A Secret Plan???

The upheaval over the Ryan / Murray budget plan leads me to believe there must be a ‘Secret Plan”. The ‘Secret Plan’ would contain a strategy that would blunt the President, the entire body of the Democratic Party and the vast majority of the Main Stream Media’s penchant to lay government shutdowns at the feet of Republicans! No budget deal means that we’re courting the specter of more shutdowns which Democrats will glory in. If you’re rooting for shutdowns you’re living in the echo chamber; “Warning Will Robinson, warning!”

What’s that, you say? There is no ‘Secret Plan’. There has to be, because the trajectory we’re on could see two shutdown pressure points in advance of the 2014 elections. Republicans will be blamed regardless of the facts; we know this to be true; replay the video tape from not so long ago.

The Ryan / Murray budget proposal is not a statement of fiscal values, it’s not a set of ideas that will put us on a rational debt reduction trajectory; it’s a political document and as such accomplished its goal. Paul Ryan is correct, if you want the Ryan Budget from the past two years you have to win a couple of elections; the political power to install Conservative principals is simply not there yet. Fight the good fight cries the Greek Chorus, but that fight has been fought and lost on a consistent basis as two thirds of Washington and a majority of the media is in the hands of the opposition.

Let’s take a lesson from the Left. Even when out of power, they take their incremental gains were they can find them, albeit small or nothing more than a moral victory. Intellectual integrity demands that we recognize the accumulation of those small victories has contributed mightily to where we are now; economically, culturally and socially. Three yards and a cloud of dust; do it four times and it’s first and ten.

Simple question; why would Republicans, or Conservatives for that matter, do anything that would take attention away from ObamaCare failures? Why would they do anything that blunts the pursuit of the rampant corruption this administration has attached itself to?

The President’s approval slide nearly exactly coincided with the failures of ObamaCare and the subsequent illumination of the lies the bill was sold on. Absent a ‘Secret Plan’ to make a shutdown a Democratic problem, rejection of the budget deal will eventually help save the President by deflecting attention from where the real problems are. Past as prelude should demonstrate that the Continuing Resolution fights do not result in advancing the Conservative ball and if anything simply provide the Democratic establishment with fresh fodder to demonize the opposition.

This budget deal does not really fix anything material. It buys time. Time provided by the removal of an issue and the elimination of the Continuing Resolution process for a time. If the President can effectively move key ObamaCare issues beyond election cycles why not Republicans moving the budget fights past the election cycle?

I believe that Democrats are not living in fear of Republicans. They are living in fear of their own President and the fact that the sky is indeed falling. Let’s focus on that.

There is another simple question here. If Republicans cannon agree on common ground amongst themselves in the interest of blunting the Progressive agenda how will the find common ground with the electorate in general?????

  • Bob

    “Three yards and a cloud of dust”

    As any football fan knows you don’t try four times….you punt and that’s what the republican party does best.

    “If the President can effectively move key Obamacare issues beyond election cycles why not republicans moving the budget fights past the election cycle?”

    They have it’s called “KICKING THE CAN DOWN THE ROAD”

  • Bill Hedges

    Cruz went for the touchdown on four and got slammed AND he so was advised. Grandstanding without ANY HOPE of success. There is no inkling that battle will be victorious. TO THE CONTRARY. All signs point to EVEN LOWER polls.

    Reagan leaned in California TO PICK his battles. He had increases in taxes as well as decreased as President. Compromise necessary without ownership of congress. Reagan was no fool. Traveling the CAN’T WIN road.

    I wanted to vote for Todd of MO, I understand why his nonsense rape statement dissolved sure win.

    I call this latest adventure as part of a LEARNING CURVE. Aren’t our polls WORSE THAN for buma ??? I applaud Republicans for not continuing BAD BEHAVIOR of beating their heads against a wall. Learning from ones mistakes is called higher cognitive expression of learning… As Landreaux first paragraph alludes to…

  • Hard core Progressives never punt!

    • Bob


      When you know FROM PAST EXPERIENCE your opposition will bend you can afford to go for it on fourth down.

  • Bill Hedges

    “Can’t we ALL just GET ALONG” ??? Rodney King COULDN’T in his REAL LIFE. I call him a POOR SOUL. $$$ he collected was of LITTLE value for him. OTHERS got the BENEFIT.

    Landreaux writes “Hard core Progressives never punt!” As “hard core” whaco birds joins the same parade EXCEPT on the other side of the street.

    Now EVEN BUMA in his heyday with (Ds) having the power to grant buma’s SIGNITURE BILL without _ equiv·o·ca·tion _ or Republican support, needed COMPROMISE to get passed. In a _po·et·ic _ last minute agreement WAS FORCED to commit to NO FEDERAL FUNDS be used for abortion. Poetic because WAS (Ds) doing the requiring NOT US. Passage generated massive PORK. A heretofore congressional COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

    DO YOU REMEMBER (Ds) passed & buma signed bills MUST BE PAID FOR ??? Early on when CBO had to use (Ds) circumstance GIVEN CONDTIONS, bumcare was WITHOUT DEBT. Reason why $$$ was stolen (erased) from social security ledger TO BALANCE.
    CONCEPT of DEBT FREE legislation now sits beside the extinct Raphus cucullatus. A bird equally OUT OF PLACE in water as bumcare IS to health care.

    With _ co·hesive·ness _, must we unite in blackmail ??? Taking the ROSE COLORED glasses off exposing TRUE DEBT if (Ds) DON’T change their economic caviler, BINGE SPENDING, debt ACCUMILATION, spending attitude.

    A SUNDAY, COMING OUT OF THE CLOSET, will come when shackles of silence will dissipate the mirage of ALL IS WELL in our AMERICA. FREE RIDE died And the stench IS U.S.A.’s obituary…

  • Bob


    The article entitled “We’re On To The Next Fight”

  • Bob
  • Great topic thanks