Picking The Wrong Chick

We, each and every one, should imagine ourselves trapped in the reality that Catherine Engelbrecht and her family have experienced.

Catherine is a class act, interviewed recently by Fox she was offered a variety of soft ball questions that would have allowed her to ‘go off’ on the folks responsible for her experience; she refused to take the bait and just stood on the facts. Catherine conducted herself similarly during her Congressional testimony. Her message to her tormentors was; “you picked the wrong chick to mess with” and they did.

It begins with two organizations founded by Catherine; a tea party sympathetic group, the King Street Patriots and True the Vote. She applies for 401C3 status. To make a long story short the IRS targeting, admitted to by Lois Lerner on a conference call ahead of an Inspector General’s report. The IRS invades her privacy with ongoing demands for information they have no right to, they demand volumes of information: Facebook posts, training materials, donor lists, texts of every talk or speech that’s occurred, copies of Twitter feeds. Catherine, having nothing to hide, supplies the information; still no approval of here 401C3 status. Audits of her business and personal IRS filings soon follow. Over 20 years there has never been an audit of Catherine or her family, now there are three. ATF shows up as well, they are there to inspect a gun manufacturing operation that exists only as a permit to do so. The Engelbrecht family never took advantage of their manufacturing permit. Comes now FBI agents assigned to the counter terror division. They have questions about someone who may or may not have attended meetings. And, just in case the Engelbrechs are not having enough trouble sleeping at night the FBI promises to ‘keep in touch’, and they do so, frequently, reminding Catherine that Big Brother is indeed watching.

We’re not done; OSHA shows up resulting in $22,000 in fines; the worst violation was an equipment driver that failed to buckle up! Watching the video of her operation I can only say I’ve been associated with hotels and restaurants that weren’t that clean or well organized. OSHA says it was a case of random selection. In the event that there is a math genius in the audience, what are the odds that four federal agencies showing up, being in contact over a dozen times focused on a single citizen?

True the Vote was a response to ACORN and the well documented voter fraud that group engaged in. Lois Lerner has already told us that the IRS targeted Conservative groups. Rep. Elijah Cummings has spent months screaming that the IRS hearings are going nowhere, we then learn it was his office that may have been right in the middle of sending the IRS Catherine’s way in the first place. Ah, yes; he doth protest too much.

The ‘other woman’ is Lois Lerner, now held in contempt of Congress. Lois is, likely, not worried. The Contempt of Congress Citation goes to Eric Holder’s Justice Department where we can expect exactly nothing to be done. Past as prologue nearly guarantees that Mr. Holder will relegate the Lerner investigation to his lower left hand desk drawer where the Benghazi investigation sits.

What’s the point of revisiting all of this? Imagine it was you! I have, I find it frightening, as should we all. There is no question that going through what Catherine has gone through would test my mettle and the courage of my convictions. Her mettle and convictions seem, if anything, stronger. They definitely picked the wrong chick to mess with.

  • Bob

    To be a “Public Servant’ at one time meant just that……to serve the public.Today the public serves the politician. Politicians rule on behalf of the people and in their name the problem being they just aren’t interested in hearing from the people. Have you ever noticed that the same people who demand power to the people are the same ones that believe people can’t do anything right without government supervision? And when it fails it isn’t the progressive socialist ideas but the implementation of those ideas that fails.

    When ever someone poses a threat to OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS tenure or the power they wield the official will respond with arrogant indignation. The Progressive Left’s interpretation of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence have ceased to be walls against government intervention but bridges that can lead a politician anywhere. Below is a cartoon illustrating why the Tea Party is despised by both the Progressive Left and Establishment republicans.


  • Bob

    Continuing on the hypocrisy of the left in regard to the “republican War On Women”.

    Ms.Englebrecht has proven it isn’t that the right “Fears Strong Women” for you couldn’t ask for a stronger women then the one she has shown to be. But perhaps it is the ideology that the left embraces even when that ideology is SATURATED IN FAILURE SUCH AS EXHIBITED BY KATHLEEN SEBELIUS, LOIS LERNER, AND HILLARY CLINTON.


  • Bill Hedges

    bob writes:

    “Below is a cartoon illustrating why the Tea Party is despised by both the Progressive Left and Establishment republicans.”

    Those ears !!! Resembles bugs bunny. Gets me every time.

    Those that “despised” Tea should add PUBLIC according to Tea’s leaky DOWNWARD TREND approval rating ACCORDING to Gallup Poll. ADD as WELL immigrate supporters arm of Tea. TINO’S. They SIN against bob’s COMPROMISE NOT Tea:

    1. Rand
    2. Paul
    3. Rubio
    4. Cruz

    Rand since what 1986, watched his Father 3 times COME UP SHORT in his run for Presidency. More ELECTABLE for new Paul. Rand shooting for YOUNGER VOTERS & MINORITES. Unlike bob’s dwelling HERO LIST, THIS PAUL LISTENS, “hearing from the people”.

    ALL this “establishment” & “”RINO” rhetoric. All THIS Tea is better FOR YOU. Where is bob going to TURN TO now ???!!!??? Governor of LA. He’s a good man. Don’t know his stance on bob’s RINO issues.

    ((( “REALLY” ))) ???!!!???…

    … Just a thought …

    Did the female who established the congressional Tea Party caucus SEE THIS coming ??? Then decided NOT to run again…

    • Bill, remember President Dole, President McCain, and President Romney? The most electable, “compromise” candidates? I didn’t think so.

      Principles aren’t for sale nor are they dictated by polling trends.

      Call me a proud supporter of the Tea Party which includes shrinking government, expanding liberty and reducing our national debt. Call me a supporter all day long.

      • Bill Hedges


        1. The GREAT Babe Ruth was a fine PITCHER. COMPROMISE was making him a OUT FIELDER, thus more times AT BAT. MADE HIM KING. Holder of many RECORDS. Some still standing.

        WHAT records FOR Tea ??? A footnote ??? At least 4 Tea leaders got some realistic religion. Signs in the POLLS dictates to be MORE than a FOOTNOTE.

        The GREAT Babe Ruth WAS KNOCK OUT KING, as well as struck OUT King. The TWO go hand in hand. “Principles” WITHOUT the voters IS “principles” FOR NOT.

        I DON’T UNDERSTAND your point about “President McCain”, etc.. Republicans don’t win EVERY TIME. Ok I’ll bite. SOOOO. Have we EVER had a PRESIDENT Tea ??? Ron Paul STRUCK out. 3 TIMES.

        Am sure you read my Ronald Reagan quote, where he had a group, similar to Tea, who wanted EVERYTHING now NOT piecemeal. CONGRESS was NOT HIS. UNDER HIM SOME TAXES were raised, FAR MORE were REDUCED. BELIEVE it was 50 % MORE reduced than raised. That’s COMPROMISE. REMEMBER “Contract with America”. Republicans DID NOT OWN Congress. COMPROMISE.

        You say “compromised” candidates?” ((( I DON’T ))). PROCESS picked our CHOICE, BUT then, LOSING doesn’t make OUR CHOICE wrong. SECOND guessing ALWAYS CORRECT ? NO…

        2. “Principles aren’t for sale nor are they dictated by polling trends.”


        I use Gallup Polls for purposes they were INTENDED to be used FOR.

        Don’t “shot the messenger”. Took MANY HOURS for complete submerging of Titanic. Gallup Tea grafts LOOKS BAD. DO YOU question the trend ??? NO.

        You stand on “Principles”. EVERYBODY has “Principles”. In YOUR WORLD buma IS MARKED wrong. In buma WORLD you are. STANDING on “Principles” has Tea below President, Democrats, & Republicans IN POLLS.

        In areas Tea WILL win election. But Tea IS NOT on growth hormones. To the CONTRARY.

        “Proud supporter of the Tea Party”, AS YOU SAY, POSSIBLE a PARAPHASING A PREVIOUS COMMENT of yours, “how is that working out for YOU”. if need be I’ll ruffle through the archives & find your exact quote. You also begrudgingly have said in past, paraphrasing, “COMPROMISE at times IS NECESSARY”. Is it necessary I locate THAT exact quote ??? Am willing to do to support my point.

        I consider your response to my last two comments 90% UNRELATED.

        Not talking “Principles” but REALITIES. WITHOUT the VOTES debt continues the path UPWARD ? Is that what you believe ??? Hear LITTLE TALK by you OF Newt in Clinton administration. Instead I hear “establishment” & “RINO”. Newt DID the work of Tea before there was a present day Tea.

        My last 2 comments WERE about TINOS. THAT you GLOSSED OVER in your remarks. WHEN I read of “establishment” and “RINO”, “TINO” will FOLLOW.

        TINOs such as:

        1. Rand
        2. Paul
        3. Rubio
        4. Cruz

        3. WHO NOW do you support ??? Suppose in your articles it will be revealed. How firmly do you stand TALL on:

        “Principles aren’t for sale”. Even to win Presidency ??? IF so, little chance WH is available. Except on official tour.

        Will you become a TINO. Think about THAT before you blow SMOKE in direction of McCain & Karl Rove. Make reference to “establishment” and “RINO”. Show support for Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.
        Think twice concerning your “principles”…

  • We will continue to advocate for True the Vote and expect Congress to move forward against Ms.Lerner and Rep.Cummings in their investigation of considerable wrong doing being perpetrated against certain American citizens ! It is becoming increasingly difficult to make a case for truth in government service with this egregiously unethical conduct from public officials. We will continue to publicize those facts which are destroying the average American’s way of life,as well as the Constitution !!

  • Bill Hedges

    Nate Political Physics 2014/03/19 at 9:37 am

    “The bottom line… it’s time. The Tea Party has become more effective as it learns to pick battles more precisely. Take Ted Cruz for example, a huge Tea Party victory. In other states, not so much. It takes a combination of candidate + charisma to defeat the establishment and win the general.”

    CRUZ turned TINO for VOTES. For possible Presidency. YOUR THOUGHTS !!!

    In my previous comment to you I paraphrased you:

    You also begrudgingly have said in past, paraphrasing, “COMPROMISE at times IS NECESSARY”.


    Nate The Eternal Battle: Grassroots vs. Establishment 2014/01/10 at 9:40 am

    “Bill, I knew we’d argue over my post.”

    “I agree, compromise isn’t necessarily bad. It’s often required to get some of what you want. However, what I fear is compromise of principles by elected officials on our side. They’re compromising away our financial future one deal at a time. That kind of compromise is killing this country. We know where it leads, look at Greece, look at other Euro countries so far in debt they’re crippled. We have a larger economy so it will take us longer, but we’re heading there in the next 10, 20, 30 years.”

    DON’T YOU AGREE Reagan COMPROMISED as well as STOOD TALL without flinching in his actions.

    DON’T YOU AGREE voters are tired of DO NOTHING CONGRESS. 3 sides refusing to compromise & reach a agreement.

    Without shoring up boarders TIGHT, OUR BOARDER is open to illegals and worse terrorism. Without addressing immigration, little chance, Democrats will allow ANY resolution to this problem. Do NOTHING a “principles” GOOD ANSWER ???

  • Bill Hedges

    MY last (a) should be_ for…

  • Bill Hedges

    Nate The Eternal Battle: Grassroots vs. Establishment 2014/01/09 at 3:11 pm

    WILL ZERO IN on:


    1. “May I ask about the success of the “electable” establishment-backed candidates for President in 2008 and 2012? How did that work out? Romney was THE establishment choice. The “most electable” Republican and he failed. Why? Don’t hang the failure on the Tea Party, Romney was not their man. He lost to Obama just like McCain did in 2008 due to poor campaigning, poor messaging, and poor technology.”

    Not the WHOLE TRUTH Nate. WE DON”T win every election. buma was a _ anom·a·ly

    a. First black man to run… NEAR 100% for buma. University student bused to polls.

    b. Former employer of buma, Acorn, support. Signing up voters, etc..

    c. Bush Fault. Successfully shifted blame for horrible recession off on innocent Bush. Bush actually warned of recession and Barney Frank and other Democrats refuted Bush.

    d. A church group & Paul’s supporters, at least SOME, stayed home as I previously pointed out in links.

    e. Etc.

    2. “Furthermore, what good is the “Republican House” when they’re going to push amnesty this year just like the Dems?”

    Skipping to:

    “Only leaders like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul among others recognize the crisis we face. Call me a whacko-bird with them, I’ll wear it on my sleeve.”

    WELL “Cruz and Rand Paul among others recognize the crisis we face”, & TURNED their BACK on you.

    As my previous two comments say, call “Cruz and Rand Paul among others” TINO’S. TEA in name only.

    BY YOUR STANDARDS ??? Not MINE. Jeb Bush pretty much agrees with the TINO’S. Or visa-reversal…

  • Bill Hedges

    Forget_ visa-reversal…

  • Bill Hedges

    Illegals wasn’t on the TOP BURNER for me. Other matters interested me. Interest arise hearing “establishment” & “RINOs” WOULD be the DEATH OF THE AMERICAN life style. Giving our Union over to law-breaking evaders. Those guilty commenters know who you are. Voting (D) if given a chance. Well indirectly THEY ARE VOTING. Their children, born here, listens to their illegal parents, as children SOMETIME DO, and they now legally have ability to vote.

    Continuing on the path WE NOW FOLLOW, more & MORE settle here without benefit of legalized means. They have children who are citizens & the cycle _ per·pet·u·ates _ itself.

    DO NOTHING Tea option ??? Sounds like it on THESE PAGES. Well there is tighten the boarders, over (Ds) dead body without including citizenship. MASS deportation isn’t happening. FEAR of giving citizenship to lawbreakers (remember the children born here) indirectly IS upon US. Ironic ???

    Every time I hear immigration here, “establishment” & “RINO” seem to follow. NOW we have TINOs who uncrossed THEIR EYES, reach out to be resolute, to solve a REAL TIME _ ca·lam·i·ty _. Realizing COMPROMISE is only method to… mitigate damages. ANYONE MARRIED &/or have children HOPEFULLY understand. If NOT there is WORK to _ con·tem·plate _ need for compromise.

    Come next Republican Presidential debate, as one of my links pointed out, every Tea Party candidate may VERY WELL be for immigration reform that … NOW … comment writers OPPOSE…

    CURRENT TINOs such as, though NOT LIMITED to:

    1. Rand
    2. Paul
    3. Rubio
    4. Cruz