Joining The Chorus

Sometimes a chorus is necessary. In most cases there is a conscious effort to eschew repetition of the thoughts of others in favor of looking for a bit of a niche to crawl into. Occasionally, however, the need to join the chorus prevails.

Cliven Bundy has proven himself to be a racist moron. There is no excuse, there is no justification; there is no explanation. I’m done with Cliven Bundy, I care what happens to him and his claims in principal but I don’t want him to be the face of the issue, I don’t want to see his face at all. In fact there will be no resurrection of the issue until there is a new face who is not a racist moron. It shouldn’t be hard to find. It hasn’t been hard to find, they’re everywhere. Earth to Cliven; sit down, shut up, we’re done; you have officially screwed the pooch. It does not, apparently, take long to go from the penthouse to the outhouse. The smell is intolerable.

At least one Conservative commentator makes the argument that the issue transcends Cliven Bundy; really? That’s not how you reported it, Cliven was elevated, pursued. You have to depend on your friends to tell you the truth so here it is; do you’re damn homework and know who you’re elevating. We went from a beyond reproach, Catherine Engelbrecht to Cliven, just saying.

All of us, the lot of us, we evil Republicans and Conservatives are consistently portrayed as racist. It’s not true but the persistence of the charge has its own manner of power. Cliven Bundy adds fuel to that fire. That is why the chorus is necessary. That is Cliven needs to know that wherever he turns he is being rejected. Those who support him need to know the same thing. Hopefully, the mass of the chorus delivers the message.

Turn off the cameras, pocket the voice recorders, check out of the Motel 6 and say good bye to the cow herds. You can’t transcend overt, ignorant racism! You can, however, join the chorus and reject it.

  • Bob

    Mr.Bundy has been wrong in his views since day 1 by not paying grazing fees and his foggy logic of not recognizing the federal governments jurisdiction.(“I don’t recognize the U.S.government as even existing”)

    The matter here is not how many republicans denounce his stand. Sen.Reid is labeling him as a gun toting, freedom spouting , limited government Tea Party crazy and is attempting to put the GOP on the spot. The left doesn’t need an official republican candidate like Akins or Murdock making cockamamie statements. This should be proof that Sen.Reid is secure in his seat, has tenure in Congress and as leader of the Senate is fighting for every seat he can get in November. I’m not saying the GOP should be quiet but they need not trip over each other answering the lefts self serving indignation either.

  • Bob
  • Bob
  • Bill Hedges

    bob wrote:

    “The left doesn’t need an official republican candidate like Akins or Murdock making cockamamie statements”

    Does Nate call Akins an “official republican candidate” ??? What does Nate say about Akins in his article:

    “The Eternal Battle: Grassroots vs. Establishment”

    “There were some unseasoned candidates who lost seats that could have been winnable. Names like Sharron Angle, Todd Akin and Christine O’Donnell come to mind. All “Tea Party” candidates who lost Senate seats that should have been winnable by Republicans.”

    That’s right, Nate called Todd Akin “Tea Party”. As I do along with Karl Rove.


    I concur. No excuse for this whatsoever.

    First and foremost, why is he using this pulpit he’s got to move the issue away from the THE important issue at hand. That gives me serious pause as to the motive behind this stand against the Feds. Why is he talking about anything but the BLM land/cow grab?

    I understand, generally, what he’s trying to say about government dependence but he goes way off the rails into racist territory once you begin stating that blacks, or any human being, was better off being enslaved than free. That’s loony land and if he holds those views, fine, that’s his personal issue to be sorted out between him and God. But you’ve lost me.

  • Bob

    Just as the left attempts after every shooting to link the Tea Party Sen. Reid will paint Mr.Bundy as Tea Party because of his beliefs of limited government and his use of second amendment rights. If Mr.Bundy was a republican official or his actions were previously endorsed by you then I could understand there is a need to denounce him.He isn’t an official of the Party but simply an individual.Simply because Sen. Reid attempts to intimidate the GOP to denounce him doesn’t link him to the party.You only denounce something if it is tied to you somehow!

    The left calls the Tea Party “Nazi’s’. Does that mean we are supposed to apologize for them also? By being bullied into an apology you are only confirming what the left says about you.

    There is a current television show where the main character has a slogan that goes “Never apologize for anything it is a sign of weakness.” I was taught that when you are wrong you apologize. HOWEVER APOLOGIZING FOR NOTHING YOU HAD TO DO WITH ISN’T ONLY A WEAKNESS BUT ASSININE!



    • Bob

      After re-reading this I don’t want it to be misunderstood. In no way was “Get a Spine” or any other part of it aimed at either Landreaux or Nate’s comments and article but at the republican party. The establishment wing of the party will be bullied and bend over backwards by every accusation the left makes about them. In addition they will have no quams about selling out it’s base and throwing the Tea Party under the bus in order to appease the left. That alone was the reasoning behind my above post.

      • Phew, thanks Bob. I thought you were taking me to the woodshed.

        It’s true though. Libs criticize GOP, GOP immediately folds to avoid bad press which they get anyway. Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior.

  • Bill Hedges


    I’ll TAKE YOU to the “woodshed”. Caught you PHUFFING SMOKE in my direction.

    Last time we had direct correspondence I was speaking of Paul & Cruz. Not momentary but consistency IN SEVERAL comments.

    You gave your _ stand·ard·ize _ ANSWER running from topic of Paul & Cruz.

    I CALLED YOU on that then as I do NOW…

    That’s right, Nate called Todd Akin “Tea Party”. bob:

    “The left doesn’t need an official republican candidate like Akins or Murdock making cockamamie statements”

    When time to lay blame on Todd, whoops Todd is “official republican candidate”

    NO “Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior” involving TEA…

  • Bill Hedges

    Nate STANDS ON “principle”. When HEAT WAVE reaches REFLECT upon others.

    Tea’s actions caused their lowered approval according in Gallup poll. REPUBLICANS receive collateral damage. Even though McCain warned Cruz, RIGHTLY SO, OF PUBLIC ridicule would cometh from his action. TEA blameless naturally. “Principle”.

    Cruz latest STAND on debt level & spending RESULTING in another, always new lows FOR TEA…

  • Bill Hedges


    “The establishment wing of the party will be bullied and bend over backwards by every accusation the left makes about them.”

    REALLY ???!!!??? “Every accusation”

    THAT MEANS proving WRONG once, proves YOU incorrect___ OVER 32 times there was 100% agreement AGAINST BUMCARE.

    PLENTY OF “accusation” against Republicans OVER THAT…

  • Bob
  • Bill Hedges


    “Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior”


    Tea’s arguable two best chances at WH, Paul & Cruz, monkeying in the area of immigration reform.

    All quiet ON THE WESTERN FRONT on that. HAS “principle” PASSED OVER Nate ???

  • Bill Hedges


    “Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior”


    Bill Hedges Dangerous Ground And The Accident Of Birth 2014/04/19 at 12:54 pm

    “While Rand Paul, who is currently leading in polls of GOP voters, backs fellow Kentuckian Mitch McConnell against a tea party opponent, Ted Cruz openly defies establishment Republican leaders.”


    “Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior”

    Ignoring THIS as well as both Paul & Cruz FOR immigration reform.

    The definition of hypocrite:


    1. “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.”

    (((“especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs”)))

  • Bill Hedges

    I HAVE quoted Nate where he affirmed dislike of censorship.


    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”…

  • Bill Hedges

    “Goodbye, tea party”

    April 14, 2014

    _ Lessons LEARNED from Todd Akins types.

    _ Like Jeb Bush, both Rand Paul & Ted Cruz BACK immigration REFORM (NATE WON’T comment on THAT).

    _ NOT LIKELY TEA CANDIDATES will have shirt tail support from either Paul or Cruz. Paul has chosen to help “establishment”.

    1. “First, neither Cruz nor Paul wants to be associated with or take responsibility for any tea party wipeouts if it can be avoided.”

    2. “Second, this suggests Bevin, McDaniel and Wolf are so far out there not even the two most conservative senators will endorse them.”

    3. “And, finally, within Congress and the GOP, there is more unity than the mainstream media portrays as the tea party devolves into a very fringe group backed by Washington, D.C.-based money-making operations”

    “In a political universe in which House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is stronger than ever and Paul backs McConnell, the establishment has triumphed.”

    • Bill, your comments are too numerous and it waters down your points. There aren’t enough hours in the day to read, let alone respond to your comments. Thus, I don’t bother because I know you’ll just trash whatever I say with 10 more responding comments filled with personal attacks. You make it impossible to debate reasonably without trashing the people you’re debating. People don’t comment here because you discourage reasonable debate.

      Thus, I tend to ignore 90% of your comments. Sorry I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m thoroughly sick of the daily attacks and deluge of your words.

  • Bill Hedges

    “personal attacks” Nate ??? HOGWASH. I ((( DARE ))) YOU TO PROVE.

    I pointed out DD Mao New York vulgarity, etc.. in comments. I reported by pushing REPORT BUTTON. I EMAILED you. All for not.

    I did similar with bob, until feed up with no action BY YOU, I FOLLOWED IN HIS shoes. You get annoyed I advised you by email. Blame placed on both of us.

    I do agree I “water down” my points TOO MUCH. I NEED to correct. Don’t take it as NECESSARY for you to respond to me though. Your insults are without merit. Important, for opinion is difficult to debate.

    Plentiful remarks leaves TOO MUCH room FOR YOU TO IGNORE my remarks CONCERING Rand Paul & Ted Cruz. Your principle reaching boiling temperature. Facts make it impossible to dispute. Well documented. If you could dispute my barbs dug into those two skin YOU WOULD. You CAN NOT therefore you IGNORE.

    Understand it makes you “thoroughly sick”. Both of your hero’s SUPPORT immigration report, neither keen on helping other tea candidates win races, & Paul backs McConnell, etc..

    Tea on the verge of bankruptcy. _ Rigor mor·tis _ setting in. You assign THE BLAME to others with your unfounded/ proven insults:

    “It’s true though. Libs criticize GOP, GOP immediately folds to avoid bad press which they get anyway. Vicious circle of spineless, gutless behavior.”

    Rand Paul’s actions shows HE’S CATCHING ON as I have POINTED OUT. Imagine it disillusions you. Son doesn’t want to be cause of 4 time LOSER IN FAMILY.

    Generalization by you without substance. JUST INSULT. HAVE CLEAN HANDS first. Thou name NASTY without evidence to support. I insist my comments is chalk full of supporting data. Empty comments by you SAVE FOR OTHERS. Need not spin in my direction. Will be battered & bruised. You’ll skip rope over topic of Rand Paul & Ted Cruz as has been your policy with ME. TO YOU, perhaps, THAT’S “PERSONAL INSULT”.

    tea has the smell of death. I don’t stop there. I explain my reasoning WHY. ADDING THE FACTS & FIGURES. Fundamental difference between YOU & ME. YOU ARE akin to bob BUT point in fact__ less so, TO YOUR CREDIT…

  • Bill Hedges


    SUPPORT immigration report,… report to REFORM…

  • Bill Hedges

    “personal attacks” Nate ???

    Was bob who brought UP subject of my family.
    For which you erased AFTER I NOTIFIED YOU. Eraser was applied mostly to bob FOR CAUSE. Mine erased TO ease bob of obvious misdoings…

    • Bob


      If by saying I brought up your family you are referring to the cartoon mocking your obsession of sitting at the computer and correcting everyones mistakes that is a complete exaggeration if not bordering on a lie. You didn’t seem to be concerned with mentioning it when it appeared only conveniently a month later when people can’t see what you are referring to and are able to make empty accusations. The cartoon was poking fun at you and you alone.

  • Bob

    No matter how many times the republicans denounce Clive Bundy it didn’t take long for the left to paint the right as racist. Why is the right racist because it seems it’s bred in them. One guest on Bill Maher’s show (John Avlon editor in chief of “The Daily Beast) even makes reference to Gov. George Wallace by saying “Look George Wallace used to say I’m not a racist, I just believe in states rights and the Constitution.” to the amusement of everyone. THE ONE HITCH IS GEORGE WALLACE WAS A DEMOCRAT NOT REPUBLICAN
    MR.AVLON !

    Below is an article with link entitled “Bill Maher Calls Out Republicans For Supporting Cliven Bundy”

  • Bill Hedges

    bob__ READ WITH comprehension my previous comment. You committed “Helter Shelter” upon my words.

    Cool your heals & read my previous comment. Again.

    I have not been given passwords or whatever to erase your comments.
    As stated before, NATE ERASED that one as with others he ALSO erased. Rest assured he took your text IN PROPER context. Before this newest revision.

    Nevertheless, NOT MY concern…

  • Bill Hedges

    Meant “Helter Skelter”…

  • Bob



  • Bob


    YET ANOTHER Liberal calls for Conservatives to repudiate another Conservative.

    The below article on “The Hill” website by Bernie Quigley entitled “Conservatives Should Repudiate Palin Endorsements”

    There has been no word by the RNC YET BUT STAND BY !

  • Bill Hedges

    My previous comment to bob contained:

    Read with comprehension.

    Scuddling A ship over toilet overflow seems overly excessive.


    bob’s article reads. Speaking of Sarah:

    “If I were in charge,” she told the crowd at the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) “Stand and Fight Rally,” according to reports, “waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

    … NOTICE …

    “according to reports”

    IS THIS A guessing QUOTE ???

    Needs verification.

    Was BLASTED all over the news that VP for W. Bush said, “national debt didn’t matter”. ONE PERSON verified that is WAS supposedly true. A employee let go WHO WROTE a book. Remember in Florida the accusation of National Guard improper proprieties against GW Bush ? Herman Cain accused of… etc..

    Before I start buying rope and applying a hang woman’s noose on it, I’ll wait for SOLID conformation NOT possibly wishful thinking…

    Instead of a generalized comment bob, might try some meat in your comment as I just did…

  • Bill Hedges

    Here is a video of this event. Here are Sarah’s remarks made in text. Verified. Verified.

    NO “according to reports” as in bob’s link:

    “If I were in charge, [our enemies] would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists,” she told the National Rifle Association’s “Stand and Fight Rally” crowd on Saturday evening.

    “Come on!” Palin exclaimed. “Enemies, who would utterly annihilate America, they who’d obviously have information on plots, to carry out Jihad. Oh, but you can’t offend them, can’t make them feel uncomfortable, not even a smidgen.”

    Her remarks created a sensation over social media but she doubled down when questioned by NBC reporter Kasie Hunt.

    “Would I make it again? Why wouldn’t I, yeah, absolutely,” she told Hunt. “Terrorists who want to annihilate Americans, innocent Americans, our children — whatever it takes to stop them. If I were in charge, I’d be stoppin’ em.”

  • Bill Hedges

    ADD “” to:

    “Her remarks created a sensation over social media but she doubled down when questioned by NBC reporter Kasie Hunt.”

  • Bob

    LMAO……And I thought the left was the only ones who heard dog whistles. Perhaps someone could explain my post to Bill.

  • Bob

    Thank God for RNC Committee Spokesman Sean Spicer. Someone at the RNC is finally hearing what I’m talking about and showing some stones.

    The article entitled “RNC Spokesman Stands Up To CNN Anchors Blatant Bias On Republican Racism”.

  • Bill Hedges


    What does “racism” have to do with Sarah statement on “waterboarding” ???

    bob is comparing apples (racism) to oranges (waterboarding) for reasons to “Repudiate”. bob’s logic is immaterial. Lonnng list associated to their “Repudiate”. Your last link speaks to ONE, “racism.”

    PRETTY sure Cliven Bundy has not been in my writings.

    bob’s latest link has to do with the farmer NOT SARAH:

    “Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer angrily rejected CNN anchor Carol Costello’s claim that Republicans must answer for rancher Cliven Bundy’s racist comments, noting that “when similar issues happen on the left, there is ZERO COVERAGE.”

  • Bob

    Sacremento Mayor and liaison for the NBA players association Kevin Johnson has taken the lead role in the media frenzy concerning Donald Sterling. HARDLY A GOOD CHOICE TO BE PREACHING MOARALITY.

    The article entitled; “Kevin Johnson Laughable Lecture On Morality”

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