Free Fall

Last week two senior administrations contradicted the President within days of Presidential statements not the least of which was Mr. Clapper.

Ambassadors to significant countries have not a clue about the politics and culture of the countries they are going to; no diplomatic experience and a clear demonstration that the President’s claims that we are more respected around the world than those nasty “Bushies” were, could not be more false. Weakness does not motivate respect; personally or on the international stage. The State Department typically spends significant effort preparing Ambassadors for their Senate hearings; that does not appear to have been the case this time around. Apathy, arrogance or just not giving a hoot; you decide?

The President continually addresses the issues but appears not to have a clue as to what to do about it. The speeches have clearly lost their luster; the ideology is failing at an accelerating rate. Despite the lowest job participation rate in decades the President is pleased that the unemployment rate fell by one tenth of a percent and, of course, took to the podium to assure things were going well. One can almost hear millions of Americans thinking; “really, honestly this is good news?” But wait; Congress is going to write executive orders for the President, so says Shelia Jackson Lee; what could possibly go wrong?

We are subjected to constant discussions of inequality by a President that has presided over a massive spike in inequality. The middle class that the President is so fond of has taken it in the shorts. Real earnings down, empirical earnings down, food and fuel inflation continue, real unemployment abysmal. One can only wonder how bad it would be if the President didn’t love the middle class so much. Whoa! Major portions of his winning coalition, the young and minorities are much worse off than five years ago. Perhaps they can take solace in the rhetoric; it’s all they have to hang onto as there are no real answers emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama Care is a horrific mess and will result in the same number of uninsured as we started with! Economic growth is anemic and the President, as Mr. Krauthammer comments, seems to be campaigning against what he has actually done. The President is, depending on the cycle of the moon, rhetorically, on nearly every side of every issue. You just can’t make this up!

Foreign policy is incoherent, traditional allies, normally silent, go public with negative commentaries on the President’s policies. Syria is a mess; al Qaeda and their network of radicalized sympathizers have more ground under their control than at any time in recent history. Egypt says the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization; here we invite them to the White House. Iran may be within months of the capability to both build and deliver nuclear weapons. Egypt tilts away from U.S. ties. Saudi Arabia could have a nuclear weapon of their very own, on demand, from Pakistan. Afghanistan Jihadists simply wait for us to leave. Iraq is falling apart at a rapidly accelerating rate. Egypt is being slapped around on a nearly continual basis. John Kerry has accomplished for the world at large what we have known all along; he’s a joke, just not a very good one. Yemen is following the same path as Iraq. Pakistan is a safe haven for violent Jihadists. Canada has taken policy positions that demonstrate a courageous, morally defensible stand on foreign policy that we are unprepared to take. Europe attempts to evolve away from Social Democracy as we rush headlong into it. Mexico decides that state control of the energy industry was a mistake and has attracted billions in private investment and rapidly increasing employment opportunities, we on the other hand cannot approve the Keystone Pipeline despite years of studies that demonstrate it is not a threat to the environment.

Benghazi and the IRS; move on folks, nothing to see here, when common sense dictates there clearly is much to see. “Not a smidgen of corruption”, so says the President regarding the IRS he apparently forgot that the original admission of corruption came from Ms. Fifth Amendment, Lois Lerner; no doubt hoping no one would notice. Not to worry, we’ll find an Obama true believer to investigate the President she loves. More corruption!

The President has not been on the high side of approval ratings since last May. In every policy specific poll the President is underwater.

Free fall!

This problem is not exclusive to the President; when a President is in free fall so are the rest of us.

  • Bill Hedges

    Point you head down 90 degrees & take a running start mashing your head into a sharpened edge rock wall. THINK OF YOUR HEAD AS A BATTERING RAM. Full speed BRO !!! BEST DONE a baker’s dozen times in order to appreciate liberal logic HERE:

    “Both parties keep cherry picking CBO report”

    You might think multimillion loss of jobs because of bumcare WAS a windfall for (Rs) come November. Oh contra…:

    “Republicans are quietly accepting that the report was largely about people working less and making that choice on their own, not literally about “2 million lost jobs.”

    “But that doesn’t mean the GOP has gone off the offensive. Republicans and conservative critics are already shifting to a more general argument: Even if it is just people working less, there’s no way that can be good for the economy, especially if it’s because they lose Obamacare subsidies if their income goes up.”

    “The White House and Democrats say they’re happy to argue that point — because in their view, it’s much better for Americans, and the economy, if they can switch jobs or start businesses without having to worry about losing their health insurance. They’re even saying, no, no, Obamacare is good for jobs, because it puts money in people’s pockets and that increases the demand for goods and services”

    To paraphrase, “Believe or not to believe WHO. THAT’S THE QUESTION”.

    JUST BELIEVE in ___Keynesian economics ___. Please pleads buma. Do TELL of Japan’s experience with Keynesian economics:

    “Japan: Keynesian economics disproven”

    January 24, 2013

    WHAT WE NEED is MORE printed $$$ & MORE debt. To receive MORE HAND-OUTS I’m willing to work LESS___ Isn’t THAT PHASE in the Constitution, on Liberty Bell, and/or Statue of Liberty. In Boston Harbor THAT IS WHAT dumping the tea into the bay WAS ALL ABOUT.

    Work HARD & be a chump… I’ll DO MY PART by going on a buying binge. Once limit is reached & collectors hounds are at my door…Chapter 11 EVERY ten years…

  • Bill Hedges

    SAY Saint Nick Day is approaching, the cupboard is bare, and sounds of Rain Deer on roof of house IS ENOUGH to damage the structure.

    Kids & wife want Christmas gifts as well as food in the belly. what is a ___ welfare reciprocant (Urban Dictionary) ___ to do when food stamps are spent ? Try:

    “When welfare pays better than work”

    “Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free. No work required. Apply at your local welfare office”

    Been there & done that. With my imaginary kids I claim, I receive FAR MORE MONEY. Each child is DISABLED my working friend. A economic disability THAT IS. He-he.

    Maybe CROSS THE BOARDER & buy some grass for RESALE ? Besides being broke, not having American Express card, robbing a bank won’t work because drug dealers NO LONGER accept $$$s:

    “Guest Post: How Much Longer Will the Dollar Be The Reserve Currency?”

    IS THIS bumas answer to our national debt. Spending social security piggy bank ???:

    “Is the Dollar REALLY Losing Its Reserve Currency Status … If So, What Will REPLACE It?”

  • Bob

    Speaking of a “FREE FALL” donations to Tokyo Rove’s groups have FALLEN 98% TO A MERE $6.1 MILLION IN 2013 AFTER HE DECLARES WAR ON TEA PARTY GROUPS.