Virginia: have you lost your mind? Vote Ken Cuccinelli!

As November 5, 2013 approaches, there is a looming threat that a snake oil salesman named Terry McAuliffe could be the next Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The mere possibility should frighten and offend any reasonable-minded voter but for some reason, it’s not.

If we could see into the future, here’s what the first year of a McAuliffe administration might look like.

Once the investigations conclude into McAuliffe’s investment scheme that illegally took out insurance policies on terminally ill patients for profit, the new Governor can get back to governing by the third or fourth month of his term. That is, of course, assuming no indictments come down and he doesn’t have to spend time in a Rhode Island courtroom defending his involvement or pleading that he was totally unaware he was lying when he signed his name on documents alleging he was related to the terminally ill patients he used for some income on the side.

We can assume that any budget supported or proposed by McAuliffe will include massive tax increases at every possible level. After all, McAuliffe is nothing if not an immoral tax-and-spend liberal willing to destroy Virginia’s reputation as the most business-friendly state in the country all so he can expand a progressive social agenda of government dependence.

Think it’s nonsense? Just examine his actual statements. His proposals will increase the tax burden on every Virginia family by an estimated $1,700. That’s assuming he simply stops just at the existing proposals and doesn’t feel the need to add more.

Perhaps beyond the taxes will be McAuliffe’s extreme social agenda pushing abortion-on-demand in a state which typically prides itself as a protector of life and liberty. McAuliffe will spend lots of time praising Planned Parenthood and working with them to ensure that no abortion clinic is forced to meet undue burdens like clean facilities or walls wide enough to fit a hospital gurney down when an abortion goes bad and there are now two lives in danger. Never mind the lessons learned from the Kermit Gosnell trial, who cares if abortion providers prey on minority neighborhoods and perform abortions in unsafe conditions with unsanitary equipment?

McAuliffe will likely also spend time touring many of Virginia’s failing schools and explaining ways to improve them by pouring more money down the drain. He’ll scoff at ideas which give parents more control over their child’s public education and yield all questions to whatever comes out of Washington, DC. Local control of schools will be a thing of the past and more and more power will be centralized away from parents to the detriment of Virginia’s children.

But I digress, obviously Virginia voters are only interested in the lies McAuliffe is spewing and don’t have time to bother examining his actual (nonexistent) record and views.

On the other hand, what could we expect from an administration spearheaded by Ken Cuccinelli? That’s very simple. Virginia would not only maintain its reputation as the most pro-business state in the country, it would build upon it.

Cuccinelli would preside over a large gambit of tax relief for each and every household already burdened under the current economic climate. Perhaps we’d see a reduction of state income taxes to help our local businesses offset increased burdens at the federal level with Obamacare.

On education, we’d see a Governor who believes that ultimate authority should remain with the parents, not with politicians seeking power and money. Education is a cornerstone of Cuccinelli’s message and yet Virginia has been too brainwashed by negative ads to bother researching how the candidates approach issues which hit them and their children the hardest.

We’d see Cuccinelli reiterate his belief that government should use its power to ensure the safety of all life, including women seeking abortions by holding abortion facilities accountable for dirty conditions and unsafe facilities. Why would anyone oppose such requirements? We demand more of most veterinarian practices than we do abortion clinics.

Most of all, we’d see a true Virginian in the Governor’s mansion as opposed to a carpet-bagging tool who cares nothing about our state politics. Ken Cuccinelli was educated in Virginia and has been a resident for decades serving honorably in state government for years. He embodies what this state has to offer in terms of honest citizens seeking to give back as public servants.

In closing, I’d urge my fellow Virginians to vote for Ken Cuccinelli on November 5, 2013. It will be a vote for a stronger Commonwealth led by a Governor with our best interests in mind. Terry McAuliffe couldn’t care less about this state or our issues. He cares only for his political future and will spend more time in Washington, DC than he’ll ever spend in Richmond, Virginia. That is, if he isn’t in a jail cell before his term ends.

  • Bob

    I know I don’t need to point out the political makeup of Northern Virginia and the impact it has had on the current elections to you Nate. But for the out of state members of the site Northern Virginia is a very transit area made up of people who work for the government in some capacity and are not native Virginians. Because of this no matter how the rest of the state votes the overwhelming Democrat vote in the area sweeps it away.Add the Clintons campaigning for Mc Auliffe and it may result in Virginia tilting blue on the national level.

    Another aspect of the up coming governor election would be the shutdown that was so close to election day. The American public is weary and wary of politicians and especially tired of hearing so many negative campaign commercials. As you know the two candidates for governor have had nothing but negative commercials and not once say what they intend to do for the state.

    We also had high Conservative hopes for our current “republican” governor Bob Mc Donnell but again were let down when his campaign rhetoric didn’t match his accomplishments.

    The one bright thing we have to look forward to if the polls are correct is Virginia has term limits on the governors time in office.

  • Bill Hedges

    If I lived in the Commonwealth of Virginia, knowing “Whoopi Goldberg blasts Cuccinelli”, would BE ENOUGH to gain my VOTE. I love her movies but NOT her politics. Because of “anti-sodomy” laws she is against ??? I say “LORD HAVE MERCY” !!!:

  • Bob

    The leading newspaper in the capital “The Richmond Times Dispatch” takes a stand I believe mirrors the public sentiment:


    The article entitled: “Our choice for Governor In 2013:None Of The Above”

  • Bob. agree on all counts. Bill too.

    I’m convinced that with the shutdown, a lot of Gov’t workers were home watching local news and barraged with all McAwful ads since Cuccinelli was basically absent from media advertising.

    That said, the election hasn’t happened yet. I remain hopeful Virginia will wake up before taking the plunge into darkness of progressivisim.

  • Bill Hedges

    From bob’s link:

    1. “The Democrat stumbles when he proposes major spending hikes, which he claims can be financed by the federal dollars the state would receive by expanding Medicaid. He offers an easy answer to a tough question.”

    I don’t call that a “Democrat stumbles”. Fed will give SEED MONEY, but Virginia would have more people on Medicaid suckling on State’s tit. Fed money SPENT ON OTHER PROJECTS ???

    I have a problem with this paper writing “He offers an easy answer to a tough question.” EASY:

    A ole saying, “Rob Peter to pay Paul” ???

    OPEN new credit cards Virginia, State version of spending social security nest-egg is COMING to town with (D) blessing. WHO would of THUNK ???

    2. “On energy generally, McAuliffe has spun like a top and now supports items he once opposed, such as the exploration for energy sources off Virginia’s shores”

    Sounds like a consideration by candidate buma which NEVER reached maturity ONCE ELECTED. McAuliffe & buma __ A synonym ???

    3. “McAuliffe’s endorsement of the EPA’s new regulations on coal-fired power plants counters sentiment in Virginia’s coalfields, nevertheless”


    I’D tell my newspaper delivery person to shut off service. McAuliffe has some MAJOR FLAWS. Any paper that calls them “NEVERTHELESS” wouldn’t need my “2 cents” for their questionable Virginia honest reporting paper…