The State of the Onion

For the sake of my own intelligence, I decided not to watch the President reiterate and regurgitate his progressive, futile agenda last night during his sixth State of the Union address. What more can be he possibly say that needs to be uttered into my ears? Besides, Landreaux fell on the sword so the rest of us could walk away unscathed.

Distrust of the federal government, and government in general, is at an all-time high and Americans are pretty certain that the only being worth trusting resides in the heavens above. The President rolled out some props, as is the case every year, to help personalize his push to overhaul our nation’s founding. No offense to the props, so long as they know they’re simply tools in the game of progressive politics.

Arguably the most heinous argument from the President is the nonsensical claim that increasing unemployment benefits will create some kind of measurable economic growth. Please explain to me, using basic math, how sucking money from the private economy on the backs of working Americans and giving it to Americans unable to find work creates some kind of economic foundation to build on. Keep in mind, we have record numbers of Americans out of work as a direct result of President Barack Obama’s destructive economic policies.

The solution to creating economic growth is not wealth redistribution, as the President argued to “Joe the Plumber”. The solution is to foster policies which let individuals lift themselves out of poverty and into the middle class because they’re able to find better paying jobs.

I am, however, tired of making this argument since it’s been the same for six long years. At this point, all we can do is point and stare at the mind-boggling destruction Keynesian economic policy levels on everything it touches.

I can only hope that Tuesday’s State of the Union address was the “last hurrah” for the President and his minions like Harry Reid and the entire staff and on-air “talent” of NBC News. True, the President has vowed to use his pen to continue enacting swift justice against the American people but how far can he truly go without significant opposition as his position weakens? Unfortunately, with the current leadership vacuum on the Republican side, that remains to be seen.

I’m glad I skipped the State of the Union. Most of the statements the President said were lies or don’t compute with basic math so what is there to gain by listening? The arguments are tired, the tactics are the same, the results are disastrous. Next President, please.

  • Bob

    “State of the ONION”???????

    I can only assume this refers to how we can peel away the layers of this administration and can’t help but to cry at the results.President Obama has said he has “a pen and a phone” but his insignificant speech last night proves all he can do is order a pizza with them.

    My thanks also for Landreaux falling on the sword.

    • Where’s the union anymore? Red states get redder, blue states get more bankrupt and the feds at the top break more laws than they sign. The state of the union, in my opinion, is one word: distrust. I don’t trust any of these elected bums anymore. They talk a good game, then vote the other way. They lie through their teeth in ways that can easily be vetted and they don’t care.

      There’s no accountability from the bottom to top. Our own Governor McAwful is proving that out. The federal way of skirting the law made its way to Virginia.

  • Bob

    Jay Leno referred to the administration as “Lame Duck Dynasty”.

  • Bill Hedges

    “Top Republicans support immigration reform, but stress border security must come first”

    February 02, 2014

    There IS NO definitive THIS IS OUR immigration proposal YET if THEN. LET’S SAY they are discussing the POSSIBILITIES.

    Article says:

    “This is not trust but verify. This is a verify and trust approach,” Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan told ABC’s “This Week.” “Security first, no amnesty, then we might be able to get somewhere.”

    This IS RESPONSIBLE response because, AS WE all should KNOW, didn’t happen AS PLANNED under Reagan immigration law.

    Article further says:

    “Ryan, a member of House leadership and chairman of the House Budget Committee, also repeated that fellow party members don’t trust that the president will enforce border laws after a deal on immigration is reached.”

    “Those things have to be in law, in practice and independently verified before the rest of the law can occur,” he said. “So it’s a security force first, non-amnesty approach.”

    “Ryan also acknowledged that the possibility of the House passing a bill that could reach the president’s desk by the end of the year is still “clearly in doubt.”

    Democrats in Senate PASSED a immigration bill. Republicans are __ DICUSSING __ a drastically scaled down version. Different IN SO many ways.

    Republicans cry out ‘Remember TEDDY & backstabbing of immigration reform under Reagan by Democrats’. Doesn’t slide off the tongue like “Remember the Alamo” I know. But that’s the inspiration to carry into battle…