebola be helped when they come down with the disease upon their return?

    This administration doesn’t have a plan to restore America, they have a suicide note.