Underwater, Or The Mariana Trench?

The latest CNN/ORC poll demonstrates widespread disapproval of the President and a significant rejection of his policies in 11 of 13 categories. Taking an average of the 13 policy specific polling results, disapproval ratings are at 58%. Were that a positive election result is would be considered a landslide! The President approaches 50% approval in only two categories, Environmental policy and Terrorism. On the environmental front, his approval is at 49%, that 49% however, is down from the last poll which showed 60% approval, even as Obama approaches 50% the trend line is on a downhill slide; same case with Terrorism to a lesser degree.

Overall approval of the President is at 43%, disapproval at 55%, the last time he broke 50% approval was over a year ago, opinions appear to be hardening as only 2% expressed no opinion. On the economy disapproval is at 61%. On health care policy 63% disapproval up from 55% disapproval last year. The trench is deep and getting deeper by the day.

The poll shows clearly that the Middle Class, despite the President’s constant rhetoric in favor of the his beloved Middle Class, are not buying the spin anymore. 58% disapprove of the President’s efforts to ‘help’ the Middle Class. Those making under 50K are at 62% disapproval. The absence of jobs, the deteriorating buying power of the dollar, aggressive inflation of food and fuel prices, generalized discontent and a President that appears incapable of walking his talk are likely driving those numbers.

The ‘good war’ in Afghanistan and the situation there shows a 56% disapproval of the President’s policies. The general question related to the President’s handling of Foreign Affairs also clocks in at 57% disapproval. The Bowe Bergdahl situation will likely result in further erosion of the President’s approval related to Foreign Affairs. Gurgle, gurgle.

The categories that crack the 60% disapproval mark are: Budget deficits, 67%, Illegal Immigration, 61% and Gun policy, 64%. Related to the V.A., 69% reported that they were angry or upset over recent revelations. The Economy and Health Care also crack the 60% disapproval line.

Part of this story is found in the demographic and gender details. Women now disapprove of the President by 50%, despite having been subjected to the Republican ‘war on women’. 32% of non-whites disapprove; both significant trend changes from prior polling. The 18-35 demographic lines up with women, 50% disapproval of the President’s job performance. The college educated joins in at the same 50% disapproval level. Democrats/Liberals still approve of the President by 80% and 73% margin respectively, however, all other categories of political persuasion show significant discontent with Obama.

This is bad news for the President; it is also bad news for Democrats who have, by and large, blindly supported the President for the past 5 years. Democrats are moving away from the President on nearly all fronts but one must wonder how many of them can actually surface as they are faced with the challenge of the President’s political Mariana Trench. The bad news for us is that the President appears to be unconcerned with the consent of the governed.

  • Bob

    As a famous former member of the current administration once said “What difference does it make?” Polls can be made to mean anything you want them to mean and don’t have the influence they once had.

    In addition the left knows how to use opponents scandals and low poll numbers to their advantage with manufactured outrage.Everyone knows about the numerous scandals of the current administration yet outside of a few members of Congress little interest is generated. Everyone knows the current president has little respect for the Constitution and the separation of power but the public simply shrugs. The country is so obsessed with political correctness and it’s associated buzz words no one wants to accused of a phobia.No one wants to be accused of even thinking about impeaching the first black president.

    The left also lives by a separate standard than the republicans in America. They can get away with calling President George Bush any and every name imaginable but shreak with horror when they deem a word a dog whistle for racism. They can ridicule Bob Dole and John McCain for war disabilities but defend Mrs.Clinton against any charges of brain damage due to her fall.They can accuse the republicans of “Waging a war against women” yet pay women far less than men.They preach “Equality” but like Obamacare it’s meant for “Thee and not me!”

    The best quote on polls has been from a pollster named Kellyanne Fitzpatrick. “Polls have become a substitute for thought for many Americans, a substitute for reporting for many people in the media,and a substitute for principle among many elected officials.”