The Moat And The Wall

“Politics is the moat, the walls, beyond which lie the barbarians. Fail to keep them at bay and everything burns.” So observes the much esteemed Mr. Krauthammer in the introduction to his recent book.

We have before us, the politics of rejection in the form of public outrage over ObamaCare, falling Presidential approval and half of us who say the President is not trustworthy and honest. Despite years of lies, deception and the attempt to politically destroy any and all who warned of the outcomes we now face. The over reach is demonstrating that the Emperor is, indeed, naked for all to see.

This particular political moat, this wall, is impending elections. 50 Democrats, in recognition and fear of the anger of the electorate have reversed course to one degree or another. 50 Democrats in fear of their political lives now separate themselves from a law they supported unequivocally, all the time ignorant of what the law actually said and did. They rejected fully, ideas outside of the ideology of central planning and control. The politics of that situation was entirely ideological, the big idea, the political mother lode, the golden ring, unsupported by competence or knowledge and empowered by slim majorities absent even a single vote of support from the loyal opposition.

Politics, now that ObamaCare is failing, demands that it be ‘fixed’ and the scramble is on. We must note that those Democrats, other than the 50, reject the ‘fix’. The reason is simple; those Democrats are either not facing elections or have no fear of not being re-elected. But wait, can a two thousand page law, in place for nearly three years be ‘fixed’ with another set of ill considered options? Experts say no, it cannot. The proposed ‘fixes’ also rely on incompetence and an absence of knowledge of how things really work in the non-ideological world.

The law was written to avoid a ‘fix’, the law was written to avoid electoral jeopardy as each set of key provisions was intended to be implemented after election cycles. But, elections on issues cannot be avoided forever and when failed ideology meets gross incompetence it is only politics that will save us from this particular barbarian.

We have before us the reminder, the reinforcement, that what we think, what we know and how our lives are affected is the political common denominator. We are reminded that polling, letters, phone calls and the expression of opinion remains the true power of our politics.

We should also be reminded that when we suspend skepticism, when we accept political rhetoric at face value, when the degree of complexity passes beyond our ability to absorb it, when we embrace ideology over common sense we have drained the moat and destroyed the wall. …At least temporarily.

  • Bob

    In his article entitled “Can Obama Write His Own Laws?” (dated 16th of August 2013)Charles Krauthammer out lines the past instances where the President either ignores Congress,the established rule of law and the Constitution in order to activate his agenda as he see’s fit. As we have heard him say many times “If Congress won’t act I will” and it is usually either through his Chicago strong arm tactics of unions,ACORN,SEIU, Organizing America or executive action.He has acted like this is a banana republic with the media cowering and giving him cover like he is the dictator.

    We have also heard many times from the left that the Constitution is obsolete and what we need is a living Constitution that fits the current crisis. What is happening in America right now is the perfect example of how many ways this is wrong! If we have a living Constitution it wouldn’t be worth the paper it’s printed on and the government wouldn’t have any checks and balances or separation of powers.It would change with every fad and undigested idea.The complaints against the checks and balances, separation of powers and the structure of the Constitution is simply an attempt by the Progressives to sell their philosophy of big government by discrediting the system not by the strength of any argument on their part. The problem with the Constitution is not what it says IT’S THAT PEOPLE DON’T KNOW WHAT IT SAYS AND FAIL TO APPRECIATE IT’S MEANING AND VALUE. How can young people who have grown up knowing nothing but BIG GOVERNMENT appreciate a philosophy that sees government as a threat?

    This is what the Tea Party has before it!

  • Bill Hedges

    Author wrote:

    “We have before us, the politics of rejection in the form of public outrage over ObamaCare”

    My sentiments exactly. ___ MY forecast___. After 40 + attempts to stop in 3 years, Cruz had NO CHANCE but TO DO HARM which he did AS PROVEN by polls. Tea getting the blunt end. With screen door opened, PANIC was consuming bumcare’s victims. After 3 years of (D) on side of bumcare, and us on other side, NOW, rats are taking our lifelines. Well at least some wants our safety rafts. NONE BEFORE

    Been made very clear bumcare doesn’t work without healthy youth in plan. That is a must BUILDING BLOCK. CBO says PLAN IS doomed. IMAGINE MANY WHO HAVE SIGNED UP FOR ARE getting freebies.