There Will Be War

Mark this as the day when American credibility and influence reached its post WWII low.

The ‘deal’ with Iran does not expose secret sites, does not inhibit the intercontinental ballistic missile program, does not stop the weaponization process and will not in any real sense limit uranium or plutonium enrichment; near as I can tell plutonium was not even mentioned in the deal. The deal calls for Iran to hold to 5% enrichment that we now say we will live with. The Iranians ‘promise’ to do ‘something’ with the already existing 20% enriched uranium to make it harder to continue with the enrichment. No shut down of centrifuges. No concessions regarding the threats of genocide against Israel, no aggressive inspection regime; no trust, but verify.

Iran has declared victory; they are correct. They correctly claim that their legitimacy as a nuclear power has been recognized. Iran gets some relief from sanctions with the lowest estimate of impact being seven billion. Statements from Iranian leadership remain confrontational. But, but “we’ll revisit it in six months” says Secretary Kerry. You may be assured that in six months it will be nearly impossible to reconstruct a broad sanctions regime that took nearly a decade to get to in the first place. Six months is plenty of time for Iran to do as it will. The opportunity to deliver the message that the program, in its entirety, is unacceptable has now passed. Iran will, on the back, of this deal, be positioned to execute the final stages of their program.

Saudi Arabia has made common cause with the Israelis declaring they will do what they have to do to deal with Iran and protect themselves, this concept of addressing a threat is well entrenched in International Law. Saudi leadership has declared that they will no longer engage in ‘reactive’ foreign policy; meaning that confidence in the U.S. under President Obama is nil. That means the entire strategic balance in the Middle East has changed. Rampant Shia Muslims are more of a threat to the Kingdom than Israeli Jews. Show me someone who predicted that would happen in a rational world!

A rational world? Valeria Jarrett absent any foreign policy or defense experience has been conducting secret meetings with the Iranians for a year; her only obvious qualification being that she was born there. If this deal is the result of her efforts she was clearly ‘sensitive’ to Iranian positions. Israel and the Saudis were not read into Ms. Jarrett’s meetings; amateur move.

The U.S. and its P5+1 allies have taken a Munich like decision to empower a radical, theocratic, repressive regime intent on Armageddon and regional dominance. This is the regime that a few years ago thanked the European negotiators for being so feckless as to allow them to buy the time they needed to progress with their nuclear program as did the current Iranian prime minister.

This particular exercise in hope and change will result in tragedy. Mark these days as the days you can point a finger to in the future as being the days when war was guaranteed.

These are the days when the U.S. abandoned Israel, Saudi Arabia and the prospect for if not peace some manner of stability in the ever more volatile Middle East. These are the days when the quietly but long held liberal view of Israel and its importance was finally exposed; screw them!

Israel, in concert with Saudi Arabia will strike Iran. There will be no U.S. support as the Obama strategy was not to keep Iran under control but to inhibit Israel from acting in its own defense. This ‘deal’ proves it. There will be war!

  • This is pretty remarkable. I’m reminded of an interview I heard with Netanyahu some weeks back where he predicted this exact scenario. The Iranian president has bragged about how he can appear to give in a little and fool the West to buy his country time. The US became a pawn in that plan.

    These are quite amazing times in which we live. The future both home and abroad is very, very uncertain. Forget buying cheap electronics on black Friday, better idea to buy up rifles and rounds.

  • Bill Hedges

    Life is FULL of _ re·per·cus·sions _ Be careful what you wish for, YOU JUST MIGHT GET YOUR WISH. Goes hand in hand.

    Shouldn’t THE DEAL be seen as SAME THING from both sides ? As I saw on news IT IS NOT. COULD buma be shelling out WINDOW DRESSING ? Looks SWELL in front window.

    Gasping at straw to alleviate his “Massive rectal bleeding from the appendix” here at home. This WON’T cure your predicament. bumcare NOT GOING to FLY HIGH. Holes in agreement ANOTHER headache. You’re on a downward spiral.

    Some day someone will ask WHEN WILL RECESSION finial END ? LIKE thunder striking drought areas FIRES mayhem burst following ever changing winds…

    _ Repercussions _… You got your bumcare & your Mideast agreement. How will it play out (be careful what you wish for)…

  • What I have always wished for is that we pay homage to the idea that strength and fortitude along with the willingness to put action to those ideas is the very best way to keep the barbarians away from the gate. The idea that if your opponent comes to the point of perception that “it’s just not worth it” you win. We could have taken that course with Iran, we could have crashed the economy, we could have supported the Green Revolution, we could have refused to engage in meetings until certain criteria were met. We could have faced the realities of the Iranian regime and seen them for what they were.

    We could have done a lot of things what we did was recreate Chamberlain’s Munich Accord. We could have spared the lives that will be lost to the Iranian desire for nukes and hedgmony.

    We could have taken the role of a leader, we could have been courageous, we could have delivered strident messages. We coul have approved the Senate effort last year to tighted sanctions.

    We could have done nearly anything but this. I don’t wish for violence, ever. But appeasement always seems to lead there.

    • “But appeasement always seems to lead there.”

      Yes, and tenfold more than dealing properly from the beginning.

  • Bill Hedges

    IF there MUST BE WAR, keep the land liberated. Do THE RIGHT THING.

    Our infrastructure suffered while we modernized Japan after WW 2. We made Germany BETTER. OUR commonwealth we supplement their livelihood. We are willing to stop exported Alaskan coal, allow Alaskan pipe line to wither on the vine,halt lower States from making our Nation energy self efficient, AND MORE.

    We will sit on our shell oil BUT buy Canadian shell oil, we WILL put our Nation’s security & economic prosperity, at risk, BY BUYING Mideast.

    WE SHALL make the previous LONGEST near recession PEROID as but a speck of flea do-do. THIS longest ever near recession record shall do what communist Russia COULD NOT ACHIEVE. Bring USA to “its knees”.

    THERE IS but ONE ANSWER in our immediate future to solve our hideous $$$ deprivation. In times LONG AGO buma swung THIS away:

    1. But first, how about Tiger Woods-buma golf tournament. There’s something buma knows plenty about. Proceeds benefits buma’s hardship upon America.

    2. But second, how about A LOTTERY. This isn’t a new idea:

    “Lotteries held a prominent place in the early history of America, including an important role in financing the establishment of the first English colonies. The first such lottery, in 1612, raised 29,000 pounds for the Virginia Company. Lotteries were frequently used in colonial-era America to finance public works projects such as paving streets, constructing wharves, even building churches. In the 18th century, lotteries were used to finance construction of buildings at Harvard and Yale. George Washington sponsored a lottery in 1768 to build a road across the Blue Ridge Mountains, but it was unsuccessful.”

    “Several lotteries operated in each of the 13 colonies in 1776. In the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin sponsored an unsuccessful lottery to raise funds for cannons to defend Philadelphia against the British. In the year of his death, 1826, Thomas Jefferson obtained permission from the Virginia legislature to hold a private lottery to alleviate his crushing debts. Held by his heirs after his death, it was unsuccessful.”

    3. Main event. Now we’re TALKING problem solving. AS Senator Obuma was FOR, BUT as President, buma is AGAINST:

    “Carney Asked Why Obama Supported Tax Breaks For Oil Companies In 2005 ”

  • Bob

    Here is an article that an Iranian official accuses the Obama administration of LYING TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ABOUT JUST EXACTLY WHAT THE DEAL THEY MADE CONTAINS.


    The article is entitled: “Iran Accuses The Obama Administration Of Get This,Lying About What The Agreement Says”