Woman hailed as Obamacare success, actually Obamacare failure

This simply proves that whenever you hear politicians, especially noted liars, tout some amazing story of success as a result of their policies, there is a good chance they’re making it up.

From the Weekly Standard:

“But days, just really three days after she was mentioned by the president, Jessica Sanford started having problems, she was receiving letters from the Washington state health exchange,” reports CNN. “The first letter telling her that tax credit was reduced, therefore, increasing the cost of her health care plan and the, take a look at this, then she received a letter just last week telling her that her tax credit had been taken away all together. Show you another document here, showing what the tax credit worked out to be… zero dollars according to this document that was provided to us by Jessica Sanford. She describes all of this as a roller coaster ride. Now she says she can’t afford insurance in Washington state because of the new developments.

This is the scenario that comes to mind every time I hear a mindless liberal pundit espouse the lie that “Obamacare gives more Americans access to quality, affordable healthcare.” No, it doesn’t. It gives them access to a poorly designed, dysfunctional government website that miscalculates taxpayer handouts leaving them with overpriced plans that are sub-par.

The one crucial detail all these liberal do-gooders overlook is that Americans still have to actually pay for the grossly overpriced health plan they can now, apparently, access. That is where the “hope and change” comes to a grinding halt.

  • Bill Hedges


    GOP promised to ((((( take action ))))) not as bob wrote:

    “On an official GOP website they claim it fulfilled it’s pledge to REPEAL OBAMACARE” by giving it a big check mark complete”

    I’m hip to jumping (R) FOR CAUSE. I’ll EVEN GIVE CREDIT to buma WHEN DO (though is as rare as seeing a dinosaur walking down my street). You JUMPED THE GUN giving GOP WHAT FOR yesterday. I’ve seen that dinosaur about as often as Reid has allowed the 40 + bumacare passed by House bills to reach the floor of the Senate, let alone be voted on.

    Under such circumstance, with no (D) or (R) leaving their stance, HOW COULD (R) promise DEATH of bumcare ??? bob misrepresented the facts as ONLY HE can do. GOP checked off as accomplish:

    “Because the new health care law kills jobs, raises taxes, and increases the cost of health care, we will immediately ((((( take action ))))) to repeal this law.”

    “Promise Fulfilled This promise was fulfilled on January 19, 2011 with the passage of H.R. 2.
    President Obama’s Job Destroying Health Care Law was repealed by the House of Representatives. Vote Result • Text of the Repeal Bill [PDF] ”


    Many times bob has DOCTORED my comments giving 90 degree turns in meaning of what I said JUST LIKE THIS EXAMPLE.

    With this coming to light WITH YOU a new day WITHOUT such self-serving SPIT on GOP _ without justification _ may PUFF disappear from bob’s arsenal of prefabricated, unsubstantiated, cheap shot insults. Might as well allow plagiarism as a STANDARD PRACTICE on site is all the same dishonesty.


    I remember on liberal site I use to visit, Shooter in Arizona was inspired to Kill by listening to Sara (bulls eye of congress individuals) and Fox News. As you know that liberal tin badge was talking OUT OF HIS PAY GRADE and known evidence. TRUTH came out SHOOTER was NOT INSPIRED by Sarah or Fox News. I posted THE LONG list of such horrific examples of CHARACTER ASSASINATION against TEA that Rush pointed out.

    WHAT A REMARKABLE example of SOLIDARITY with 40 + bills by House against bumcare having 100 % (R) support. Must be SOME SORT of record.

    bob has hinted, but not OUTRIGHT said, TEA & OTHERS stayed home & gave buma his second term. IF TRUE, shameful. What a predicament that placed AMERICA in. There would BE NO BUMCARE without buma, in all probability. Few things are 100% certain AS YOU KNOW.

    bumcare is the Bubonic plague upon America. Our brand should be STANDING TALL now with our STAND AGAINST BUMCARE DARKENING OUR SHORES. Appears our poll numbers have left the bottom of the barrel. Perhaps TEA will RISE AGAIN from the lowering numbers tendency of late.

    bumcare is AS BAD as we predicted. With refugees of (Ds) looking forward to upcoming elections, stalemate MAY HAVE expired. New (D) recruits carrying DOWN WITH bumcare signs have their heads on straight with bumcare GOING DOWN in flames. Price in doing so WAS substantial…