Three More Weeks?

The President, to no one’s surprise, declared that ObamaCare would not be repealed while he was President. Great applause line, but I think we already knew that.

He further declared that if anyone has a good idea “bring it on”! We’ve heard this line from him before and what it really means is ……….. well, nothing!

The media drumbeat for a ‘Republican plan, a Republican alternative’ to ObamaCare is transparent on the face of it and will provide the Greek Chorus for the Presidents latest sell job. Logic should dictate to Republicans that any ‘idea’ that would fix ObamaCare would by necessity gut the bill therefore engendering a Presidential veto. So why do it, at least why do it now? The President would like nothing better than the opportunity to demonize someone else’s ideas as opposed to defending his own. His call for ‘bringing on’ good ideas is both transparent and vacuous; nothing more than applause line absent any sense of integrity.

It is intriguing, at the lowest point of approval in his Presidency, Mr. Obama is undertaking a three week effort to convince us that the Pig really can fly and not only can the Pig fly he can execute aerial acrobatics while reciting Shakespeare. The Presidents notable rhetorical skills will be put to the test, but the test occurs in a very different context than he is used to. This time the context is the fact that he is upside down by 16 points in approval polling; his competence and leadership are in question as is his position on the vast number of policies recently polled.

We’ve been subjected to the ObamaCare ‘sell’ for years, public approval of the law didn’t move much. By some counts there have been a dozen specific efforts to get the message out; will three more weeks do the trick? The President and his people clearly think so. Will three more weeks of preachy, ‘help me get the message out’ speeches do it?


No, because the initial years of selling ObamaCare were predicated on a lie repeated over three dozen times by the President and associated with untold repetitions by minions. They all knew it wasn’t true and yet with very little time passed between the revelation and the new ‘campaign’, here we go again. As failures mount up, the President doubles down.

The President understands Capitalism to this extent; when things get tough a corporate bailout can shut down the worst of the institutional criticism, mute the worst of the horror stories and the actual level of incompetence at play. In this case the President’s unconstitutional guarantee of ‘estimated’ payments to Insurance Companies who will operate with honor and integrity just like they always have?????? Your premiums are higher as are your deductables, assuming you have insurance and now your tax dollars will directly fund Insurance Company ‘estimates’; what could go wrong?

Corporatism was a fundamental underpinning of Fascism; “Keep your mouth shut, play ball, support our policies and we may let you stay at the party.” How are the President’s recent behaviors any different than what the Fascists did? Rhetorical answer, not even a little bit!

Jonathan Turley an individual capable of independent analysis outside of his ideological leanings warned that the Constitutional protections intended to eliminate the threat of tyranny were in jeopardy in this administration. While Turley supports most of President Obama’s policies he does not support the President’s recent behaviors. The criticism is now coming from the ‘inside’, the credible ‘inside’.

So, hang on, the President will hold the line no matter how you may suffer or complain or beg for mercy. No matter what the polls say, no matter what either of the political parties say, no matter what the NY Times may say.

And……………Three more weeks won’t end it.

  • Bill Hedges

    I thought I WAS IN a episode of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” HEARING government MUST ESTIMATE & pay premiums because $$$ billion + computer couldn’t accept payments ?:

    “…now your tax dollars will directly fund Insurance Company ‘estimates’; what could go wrong?

    Hearing this on Fox News last night I thought maybe I had a diabetic low sugar out of mind episode. Was ready to call GHOSTBUSTERS. I began spending my $$$ million I will win through PCH, for I have _ pre·cog·nition _ that I’M A WINNER !!!

    I’m still waiting for buma to cut the national debt IN HALF. NO wonder liberals have no room for GOD. Paraphrasing, IN BUM WE TRUST.

    A _ whim·si·cal _ comment for a OUT OF BODY topic. Don’t ask me to explain either…

  • Bill Hedges

    ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’

    Is it more conceivable that the 3 experts who gave testimony to congressional committee WAS CORRECT, that maybe, bumcare computer COULD ACCEPT payments ??? Unsecure IS real issue.

    Which choice WOULD YOU PICK as bum to place your hopes & dreams upon:

    1. Have payments made by citizens & having unsecure payments credit card or WHATEVER bootlegged when stolen from site.

    2. Claim mechanism to accept payments NOT READY. GOVERNMENT WILL smooth over the glitch.

  • Bill Hedges

    When the count is 7 & your body is still on the canvass, TRUE FRIENDS are supporting. In comes Bill:

    “Even Bill Clinton is slamming ObamaCare”

    November 12, 2013

    Is called Self- preservation.

    No matter Bill had eye on universal health care with wife over spending budget developing that plan. Their idea was better. Missouri President said it best, “the buck stops here”. Especially when backfiring is all president…