What’s A Guy To Do???

The State of the Union seems to represent a bit of a box for the President. In almost every poll related to job approval and issue specific performance, the President is underwater. The unfavorable margin runs about 20 points, including health care, until you get to the deficit, which is underwater by nearly 40 points. The public at large has rejected his economic policies, his desire for gun control, his approach to Iran, economic policy and his desires for immigration reform. Can anything he says move the polling based on nearly six years of exposure to his ‘accomplishments”?

What’s a guy to do? It’s fairly clear the President has no intention of changing course in any dramatic way. It becomes increasingly clear that this President is driven by a nearly immovable ideological perspective that either disregards or ignores the will of the governed. He is, however, occasionally brilliant in making his true agenda sound, well …… almost rational. The President must face a point of context that rejects his beliefs and his agenda. Two thirds say, government is too big and yet the President hews to the belief that government is the answer. The most significant single issue where the President is gasping for breath is debt and deficits and yet he will demand another debt ceiling increase in February.

Elevating the minimum wage and ‘income inequality’ as the issues of the day are little more than stalking horses as Democrats look for something, anything to deflect attention from ObamaCare and the large majority of Americans who say we’re still in a recession. Apparently, If you like your recession you can keep your recession! Can a President rumored to be on the cusp of a $20 million book deal maintain credibility as we speaks of income inequality?

No doubt the rhetoric of the speech will satisfy supporters, a dwindling number at best. But where does the President go, what does he say to convince us that the State of the Union is strong. What does he say that argues effectively that we should stay the course for more regulation and the billions that come out of the U.S. economy in regulatory costs? Job losses continue, GDP growth is, at best, weak and confidence in his policies is at an all time low. Increasing numbers of Americans question his basic competence. They must all be racists!

How does the President make the case that he remains the answer to what ails us; perhaps a turn to foreign policy? A typical instinct when things are not going well on the home front. The Iran deal is laughable, he’s still taking incoming over Syria. Egypt, Britain, Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia have castigated the President publically for ‘feckless’ policy decisions. Iraq, due in large measure to the absence of U.S. resources and a failure to negotiate within the structure of the Status of Forces Agreement is descending into sectarian chaos. Al Qaeda controls more territory now than at any time in their history. He may want to stay away from too rosy of a picture globally.

Underestimating the President’s rhetorical skills is a mistake. It may also be a mistake for him to overestimate his skills. There comes a time when the speeches simply don’t comport with reality and that is the critical jeopardy for a sinking Presidency. Should the President attempt to oversell what bright spots he will, no doubt, conjure up; his credibility will sink further and that further slide will essentially cement him where he is in the public view.

Let’s review: the economy is still in the doldrums, poverty at a modern high, dependency way up, debt and deficits nearly overwhelming. Foreign policy is positioning us as what UBL called the ‘weak horse’. Governance by regulation is costing billions with no complimentary benefits. The Military is being gutted of its warriors, the war on carbon fuels is on, the pipeline can’t get approved, enemies are held to public ridicule and the administration’s answer is to bring in John Podesta who wants more and more of that exact approach.

What’s a guy to do? Guess we’ll find out.

  • Bill Hedges

    Landreaux wrote:

    “Let’s review: the economy is still in the doldrums…”

    April 8, 2013

    “Obama Overrides Congress to Buy $690 Million Worth of Russian Choppers for Afghan Air Force”

    “Apparently America has too many jobs so Obama will be spending taxpayer money to support Russia’s defense industry on behalf of Afghanistan. And he’s doing so over the bipartisan objections of Congress from both the right and left and a ban on buying them written into the NDAA.”

    “The 2013 National Defense Authorization Act, approved by Congress last year, includes an amendment that prohibits financial contracts between the United States and Rosoboronexport, except when the Secretary of Defense determines that such arrangements are in the interest of national security”


    1. “Ban on buying them written into the NDAA.”

    2. “Bipartisan objections”

    3. Economic “doldrums…”

    WHAT IS WRONG with this economic recovery & President following a, I assume, is a LEGAL congressional mandate PLAN PICTURE ???

    Our own leader saying “LET THEM EAT CAKE” in a matter of speaking …

  • Bill Hedges

    Was buying Russian helicopters ONE OF FIRST “contentious issues” coming ???

    WHY YOU ASK ? Thanks for asking. Previous comment link was dated April 8, 2013:

    Mar 26, 2012

    ACCIDENTLY BUMA ‘spills the beans’ similarly as he did with JOE the PLUMBER.

    “Obama tells Russia’s Medvedev more flexibility after election”

    “Reuters) – President Barack Obama was caught on camera on Monday assuring outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that he will have “more flexibility” to deal with contentious issues like missile defense after the U.S. presidential election.”


    Was buying Russian helicopters a _ pre·cur·sor _, maybe SHOW of GOOD FAITH of future “contentious issues” AFTER ELECTION ???

    That would be ___ di·a·bol·i·cal ___… SURELY NOT ???

  • Bill Hedges

    Landreaux wrote:

    “What’s a guy to do? It’s fairly clear the President has no intention of changing course in any dramatic way. It becomes increasingly clear that this President is driven by a nearly immovable ideological perspective that either disregards or ignores the will of the governed”

    Can say the same THING about Cruz & CLOSING DOWN GOVERNMENT. AND TEA. Republicans are THE innocent INJURIED bystanders. As I have previously eluded to Cruz IS NO Newt & Cruz actions was ‘1/2 cocked’ by comparison to Newt’s government shutdown. THIS lowered Republican & Tea Gallup poll status though WORSE for Tea. Is Tea “changing course in any dramatic way” ???

    Viably alternative to buma is Tea ??? According to Gallup ah……. TEA did not cause 2010 resurrection. Did what ??? Republicans took the good & __ dis·cour·ages __ “wacho bird” DO or DIE mentality.

    BY THE WAY BUMA __ outranks __ both (R) & Tea in good Gallup polls. MORE SO for Tea. We need to ‘mend our ways’ not follow in either Cruz or buma’s shoes. Cruz didn’t listen to his ex-client the Speaker, but went for 2016 Presidential bid & name recognition…

  • Bill Hedges

    1. YOU THINK, for old time sake, buma smoked a joint before going down the hallway to give his State of the Union speech TONIGHT ??? I KNOW in my college days when I had a buzz I too __ e·lu·ci·dated __ reality under UV-A altering light but NOT IN speech to both Houses of congress, Supreme Court, on-lookers crowd of dignitaries, & televised.

    2. buma said his wife “set a good example” in his speech tonight. She SURE DID. Her friend developed the soft wear for bumcare computer. THANKS Ms.

    ___ FUNNY ___

    3. BUMA talked of LOWERING TAXES in order to create JOBS. Thought you REALLY regretted agreeing to tax cuts for rich ??? Poor don’t hire employees.

    New York will reduce taxes if you create jobs in that State.

    ….. OH but BUMA ….

    Cutting taxes for rich DOES help create JOBS as well as INCREASES TAXES COLLECTED, BUT you left out a MAJOR component to success which is critical mass.

    Critical mass means bring stable government that companies can rely on TO SUPPORT business. bumcare HARMS. EPA is NOT showing LOVE for business. Yes turning utilities from coal to natural gas will create temporary JOBS in construction. Now in Missouri natural gas is selling at high of $5.00 a gallon because of SHORTAGE. This will raise it MORE and FOREVER ??? Destroying coal industry. High utility cost IS ANTI-BUSINESS & ANTI-CITIZEN.

    ‘Be careful what you wish for because it might come true’ to ones _ de·ter?ment _.

    4. buma spoke of limiting repayment of student loans to 10% of income. HEY BIGGEST default of ANY TYPE loan is student loans. I’m old and being offered student loan as often as I receive emails saying $$$ millions owed me and for a SMALL FEE I’ll be rich___ scheme.. SOMETHING for NOTHING.. Student loans TO SOME IS rent, car, etc CASH NOT education.

    Student loans was taken over by government. To our Country’s _ de·ter?ment _. Controlled by the same (D) party that GAVE US the WORSE RECESSION since THE GREAT DEPRESSION. .

    5. Equal pay for woman ??? Lead by example buma. Finally pay women working FOR YOU _ par·i·ty _ with men.

    6. “10-10”. $10.10 minimum wage. “GIVE AMERICA A RAISE”. is his catchy phrase. THAT helps to CREATE jobs ??? Likely to reduce introductory manpower position. Is working on the symptoms NOT the disease itself.

    7. Need a whole lot MORE information but VERY SKPICAL from sub-prime past experience OF ___ HOME OWNERSHIP. ACORN- Lawyer buma _ leg·er·de·main _.

    8. MRA_ KNOW LITTLE on this.

    9. “Here Are All of the Executive Actions Obama Announced in His State of the Union”


    You MIGHT THINK buma is excessive with his executive orders utilization BUT think again:


    Surprised me…

    Tell me MORE. Social Security is ”DEAD MAN WALKING’ . (D stole the piggy bank). BUMA & (D) know it. Refuse to work with (R) to shore up s/s, reduce spending,, & lower DEBT…


    buma’s speech makes as much sense as this story.:

    A 16 old girl wanted to sky dive on her sweet 16 birthday. In her State she was not allow to at that age. MUST BE 18 IN Texas. So family went to Oklahoma that, with parent permission, she could JUMP.

    Well she jumped as her Dad did, but the shoot “”JAMMED”. Lucky for her SHE WILL survive APPARENTLY.

    Parent disgruntled though he went to a different State to accomplish & gave HIS PERMISSION.. WITH him there safe guarding his daughter’s life. Ahhhhh take a ((( pinch of responsibility ))) FATHER and (D).

    “‘God’s hand caught her’: Family of a girl, 16, who survived a 3500 foot skydive with a tangled parachute say it’s a miracle she’s alive”

    Father hires LAWYER…