Prime Time With The IRS

It’s simple really, in the final analysis, the IRS in the Person of John Koskinen and by way of last night’s hearing, is asking you to believe one or all of the following …

… That an 8% cut to a nearly two billion dollar IT budget at the IRS was the real criminal here.
… That six other six folks involved in the 501C approval process that targeted conservative groups, also suffered crashed computers. You have to believe that a computer virus was capable of strolling around the offices at the IRS and jumping into computers unaided; all a coincidence!
… That a multitude of IT professionals could not recover lost data. They should talk to my guy; he’s done data recovery from crashed computers for me twice.
… That the destruction of data was not the result of a program application designed to wipe out hard drives. We will never know as the drive was destroyed, you just have to believe.
… That Koskinen’s conflicting testimony is not material to the matter at hand.
… That, by Koskinen’s testimony, he received no information “about this matter” by way of, wait for it, e-mail. The only information delivered to Koskinen was delivered verbally, face to face, despite his difficulty in recalling exactly who was delivering the information; Hmmmmm? Koskinen will apparently not require a hard drive crash.
… That despite the dissembling, we now have as much truth as we’re going to get and we’d best be happy with it.
… That the Congressional investigation is nothing more than a made up conspiracy; political theater, a witch hunt. I’m opting for political theater, last night actually was actually pretty good theater.
… That despite, literally, hundreds of visits to the White House by high level IRS officials over a considerable period of time, the subject of the political threat to the President by grass roots Conservative groups never came up. You have to believe that, despite the video of Lerner addressing the demands on her to “do something” because, “everyone is screaming at us” did not play into the current scandal. You have to believe that despite letters on the record from Senator Levin and public statements by Senator Schumer demanding that someone “do something”, that there is no there, there.
… That despite the high profile nature of the IRS scandal, Koskinen’s inability to recall timing beyond “April”, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Finally, you have to believe that Ms. Lerner, who was the source of the original statement that kicked this off to begin with, was not smart enough, despite her years within the Federal Bureaucracy, to have seen this coming. Just accept that inquiries by Chairman Camp regarding targeting had nothing to do with Lerner’s hard drive crash, just coincidence; move on, nothing to see here. You have to believe that the termination of the backup contract was happenstance. You have to accept at face value that the e-mail from Ms. Lerner asking for extreme measures to recover her data was not a case of “doth protest too much”. You must pay no attention to the fact that Fifth Amendment protections are intended as protection against self-incrimination; incrimination being the operable word. You must believe that the ten to thirty million dollars to expand back up capacity was less important than the fifty million spent on meetings and Star Trek parodies.

Ignore Representative Trey Goudy’s point that as a matter of law, destroying evidence, allows a jury to draw a “negative inference”; ignore polls that have north of 70% of those polled believing that there is a noxious odor here. Seems as if the jury has already drawn a negative inference.

  • Bob

    As Thomas Sowell wrote in a column recently what we are experiencing is not a Lame Duck President but a “Lame Duck Country”.

    Major polls have the President at an all time low in support, job approval and popularity among Americans. He is about to lose possibly both Houses of Congress. And yet his arrogant behavior doesn’t hold him back.

    As Mr.Sowell wrote “The Constitution does not allow the President power to carry out major policy changes without the cooperation of other branches of government.Once a country becomes disenchanted with a President Congress has little incentive to cooperate with him. Once Congress becomes uncooperative there is little that a President can do on his own…..that is if he respects the Constitution.” President Obama has on numerous occasions shown he has no respect for the Constitution.

    In addition we have government departments that loses “E” mail and takes the 5th Amendment rather than cooperate with a Congressional hearing, a Secretary of State that refuses to testify before Congress and shrugs “What difference does it make” when asked about an embassy falling during her watch and Veterans Administration scandals that let our veterans die waiting for medical help among the many scandals.

    The current administration has shown it has little regard for the rule of law throughout it’s tenor why should it start now? The question should be what is Congress and the American public going to do about it?

  • Bob

    The Thomas Sowell column that I was referring to above entitled: “Lame Duck Country”

  • Bob

    There is nothing new about the IRS targeting political organizations. In an article from the Wall Street Journal by James Bovard entitled “A Brief History Of IRS Political Targeting”(14 May 2013)you get background that describes once the government got the ok to tax they found means to use that information to further the misery.

    “In almost every administration since the IRS inception the information and power of the tax agency have been mobilized for explicitly political purposes.

    Some of the examples given were President FDR used the IRS to harass newspaper publishers who were opposed to the New Deal………JFK denounced the discordant voices of extremism. Shortly there after JFK signaled that he expected the IRS to be vigilant in policing the tax exempt status of questionable organizations. A few days later the IRS launched the Organization Audit Project.” There are other examples given for republican administrations as well.So you see this is nothing new.

  • Bob

    And finally this leads to a topic that has been a thorn in my side about how our government is run for years now. Namely “THE ADMINISTRATIVE STATE”!

    Why does abuses of power happen like the IRS scandals or NSA scandals because the government has accumulated to much power through agencies and departments that are outside the realms of the Constitution and control of the public.

    “Dozen of agencies and departments each with massive power over a particular aspect of national policy. These are regulatory agencies that are 4th branches of government and make policy with little regard for rights and opinions of citizens. Each year they issue a torrent of costly and entangling regulations that have far reaching repercussions on the economy. Besides this these agencies and departments operate largely outside the frame work of the government envisioned by our Constitution.

    What are the four features that define the current administrative state:

    1)Agencies and departments possess legislative power in conjunction with executive and judicial powers.

    2) Delegation of legislative powers to agencies and departments with authority to making rules that are indistinguishable from laws.

    3)Staffing these agencies with impartial experts who are not chosen by the people.

    4) A judicial process that prioritizes efficiency and social justice rather than rights of the citizens.”

    The above is from the Heritage Foundation article by Joseph Postell entitled: ” From Administrative State To Constitutional Government” dated 14 December 2012.

    If there is one article that maps out how we got into this massive despotic government mess this article is it. I sincerely hope you take the time to read it below thoroughly.