Fare Well Representative Wolf

In just over a year from now the Congress of the United States will say fair well to Representative Frank Wolf. We will all be the poorer for it.

I’ve enjoyed the unique opportunity to have spent time with Representative Wolf and his exceptional staff; I bestow upon him what is, for me, a rare perception of those in the body politic. He is a man of absolute integrity. There is no difference between what he says and what he does. There was no bending to the temporary winds of political trends and no hiding from his constituents. Did I have the occasional disagreement on policy; sure, but easily accepted as I knew they were invariably framed within the context of his integrity and because of that, easy to accept.

Purity tests were cast aside by Representative Wolf, in favor of independent thinking. The only purity test that applied to Frank Wolf was the one he held himself to. Were all of our political class to live up to Representative Wolf’s standards of commitment and integrity our body politic would look very much different than it does today, very much better.

His commitment to human rights was more than a cleverly crafted speech; he journeyed to the belly of the beast, mostly without fanfare. He did so year after year. His deeply held faith informed his commitment and clarified his path. Darfur, Tibet, enclaves of religious persecution; Representative Wolf was there, driven by conscience and a moral center that refused to give way to expedience.

Mr. Wolf, thank you for your service but more so for the examples you cast. You will be missed, you may be irreplaceable.

  • I’ve gotta say I’m not disappointed that Rep. Wolf decided to call it a day. Thirty-four years is longer than many careers. I can appreciate his faith and his personal integrity and the many other accomplishments and actions you mentioned.

    However, I don’t think he is ready to help lead the charge against the growing exponential explosion of big government oppression. That is the looming threat of this century waiting to devour us all. Rep. Wolf is a little too mild-mannered to view this thread for what it is and actually fight against it. He’s voted for too many bills which allow government to keep growing, such as this last budget deal.

    Among other things, Rep. Wolf voted for TARP, No Child Left Behind, and the Brady Bill. The first two give far too much power to the federal government and the third was an assault on the 2nd Amendment. He also voted for Medicare Part D, SCHIP and SCHIP Expansion. More expansion of the federal government and more expansion of programs bankrupting the country.

    He also voted in favor of banning the incandescent light-bulb. That results in forcing Americans to buy bulbs filled with mercury or bulbs that cost $40 per bulb. Why can’t the free market decide that?

    Man of integrity and faith? Yes.
    Man of limited government? No.

  • Bill Hedges

    Back when TARP was but a glimmer in Bush’s arsenal against Bill Clinton, (Ds), Acorn- lawyer buma, ETC, caused recession of America’s worse manmade calamity; NOTHING BUT TARP WAS ___ necessary evil ___ to ensure our economic survival. Cutting the inevitable darkest of dark possible scenario. Hook & latter of private salvation would have been a DAY LATE & A $$$ SHORTL.

    Bush had CLEAN HANDS in this matter. Payback with HIGH INTEREST. At least the Bush’s share of TARP.

    I still wonder if payback of Bush’s responsibility of TARP with interest WAS REMOVED from Bush’s debt OR SIMPLE USED to reduced buma’s SPENDING insanity WITHOUT conscious…

  • Bill Hedges

    Note wrote:

    “The first two give far too much power to the federal government”

    As in Civil war when battle was preservation of Union, so was Bush’s share of TARP. NO option but to DO OR DIE to stay a viable Country. NOT SO in vote buying bum tactics. Car companies SHOULD HAVE gone through bankruptcy court process. YES Unions would have been negatively affected. But arguably the car companies WOULD HAVE BEEN MORE ECONOMICALLY SOUND. Future MORE SECURE. SIMULATING Ford. union concession had DEATH GRIP upon the companies. buma’s conditions was SELF-SERVING POLITICS.

    VOTE consideration NOT America’s WELFARE was bum’s (D) lifeline choice. ANOTHER __ unearned __ PEACE PRIZE for President still on campaign trail. Presidential shoes still in their original box unworn. From worse oil leak disaster in Gulf caused by friend of buma’s BP excused of following regulation, to Fed printing $$$’s liking it to monopoly currency.

    buma CAN NOT STAND TALL. Curvature of his spine DOES NOT ALLOW.

    When POWER is broadened possibilities of abuse escalate. Was the _ Re`e`mer´gence _ of TEA. Honest folks can differ on when government MUST keep their NOSE TO THEMSELVES & WHEN ASSISTANCE is REQUIRED. There is NO stanch IN LBERALISM IDEALISM. THAT WE CAN AGREE UPON ???

    • Bill,

      “NO option but to DO OR DIE to stay a viable Country.”

      That’s what they sold it as, yes. Thus the beginning of passing legislation based on scaring the public to give more power to the central planners. It opened the door for Feds to involve themselves even more into private sector. As President Bush famously said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save free market principles.”

      Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now.

      With Bush’s blessing of government intervention, Obama continued it even more so. It was a bi-partisan growth of government which we’re still witnessing today. Both parties grow government, one just does it at a faster pace while the other prefers “managed decline” of our nation.

  • Bob


    With the voter makeup of Northern Virginia currently being of the left wing persuasion what are the odds republicans will lose a seat in Congress?

    • The 10th district is far more conservative than most NOVA districts. It extends from the western most point of Fairfax County (the liberal area of the district) out past Front Royal and Winchester (far more Republican voters to overwhelm the small sliver of Fairfax county).


      I don’t see the seat being lost unless the GOP candidate makes a host of mistakes, which is entirely possible.

      Consider that in 2008, with the Obama wave, Wolf carried the district with 58% of the vote. The district itself went for Obama by 51% but Wolf’s organization and name easily beat the lackluster Dem challenger.

      I’d think at worst, a new GOP candidate would start somewhere around 50-55% support and can either go up or down depending on the campaign they run and the quality of a Democratic opponent.

      I’d label it “Leans Republican” if I had to guess but that could change after a candidate is chosen.

  • Bill Hedges

    “As President Bush famously said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save free market principles.”

    “Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t make sense now”

    In a MATTER OF SPEAKING, Bush declared Martial Law on economic destruction catalyst. Circumstance demanded it be done.

    Clinton JUMBO SIZED Carter’s home loan idea for poor. With Acorn-lawyer buma added encouragement after winning lawsuit against Citi Bank through BLACKMAIL(you are RACIST if not loaning to unqualified home buyers), economic institutions WERE REQUIRED to hand out bad mortgages. Leading to sub-prime as well as mixed rated mortgages sold to financial institutions. PERFECT STORM pinned our economic shoulders to the collapsing economic country.

    Had Republicans & especially Bush words been heeded, PAIN could have been averted or at least lessened:

    “Pelosi Caught In Major Lie- Says Bush Didn’t Warn Congress About Financial Crisis… Records Show He Warned Congress 17 Times in 2008 Alone”


    “Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing…”


    Bush’s actions REQUIRED. Our economic arm was bleeding profusely. Loans not being made and economic stagnation NOT A OPTION. BUSH APPLIED a life saving tourniquet doctoring a Democrat CAUSED recession.

    “Government intervention” wasn’t necessary for car company bail out. Regular bankruptcy court could have handled. NOT SO for economic blood flow for America without dire consequence.

    Bush’s actions DID NOT LEAD to buma’s actions. LET’S END THIS ‘blame Bush’ mentality. Making BAD HOME LOANS was forced upon banking institutions & Wall Street by Bill Clinton & Acorn-lawyer buma among others. Government examiners held a blind eye to this disruption of SOUND BANKING practices. Should have set off ALL of the bells & whistles. Shutting down banks immediately for complete audit. Ignored for political (D) reasons. Frank after all said there was “no problem” EXCEPT FOR THOSE COMPLAINING.

    “Government intervention” & “grow government” does not necessitate “DECLINE”. Clinton’s Twin Tower attack lead to NO PROTECTION. Bush’s Twin Tower incident DID. Because of that attacks have been swashed SO FAR on our soil. Some of our civil liberties have been infringed upon. Likely buma has CROSSED the acceptable level for his own PERSONAL GAIN as in IRS investigation of TEA PARTY groups. Which has NOTHING TO DO with the SECURITY OF OUR NATION, which Constitution REQUIRES of the government.

  • Bill Hedges

    CORRECTION. Should have read:

    Leading to sub-prime as well as mixed rated mortgage bundles sold to financial institutions

  • Bill Hedges

    Thomas Jefferson stretched his beliefs to buy the Louisiana Purchase. For good cause.

    Nate wrote:

    “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save free market principles.”

    Same. For GOOD CAUSE.

    ECONOMIC Humpty Dumpy was about to fall from the wall. Retirements in stocks lost years of equality. Investors near edge of skyscrapers prepared to jump. Companies needing finance mostly falling on deaf ears their request. Personal property took MAJOR HIT in value.

    Bush did not SCARE. Bush provided assurance of fixing & gave HOPE. Folks were _ pet·ri·fied _. Bush did not bail out WALL STREET, he bailed out America. As tax cuts for rich benefited middle class & poor MORE:

    “Who Really Benefited From the Bush Tax Cuts?”


  • Bill Hedges

    “Rick Santelli is an editor for the CNBC Business News network.[1] He joined CNBC as an on-air editor on June 14, 1999, reporting primarily from the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade. He was formerly the vice president for an institutional trading and hedge fund account for futures-related products. He is also credited with being a catalyst in the early formation of the Tea Party movement via a statement he made on February 19, 2009”


    “CNBC’s Rick Santelli’s Chicago Tea Party” video. Substantial beginning of THIS WAVE of Tea movement.


  • Well,as I said ….. some disagreements on policy.

    But, I will continue to look for and value integrity. Absent integrity how do we satisfy ourselves that positions won’t change with the wind. In fact don’t we have an entire party that upsets us with that exact problem.

    • Bob

      Amen to that Landreaux !

    • Bill Hedges

      I understand your position. Agree. But there are exceptions. As you admit. Your phase “change with the wind” I take issue with.

      Nate found issues with Wolf. Are they “disagreements” or “change with the wind” ? Does it depend on IF you like the person and/or decision ?

      Was reading recently that many Republicans was against THE MISSOURI MAN dropping the nuclear weapons. To me it was a no brainer. Japs fought. Rather jump to their death, for many, rather than be captured. On their mainland, how much MORE would they valiantly defend ? He was a peaceful man. He took pride in world war I, when his unit had few if any deaths. Bolted into Presidentcy by a single heart stop beating, he’s told of a secret weapon unknown to him until that day.

      Day came to contemplate attacking Japan herself. Causalities expected beyond previous numbers HIGHER. A hell & brimstone war of unimaginable proportion. On his shoulders, the buck stopped at his desk. TO SAVE LIFE HE MUST KILL LIFE. Similar to “As President Bush famously said, “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save free market principles.” Bombs saved lives.

      We warned Japan OF THIS NEW WEAPON. Once drop NOT ENOUGH. STILL much after the war a Japanese war veteran spit on the Enola Gay plane. I understand the devastation caused by two nuclear bombs when one didn’t lead to surrender. Circumstance dictated results.

      Stand up guy Wolf made judgment call on issues merit. As it SHOULD BE. A STAND UP PERSON CAN change their mind depending on situation. Reagan had to raise taxes without controlling both side of congress. But BY FAR taxes were reduced during his two terms of office…

      “How many lives were saved by the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs?” . Pure speculation discussion.


  • Bill Hedges

    Am having a break from the holiday hustle and bustle. Been waning to give justice to answering “change with the wind”. Noting Nate’s ““managed decline” of our nation”. Departing Disneyland I enter REAL WORLD. By that I mean I must adjust my stance in REAL LIFE. Real debt of America is HORROR PICTURE SHOW. We are getting CRUMBS in debt reduction though no fault of ours (in my eyes).

    Circumstance SHOULD change behavior. Obvious Bush WAS supporting the wars. However he vetoed an appropriation for the two ongoing wars. Had previously forecasted this action if PORK was TOO HIGH.

    MOST RECENT & HEATED was Cruz’s stand on bumcare along with debt ceiling. FEW Republicans differed on his stand. AGAINST BOTH. HIS APPROACH unwinnable as well as predictable detrimental to our cause (Need more republicans to win our battles). Was a lose-lose situation. WAS __blood letting__ A controversy cause of George Washington death. Some may believe Cruz stand may have been selfish one of political gain after McCain pointed out his battle was a loss cause. SURELY it was & COSTLY in eyes of polls for Republicans though WORSE for TEA.

    SEEMS unrelenting die heart TEA enthusiast consider this “change with the wind”. I call it self preservation realism. Placing a knife’s edge to ones heart then falling upon it is committing suicide. Reagan believed in picking ones battles. He had split political owned Houses as is today.

    Republicans DID NOT re·lent their standards, but faced the realities. Inability to win and pro·tract·ed battle would lead to prolonged shut down of government & financial instability as polls reflected directed against Republican & HARBORING ill will more towards TEA.

    Disneyland mentality of slashing debt along with wasteful spending comes true in fantasy wonderland. Having Missouri’s Todd crazed talk losing seats doesn’t help. Battling Cruz tarnishes our brand. TEA is tied to Davey Jones deck. From position of WEAKNESS where is TEA’S saber going to STRIKE ???

    I READ was possible some on extreme side of Republican Party STAYED HOME for Presidential election. Helping to give buma his second win. That’s SAVING bumcare & short sighted thinking. TEA POWER is fading. NOT LIKEY to RULE the nest. Third Party records not encouraging. Is TEA destined to be a terrorist organization to plague Republican Party & split up votes THUS electing (D) ??? Watch “IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE” again this holiday. Voting (R) is boring & not exciting like traveling. Alternative IS Potterville with no flower pedals…

  • Bob