The Government Giveth, and the Government Taketh

While perusing this story about how a man’s dog was awarded a health care plan under Obamacare, a quote from the gentleman involved caught my eye:

Smith told the station he had to sign up for coverage through the state exchange because his health insurance plan was cancelled under ObamaCare. He isn’t sure how Baxter wound up getting enrolled instead, but he said he did give Baxter’s name as a security question as part of the registration process.

“It was pretty funny. Typical ObamaCare, that they would insure your dog by mistake,” Smith told KDVR.

Smith said when he called Connect for Health Colorado they fixed the problem, but he is still wary of ObamaCare due to all the issues.

“There’s been a lot of headaches that’s come from all of this,” Smith told KDVR. “All the phone calls. All the nonsense. They ended up giving me good coverage I think, but who knows if they’re going to take it away,” Smith said.

“As long as Baxter’s covered, that’s all the counts,” he joked.

He thinks they gave him good coverage, but he’s not sure if somewhere down the road they might take it away. Therein lies the downfall of every government program which asks citizens to rely upon it. Not only are government programs unfundable and demotivational, they also give citizens a false sense of security.

Take the man in this article, for example. Once he fixed the issue of his dog getting the policy instead of himself, he’s still leery that the program could take away his coverage. You’re saying something like, “but private insurance can take away your coverage too!” True, it can. However, in most cases prior to Obamacare, you had more options and more channels of recourse if you were unjustly dropped from an insurance plan. Keep in mind, insurance companies don’t make money sending cancellation notices unless forced to by government regulation.

What recourse do you take if the government kicks you off your insurance? Why don’t we ask the millions of people experiencing that in the past several weeks. The President encouraged those affected to “shop around” on a website built by inexperienced junior high kids during study hall on a Friday afternoon.

In the case of Obamacare, if you do manage to defy the odds, who says your plan is guaranteed for any amount of time? Maybe 12, 18 or 24 months down the road, the math stops working and everyone is dropped to enroll again in plans which bring even more expense? Worse yet, they’ll just kick you into Medicaid.

There’s no end. Repeal the bill, implement free-market capitalist principles in healthcare and leave it alone.

  • Bob

    That view shouldn’t only pertain to healthcare but progressives are like cockroaches you’ll never get rid of them.The new mayor of NYC stated flat out after his election he doesn’t believe in the free market system and believes in the “HEAVY HAND OF GOVERNMENT”. We thought the taxes there were overwhelming before businesses will be lining up to leave the city carrying their jobs and tax base with them. NYC will be the next Detroit!

    • You’re right, and let it rot. People vote for that, then complain it sucks, then leave for redder states. Then they turn those states blue and repeat the cycle.

  • Bill Hedges

    Years AGO a commenter said States voting for buma should be updated for few States were shown voting for buma. Believe was Nate who said MAP WAS CORRECT. Land mass vastly votes (R). Densely populated goes (D) GENERALLY SPEAKING. A rule of thumb a liberal seeks cities. Not hillbilly territory ???!!!

    No doubt States turn different colors each election. No doubt CA GOES (D) with NY. WI recall keep most newly elected (R) with unions biting the bullet. CO showing signs of neurobiotaxis. 2010 remember ??? Mass exit of (D), Few gains of (D) after that in elections.

    Once liberal IS NOT liberal FOR LIFE. AGE/MATURITY turns to direction of conservatism:

    “The Generation Gap and the 2012 Election”

    “In the last four national elections, generational differences have mattered more than they have in decades. According to the exit polls, younger people have voted substantially more Democratic than other age groups in each election since 2004, while older voters have cast more ballots for Republican candidates in each election since 2006.”

  • Bob

    No matter how bad a program like Obamacare is the left and progressivism won’t die. Because it’s always the implementation that fails Progressives never the idea itself. Low information voters didn’t listen to the theoretical damage that was predicted for Obamacare. Any opposition was pure speculation and fuzzy thinking and besides who could not want to help people without healthcare? There was a time where misery was caused by pragmatic problems of reality.Under Progressive rule it is caused by the idealistic necessities of the greater good.This contradiction has not been resolved but instead the left made the suffering of individuals irrelevant. Unfortunately the faithful followers of the left suffer under the “Stockholm Syndrome” where they fall in love with their captors and dealers in Progressivism like Sen. Schumer are only to glad to accommodate.

    The last thing republicans want to do now is take the focus off the failure of the Progressive plan. Don’t propose any delays in the implantation of the plan.OBAMACARE ISN’T REPEALED YET! SECONDLY don’t confuse the electorate by PROPOSING ANY NEW PLANS while they are still getting “AGITA” over this debacle. If the Democrats say “you don’t have a plan?” Tell them SO WHAT? we have to fight to make sure Americans are once again covered and have a doctor they trust. The American public didn’t listen to details concerning healthcare before and republicans will only lose them if they start getting into any deep details before Obamacare is repealed. The American public will throw up their hands and say “a pox on both of you”

  • Bill Hedges

    Change _ clearing accurate _ clearly accurate…

  • Bob

    “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”….Abraham Lincoln

  • Bill Hedges

    If BAD NUMBERS prove buma incompetent, then what about OUR NUMBERS being worse than his ? Is he seen MORE RIGHT than us ? By many people.

    I don’t know who carves up THESE excuses, BUT, (Ds) didn’t leave the BARN DOOR OPEN. Major problem with bumcare IS that the 3 year development of computer program IS flawed. THANKS (R). A little 409 oil & the rest of bumcare
    will be fine.

    THAT’s what (Ds) are SELLING for the most part. SELLING a HOUSE OF CARDS. Philosophy that “fairy tales do come TRUE”. Tinker Bell IS is…