Reprise Of The Big Lie

ObamaCare, even absent an understanding of the fine details as it was passed, was not difficult to predict. Republicans and Conservatives warned what the results would be, they warned about consequences and the validity of government controlling such a large and critical part of people’s lives; they argued it was unmanageable. Conservatives did, despite the President’s contention otherwise, point out a wide variety of changes that would increase competition, address insurance company excesses and expand coverage at lower costs. A case can now easily be made that the fine details and regulatory empowerments were intended to create a smoke screen allowing the law to entrench itself in advance of the people understanding the fine details, implications and consequences. The Big Lie was required to sell this bit of Progressive chimera as has been the case throughout history.

The law was fraught with “the Secretary of HHS will determine” language. The result of which is what we see before us. The 30 hour full time work week was determined by the Secretary in the form of regulation; the negative impact of that one regulation has been immediate and obvious, there are thousands more. The threshold for voiding a plan was a $5.00 premium change. In other words the law was little more than the creation of an open field for regulations that have had, and will have disastrous implications.

The President engaged in a historically consistent tactic of the left; The Big Lie! The promise of what you could ‘keep,’ appears to off by only about 100 million Americans and we now know that the administration knew it. The Big Lie requires constant reinforcement and that’s what we got; the idea that repetition and applied narcissism is capable of altering the actual truth. The President is also consistent in terms of how he is dealing with being caught in ‘The Big Lie’. He’s blaming insurance companies for actually complying with the law. The President is blaming Republicans, who unanimously rejected the law, for not contributing to its success. You simply can’t make this up in a rational, logical world. The President, to all appearances, does not live in that world.

“But, but, but, these plans are better than what you had, you’re getting better coverage.” “You could have kept your insurance if it complied with ObamaCare standards; it’s the insurance companies. “ “We know better what’s good for you, than you do.” The Big Lie requires arrogance, of which, there has been no shortage. Your coverage is not the issue, never has been; ObamaCare is simply the latest in an effort to redistribute resources. However, this time it’s not the ‘rich’ the President is going after, it’s the working Middle Class. Leftists have always known that is where the real money is; memo to the Middle Class; you were warned!

On average if you have insurance for your family premiums will run about $20,000 a year. Deductibles have moved, typically, from $2,500 to $5,000. Simple math, you’re $25,000 out of pocket before the insurance even kicks in unless you’re subsidized, most of the Middle Class will not be subsidized. How many Middle Class families, in the Obama economy, can actually afford that, should something happen? The Obama economy has given you higher gas prices, higher food prices, the lowest degree of labor force participation in recent history and sluggish economic growth. One has to wonder if this will be the red line that finally causes the Middle Class to rebel.

The insurance companies that the President brought to the White House, in the ‘spirit of cooperation’ are being pillaged again. To the insurance company executives the only thing that can be said is; what in hell did you expect? The President’s ‘spirit of cooperation’ is simply to insure you guys are intimidated to the point where you keep your mouth shut. Will you?

All of this sounds conspiratorial, with evil intent; it is. But this conspiracy has been afoot since Teddy Roosevelt and his contemporaries. It is the most transparent conspiracy of all time, the intentions and the expected political benefits have been discussed amongst the Left for decades. The fact that they could not pull it off is evidence enough that it was seen for what it was and rejected.

Not us, we fell for it. We fell for The Big Lie!

  • Josh

    Not sure America actually fell for it. America was consistently against Obamacare from the beginning. Hence the republican wins in 2010. Obama only won in 2012 because of ‘low information voters’ – people who don’t really know much about what they’re voting for, but were likely voting just because they ‘liked’ Obama.

    It is most probable that the 2014 and 2016 elections will go a different route. The previous elections – from the 90’s *and maybe even 80’s) on – have all leaned conservative, and increasingly libertarian..and decreasingly liberal.

    2006, 2008 were the only exceptions. 2006 happened because conservatives weren’t acting conservative, so voters stayed home. 2008 happened because Obama was a popular like a fashion trend…and most people thought he was moderate.

    2012 was the introduction of the ‘low information voter’ – so no ideological lines can be drawn there.

    So if trends of the past 30 years continue, we’ll see a shift. 2014 will be the teller, and things aren’t looking good for liberal causes.

    But back to Obamacare – American’s in polls were against it when it was passed and against it now. Nobody fell for it, it was quite simply tyranny in action.

    At least Clinton was smart enough to realize America didn’t want liberalism…enough to state that the era of big government is over. Obama is not a person such as this. Obama, similar to Reagan, when faced with American opposition isn’t changing direction. The difference with Reagan is he was right and was able to persuade America…hence being called ‘the great communicator.’

    Although one other major difference is that Reagan didn’t lie about his policies to get them passed, the more open and honest he was about them, the more America accepted them. Contrast that with Obama who had to lie and obfuscate to get things passed.

    America never wanted Obamacare, we didn’t fall for a lie. We just elected a tyrant.

  • Bob

    As you stated the ideals of the 1912 Progressives were discredited and thus changed their name to Liberalism. Today Liberalism is being discredited and they are going back to wanting to be called Progressives.

    As long as the left promises elimination of poverty, the elimination of war,the elimination of inequality and insecurity they will cry wolf. Meanwhile they will continue to portray Conservatives as crass materialist unconcerned except with expanding their wealth.The progressive movement of today shows concern but little proof that corporations received their money through ill gotten methods and at the expense of individuals. If the citizenry no longer understands the meaning of the institutions and traditions that grounded us as a nation then morals ,principles and government wither.

    The Progressives brand of tyranny is going thru czars, bureaucrats and political elite turning the empire of liberty into a bee hive of central authority. They no longer have a belief in the dignity of the human being but only in their collective intuition about what they feel is important to achieving happiness. But government can not promise or guarantee the attainment of happiness. All government can do is refrain from malign or bumbling interference or remove large obstacles to the pursuit of this happiness. Governments are instituted to secure these rights not grant them.

    Conservatives believe it when they see it. Progressives see it when they believe it. As we see with Obamacare this method doesn’t work!

  • Bill Hedges


    Well said. I would have used stronger term than “liked obama” but accept your term.

    1st term majority (D) in both Houses. Living with buma DOWN HILL from then on except for when running for second term (Then little gain by demos). Of course BIG 2010 (non- Presidential election WIN with the obamaites staying home). I dare say BUT FOR HAIR BRAIN candidates (like Todd Akins of MO), Senate MIGHT, might, might, have a different majority leader AS WELL POINTED OUT BY Karl ROWE. Todd was a sure fire winner in my book-making until raped don’t have babies statement by Todd.

    buma had it ALL but LOST IT with heavy emphases on bumcare though not limited to. As you said:

    “Not sure America actually fell for it. America was consistently against Obamacare from the beginning. Hence the republican wins in 2010. Obama only won in 2012 because of ‘low information voters’ – people who don’t really know much about what they’re voting for, but were likely voting just because they ‘liked’ Obama.”

    THOUGH in the SO CALL well educated college people BUSSED TO POLLS along with homeless. Registered with the help of the infamous ACORN ORGANIZATION… The UNHOLY alliance with buma…

    Was this LONG WAIT for bumcare necessary OR did buma want his second term in the bag ? Originally CBO numbers MUST ASSUME factors presented to CBO by sponsor. Those numbers LOOKED GOOD for bumcare. Using REAL FACTORS _ END OF WORLD _ was in sight. We gained a lesser sentence with Supreme Court ruling.

    The president & Pelosi NEVER explained REAL BUMCARE. WITH reality AT THE FRONT DOOR, day 1, 6 signed up. As I told my brother SHOULD HAVE BEEN….. 666….. Poltergeist upon (D). Skeletons BEING FOUND…

  • Bob,

    “Conservatives believe it when they see it. Progressives see it when they believe it.”

    Great turn of a phrase, wish I’d thought of it.

  • Landreaux


    Good comments and worth note is that we did re-elect Obama not only based on low information voters but based on Conservatives and Evangelicals that simply stayed home. The ‘royal we’ did fall for it in part, enough to re-elect the PResident.

    Americans have periodically rejected Progressive governance going back to Teddy R. and Wilson the fathers of today’s Progressive movement. We rejected Hillary Care, we rejected Carter but we only do so after we’ve suffered over the ideas. Hopefully we will do so again.

  • Correction the $5 change was not a premium change but a change in the co-pay that invalidated the plan. Apologies.

  • Josh

    Well, the ‘royal we’ didn’t elect him based on any policy he was promoting, or any success he had had. Yes conservatives and evangelicals stayed home. The mandate has been rejected by some 77% of Americans. Down the line, policy by policy, American’s were have been against what Obama has been wanting to do:

    – Trying Gitmo terrorists in criminal courts
    – Raising taxes on ‘anybody’
    – High spending in an attempt to spur the economy
    – Israel back to pre-1967 borders
    – Gays in the military

    He was elected by low information voters. What America fell for was not any policy, America fell for a person. Regardless of how much his particular policies people didn’t want, those who voted for him didn’t attach those policies to him.

    I guess its a small difference to point out, since i agree with pretty much all of the article but the one point. What gets at me is when people say that America is going for this stuff when they actually aren’t. Obama almost didn’t get elected after his ‘spread the wealth around’ comment – he needed the economy to tank.

    So America never really fell for the lie. It was just lazy people who didn’t understand what was at stake enough to turn out to vote against him…even if they weren’t excited about Romney.

  • Bill Hedges


    “Obama almost didn’t get elected after his ‘spread the wealth around’ comment – he needed the economy to tank.”

    Joe the Plummer revelation was err SO HE SAID. Like Bill Ayres & Rev. Wright. Cock-eyed form of retribution has been buma’s ideology. Leaving economy on AIRPORT RUNWAY in WAIT.

    Economy, under Bush “tank” because (D) ignored THE YEARS of warnings by Bush:

    “Pelosi Caught In Major Lie- Says Bush Didn’t Warn Congress About Financial Crisis… Records Show He Warned Congress 17 Times in 2008 Alone”

    “Unfortunately, these warnings went unheeded, as the President’s repeated attempts to reform the supervision of these entities were thwarted by the legislative maneuvering of those who emphatically denied there were problems.”

    “The White House released this list of attempts by President Bush to reform Freddie Mae and Freddie Mac since he took office in 2001.
    Unfortunately, Congress did not act on the president’s warnings”

  • Bill Hedges

    “Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing…” Video:

    “In a nutshell, the much-maligned Bush Administration recognized the Fannie-Freddie problem early on. Slowly, relentlessly, from the 1980s on, mostly Democrat-controlled Congresses pushed both quasi-governmental entities to prod banks into ever more liberal loan policies that would allow less and less qualified loan applicants to obtain mortgages and—often for the first time—purchase housing, regardless of whether they were financially able to carry their mortgages.”

  • Josh

    Had to laugh when i heard this ‘Obama lied, policies died!’