Golf Clap; Seems Appropriate

The President’s speech deserves a golf clap. For those who are unfamiliar with the golf clap; left palm up while the fingers of the right hand had make contact with the left palm but there is no actual noise. It is a polite expression of approval absent the passion of applause.

He has come, too late, to the highly reluctant realization that evil exists in the world. He did not come to this realization of his own accord. The American people dragged him to this realization. What he has been forced to do is, for the moment, reject his actual world view, in favor of the politics and the behavior that the American people insist upon from their President. The President’s former, position has been modified by the rejection of the President’s former position. It’s not just the policy, it’s the perception that the policy is unserious, that it ignores realities. Now it’s serious, sort of.

American “boots on the ground” is a straw man intended to resurrect images of a massive invasion. The reality is that there is no way to execute an effective campaign absent air controllers, special operators and trainers. Its boots, but it’s not a lot boots. It’s the eve of the anniversary of 9/11/01, leadership is critical, our leadership is reluctant; our leadership is 100% political, our leadership is more interested in mid-term elections than national security.

The war of ideas could have been fought during the Iranian Green Revolution. It was not! The American President supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The administration came under withering criticism from supposed allies in the Middle East over Syria. Israel does not trust this administration. We’re not alone!

The President reiterated his “accomplishments” at the top of his speech and then once again refused to recognize the role of radical Islam in ISIL’s behaviors. His vision is thus clouded by this refusal, he lists the barbarity, absent the motivating ideology which is radicalized Islam.

The President emphasized 150 air strikes, by divided by the days of involvement it is 3 – 6 missions a dayj; the mantra of the demands of the Iraqi government remain. As does the “no combat mission” mantra of American troops on the ground; the boots!

Politically, against the tide of Democratic desires, he calls on Congress to support actions that maintain no level of detail. Internationally, the President assures us that a broad coalition will be in place. The President has never demonstrated the ability tbo form a broad coalition.

The President could not resist the opportunity to make this speech about him and about the politics that surround and dominate his world view. His attempt to be positive is undeniably a Catch 22. His studied optimism belies the realities he was brought to bear. His attempt to cast his unreliability as a Captain America moment failed.

The President could not, did not, resist the attempt to turn a national security crisis into a campaign video.

  • Bob

    Everyone believes the Presidents remark naïve but what do you think about the observation that the President wasn’t aiming his remark about ISIS not being Islamic at America but that he was aiming it at the Middle East nations. Saying in effect “I want your support in this coalition to step up and prove to everyone you are not the same as ISIS.” Of course whether they will fight other Muslims is another story.

    • I know you directed this question at Landreaux..

      I think that observation is partially correct. I think it’s also aimed at trying to reinforce his own story line (in his head next to the unicorns) that these guys are just lunatics and Islam (a religion he LOVES) has nothing to do with it.

      As in, “see, we’re not fighting radical Islam anymore, it was George Bush fighting that war.. we’re fighting something else, these guys are just nutty…”

  • “Let’s make something clear. The Islamic State is not Islamic…” – Obama

    Boko Harem
    Muslim Brotherhood

    …what do these things all have in common? Islam is at the root of their ideology to destroy the West, enslave humanity, and establish a caliphate.

    This speech was void of details yet overflowing with “we will” and “we must” but those are empty promises.

    Also, I love the opening assuring Americans that we’re more safe now than ever. Nothing like crafting a speech as a direct response to recent polling.

    It has been a sad number of years for America’s place in the world. As America contracts, evil expands, as has always been the case.

  • Another thought…

    Brit Hume made a good point last night when asked how we can tell if the President is committed to these actions and defeating ISIS.

    His answer: Watch and see how many times the President mentions this fight in the next coming days, weeks, months. It will tell you how committed and how important he thinks it is.

    Can’t find a video or I’d post it..

    • delandry

      The speech was I believe directed at recent polling. There was nothing new here, just more of the same that he was pushed into following the beheadings and the potential crises at the Dam.

      My apologies to all for the typos in all honesty

      I had a couple glasses of wine, he does tend to drive me to drink!

      • Headline from January 20, 2017…

        “Alcohol sales plummet as Barack Obama leaves office…”

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