Was Speaker John Boehner lying then or is he lying now?

Using the ‘L’ word is a pretty hefty thing to wield around without some supporting evidence. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the number of contradictory statements surrounding Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) desire to pass some form of an immigration reform package.

Clearly, based on the Speaker’s statements and actions, he is a proponent of passing legislation which includes a pathway to citizenship for the currently 12-plus million undocumented aliens in this country. However, he has also continued to assure conservatives — and those who care about the rule of law, national security, and national sovereignty — that he does not support a push for amnesty.

Furthermore, to complicate matters, the Speaker has continually thumbed his nose at members of his own congressional delegation who do not support an unfettered path to citizenship and do not trust the President to enforce the law as it is. Nothing made that more clear than a recent appearance in which Speaker Boehner openly mocked those on his own side who do not share his view on this issue:

Boehner, speaking in a falsetto voice, theatrically portrayed his version of a House representative opposed to passing one of his GOP-approved immigration bills: “Here’s the attitude. ‘Ohhhh. Don’t make me do this. Ohhhh. This is too hard.’ ”

During his address to the Rotary Club, Boehner berated his Republican House colleagues for avoiding, in his view, the job to which they were elected.

“We get elected to make choices,” said Boehner. “We get elected to solve problems and it’s remarkable to me how many of my colleagues just don’t want to…. They’ll take the path of least resistance.”

Boehner told the group he has been working for more than a year to try to push immigration legislation through the House.

Don’t you wish the Speaker would reserve some of his righteous indignation for opposition across the aisle as opposed to those within his own party? Statements like that only help to fuel the flames of quiet speculation that the Speaker has been working behind-the-scenes to create a workable piece of legislation he will attempt to push through the House with little debate and little input from conservatives.

Of course, following this rant, the Speaker is now walking the statement back as a “joke” and, once again, assuring conservatives he has no intention of pushing amnesty through the House:

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday told a private Republican Party meeting that there is no “secret conspiracy” to jam through an immigration overhaul, according to one member in the room.

Boehner used the meeting to walk back his comments last week, which were seen as mocking his own members for lacking the courage to tackle immigration reform that he has advocated but that many conservative in the House Republican conference continue to resist.

Boehner instead put the blame for inaction back on President Obama, saying public and congressional distrust of the president was why the issue had not advanced in the House.[Emphasis added]

This week it is the fault of President Obama that the House hasn’t passed an immigration bill. Last week, it was the fault of Republicans in the House who think the issue is “too hard” to deal with. Who does the Speaker truly believe is responsible for lack of movement on the topic of immigration?

You’ll have to decide where the Speaker’s loyalties lie since it seems to change week to week depending on the audience he’s speaking to. The unfortunate underlying truth here is that we have Republican leadership in the House that is determined to pass immigration reform, likely containing some form of amnesty. We also have a Republican Speaker who is openly mocking his own caucus over a disagreement on policy and, to top it all off, we have a media all too eager to exploit this growing rift within the party.

Please. explain to me again how and why liberty-minded individuals should trust either party on this issue?

  • Bill Hedges

    Doubt John Boehner was “lying” ANY OF THOSE TIMES.

    Jimmy Carter had a twinkle in his eye OF A BUMCARE TYPE NOTION.
    _ Meta·mor·pho·sis
    _ took 32+ years.

    Cycles will happen. LAW stage who knows. Terms & conditions YET to be determined.

    Called compromise.

    Rand Paul & Ted Cruz FOR IMMIGRATION REFORM.

    To reach agreement__ in the details to be worked out.

    A good negotiated doesn’t tie his hands and feet, nor apply hang man’s noose around his neck with only his toes touching the floor.

    In passing bumcare among Democrats only, REQUIRED give & take inside their Party. Expect same within Republican Party.

    Called__ NORM…

    Nate wrote:

    “However, he has also continued to assure conservatives — and those who care about the rule of law, national security, and national sovereignty — that he does not support a push for amnesty.”

    Happened under Reagan. Lessons learned AS WELL as WHAT NOT to do…

  • Bill Hedges

    Am VERY DISAPPOINTED in Nate’s first link:

    “Tallent’s hiring suggests he really does still want to push an amnesty through the House, which to me suggests that the immigration hawks still have their work cut out for them,” said Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. “She is a professional amnesty advocate.”


    2 “SUGGEST”…

    “SUGGEST” to ME writer of link IS PUSHINGS his agenda.

    Note VALID support of his views.

    I call this link USELESS. Poor choice.

    Damages your case…

  • Bob

    “I think we are going to crush (the tea party aligned groups)everywhere. I don’t think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere.”….Sen. Mitch McConnell

    “Oooooh this is to hard.Don’t make me do this oooooh!”….Speaker John Boehner mocking Republicans against immigration reform

    “It’s a stain on Americas honor that we haven’t passed amnesty yet.”….Sen. John McCain who it is rumored will name the AMNESTY BILL AFTER THE LATE SEN. TED KENNEDY

    The question I pose here is does this sound like a group who want to compromise? Do you honestly believe they would support a Conservative Tea Party candidate in 2016 if they received the nomination?

  • Bob

    The article below describes how “folks are leaving who are key to him staying as Speaker” and “once they’re gone he’ll have a harder time keeping control of his unruly flock”…..”Boehner doesn’t seem very concerned about trying to win over Republican detractors who are aiming to unseat him. Since October when conservatives forced an unpopular partial shutdown he has stopped disguising his distain for the Tea Party and their tactics.”

    Could Speaker Boehner knowing he is losing supporters to retirement be considering retirement himself and willing to pass amnesty without worrying about political repercussions?

    The article entitled: “John Boehner says so Long To Friends”


  • Bill Hedges

    Gallup HAS tea Party popularity hitting ever increasing LOW NUMBERS.

    We need the Senate under our belt, NOT more Todd Akins.

    Interesting, as I have provided link in recent times, Rand Paul SUPPORTS Sen. Mitch McConnell, NOT the tea candidate that runs against him:

    “There are a few important lessons here. First, neither Cruz nor Paul wants to be associated with or take responsibility for any tea party wipeouts if it can be avoided. They have to be seen as serious people if they are going to be considered for president. They may say nice things about the tea party generically, but tea party candidates are on their own in elections.”

    “In a political universe in which House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is stronger than ever and Paul backs McConnell, the establishment has triumphed.”


    bob didn’t provide quotes IN CONTEXT, I will THANK YOU VERY MUCH:



  • Bill Hedges

    bob writes:

    “The question I pose here is does this sound like a group who want to compromise? Do you honestly believe they would support a Conservative Tea Party candidate in 2016 if they received the nomination?”

    Those DARN Founding Fathers gave us “MAJORITY RULE” WITHIN stip·u·la·tion IN THE Constitution. Tea rather have anarchy ??? Ted Cruz DEBT escapade WASN’T supported & would have resulted in it.

    Tea Party IS NOT fostering GROWTH of followers BUT DECLINE. BRINGING down us Conservatives NOT AS outrageous as Tea & “wacho birds”.

    TINO Rand Paul supports fellow KY McConnell, BUT NOT KY candidate that is espousing Tea beliefs. TINO Rand Paul IS NO Ron Paul. Ron Paul (((three times ))) lost in PRIMARY since WHAT 1986 ???

    LAST Gallup poll had Tea ‘on its last legs’ idiom.

    I will support my Parties candidate for WH in 2016 WHOEVER IS chosen by MAJORITY RULE. THAT philosophy bob DOES NOT adhere to. bob believes in “boycott” as I previously quoted him. Ron Paul supporters and a particular religious are said to have boycotted 2012 election. Boycott. Another 4 years of BUM. THAT’S “Principles” ??? That’s better than having Romney in WH & Senate THAT IS OURS. Having ability to steer away from Greece’s style _ o·ver·in·dul·gence _.

    HOW CAN bob, in GOOD conscious, pose SUCH a question:

    “Do you honestly believe they would support a Conservative Tea Party candidate in 2016 if they received the nomination?”

    I’m NOT bob…

  • Bob

    Why do people go into politics? It isn’t to watch the grass grow but to change things as they see them and of course for the POWER.Conservatism isn’t about changing things but to limit government and that there lays the reason conservative candidates find it so hard to get elected.The objective of the Tea Party was and still is to have an effect on the agenda and direction of the country….. NOT TO ELECT CANDIDATES. The candidates who claim or are pinned with the Tea Party name have a “R” after their name NOT A “T”. As I said before the Tea Party has no convention,no platform to run on or candidates nominated. Each candidate therefore gets judged on his own merits not by any party affiliation.

    And the Tea Party DID HAVE AN EFFECT. Bob Bennett of Utah and Dick Luger of Indiana ignored the Tea Party primary challenge and lost.Other republicans such as Orrin Hatch in Utah, Pat Roberts in Kansas, Mitch McConnell in Kentucky and Lindsey Graham in South Carolina learnt a lesson from this and built up political capital well in advance to shield themselves from such a defeat. No incumbent will take the Tea Party challenge for granted which is a testament to the parties power.

    Can conservatives win the 2016 nomination? Of course they could. Sen. Goldwater won the nomination in 1964 when conservatives had no where near the power they have today.

    Yes I’ve advocated staying home. I’ve also advocated voting for a third party. By doing so you are exercising your right to vote. Just because it isn’t to the approval of the establishment wing doesn’t make it invalid or wasted. In religions you must follow the ideology of the group …this isn’t true of politics. You see I don’t want a responsive government but a responsible government. I don’t want a government that produces equal rights but protects equal rights. I don’t want a government that follows the rule of man but the rule of law. NO I won’t blindly support the republican parties candidate because IT IS NOT MY PARTY ANY LONGER.I’M A CONSERVATIVE AND OWE NO ALLIEGENCE TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

  • Bill Hedges

    bob wrote:


    Those DIIRTY DOG Founding Fathers of ours gave us Majority rule with stipulations.

    With LITTLE HOPE of majority in Congress by tea, with voter approval against tea, GOOD LUCK in your bleak political future endeavors.

    TINO Rand Paul may overcome HIS political upbringing…

  • Bill Hedges

    BETTER to sit HOME & ensure second term for BUM.

    Folly bob exhumes. GOOD enough definition for “wacho bird”, which bob has sworn to be…

  • Bob

    Perhaps speaker Boehner fears that there could be so many more conservatives in the House and Senate next year that he feels he has to act now before they’re seated. If he waits until they are seated the Conservatives might be strong enough in 2015 to demand a stronger legislation than his contributors in the Chamber of Commerce want written.

    Of course there is always the usual establishment leadership belief that any conservative/independent anger over Obamacare will counteract the selling out of conservatives on immigration reform. How did that theory work out in 2012 again?

  • Bill Hedges

    TINO Paul & TINO Cruz both SUPPORT immigration reform.

    As tea numbers DROP in polls, MORE tea refer to themselves as Conservative.

    Ironic when considering bob uses specific terms like “RINO”, “establishment”, “Rockefeller Republican”, etc.. That bob cause himself a “wacho bird”…

  • Bill Hedges

    NOT cause BUT calls

  • Bob

    As in Obamacare you have to read the Bill to understand what is in it.”House anti-immigration reform Conservatives are now scouring House bills with renewed vigor looking for provisions in legislative language that could lead to a House/Senate immigration conference.

    From the “Politico” article entitled: “Conservative Revolt Against Boehner On Immigration”


  • Bill Hedges

    With teas bloody nose & taking MORE HITS every time it goes out in public, tea members wear a Conservative mask.

    I don’t know if in bob’s latest link, congress members are tea or not that speak bad on immigration reform. NEITHER do I know the numbers that support OR not. Not in article. I DO KNOW hopeful tea WH possibilities ARE TINOS, being for immigration reform. Rand & Ted.

    bob wants to speculate that Speaker bought condo he had been renting in Sarasota, because he is retiring. Speed YOUR WHEELS in hot asphalt ALL DAY LONG.

    bob wrote:

    “Can conservatives win the 2016 nomination? Of course they could. Sen. Goldwater won the nomination in 1964 when conservatives had no where near the power they have today.”

    Interesting choice Sen. Goldwater. What a time. Most people are not highly knowledgeable about him. I’m not.

    A _ bit _ of research tells me WHY Barry got nomination. Never mind THAT, don’t want to spend the time needed.

    At THAT TIME, he lost BY THE BIGGEST NUMBERS to LBJ. Best area for him was in the SOUTH. Reason, believed Federal government should stay out of issue of civil rights, leaving the States to deal with.

    I’m not going to debate bob about what Conservatives have been elected President. I have discussed REASONS WHY Bush had increased debt BEYOND HIS control. Bush tax cuts are Conservative values. Tea style NO.

    Clinton WAS ON ROAD TO HIGHER DEBT but derailed by Newt. Giving Clinton WHAT lowest debt % hike compared to other Presidents & lowering taxes ??? If Newt was Speaker all 8 years, may have decreased debt and had surplus. Newt’s Republicans didn’t own Congress, was __ COMPROMISE. Tea style NO.

    Tea wants to be IN THE CRACKS, hiding in crowd of Conservatives for self preservation.

    I gave a link in past that concluded, ((( by locations elections were being held ))), appears Republicans will do well in 2016.

    House picks its Speaker. Am satisfied with that process. Tea’s number _ pre·clude _ them from being KING OF THE HILL ruler. To the CONTRARY..

  • Bill Hedges

    NOT appears Republicans will do well in 2016 BUT 2014…

  • Bill Hedges

    Yes Republicans are being thrown overboard in approval numbers of Gallup polls. Caused by tea. Cruz’s debt fiasco hurt Republicans BY ASSOCIATION, BUT TEA took the DIRECT HIT.

    Tea IS at the BOTTOM of the barrel. Along with the sludge.

    Cartoon is bob’s BEST rebuttal !!! Mouth large, proof forsaking. bob BEST defense_ ignore, ignore, ignore. Your proof dissipates under FIRE.

    TINO Rand supporting KY McConnell, “establishment”, up for reelection against a tea party candidate. FOR immigration reform. Does bob speak bad of Rand ??? NO. BOB DID of tea man in Florida. bob IS a TINO…