How Nixonian Can We Get?

With some sense of history, one has to wonder. Will ‘phony scandals’ become the modern day equivalent of “I am not a crook”?

The answer lies in Congress where things do not seem to be moving long. Is it due to dead ends of massrve amounts of evidence? The answer lies with Mr. Issa and a variety of committee and sub committee Chairmen, Congressional staff as well, both in service to their Congressperson and to the committees.

The Answer lies with Rep. Frank Wolf of Virginia, a man of unquestioned integrity and commitment. When Mr. Wolf is incensed you should pay attention, he is incensed over Benghazi. Mr. Wolf is a rational man of genuine faith, words invariably supported by actions and behavior. Mr. Wolf never ‘demands’ a spotlight, but he is fierce when the issue demands the spotlight based on the demands of conscience.

We know, or will soon know, by way of individuals of initiative, much more about Benghazi than we do today. The leaks, leak a little faster; access to the un-indentified victims has broken through, but just a little bit. The missing Colonel who ‘retired’ in March actually didn’t! He testified behind closed doors on Thursday. Millions of us smell a really big Rat, with plenty of Rat supportive friends, all carefully costructing their public defense. The good news is that men of conscience will not let it go. The President promised to ‘get’ those involved. It wasn’t phony then.

The President, having learned of the IRS scandal in the papers, promised to get to the bottom of it. He castigated the very idea of wrongdoing at the IRS. The President promised accountability. So far, there have been no investigative revelations from the White House. We’ve gone from the initial promise to ‘phony’; really?

The IRS scandal could be one deal away from the explosion, pure opinion. The question may be who’s giving Lois Lerner and a variety of other officials a better deal? Is it the Democratic money/favor/position machine for failed public figures who carried the flag? Or, is it the possibility that Congressional investigators have actually done their jobs and have the goods to the point that the money machine does not matter? That would be the point where you can say with absolute confidence. ‘You’re going to jail.’ Short of that, this stretches on; time dulls the American public’s senses; at least so far.

The NSA is a valuable resource, it is also a behemoth that must be brought under control. If we are to employ the capabilities for the purpose intended there has to be carefully constructed systemic, ongoing oversight. Collection and analysis have to be separated and walled off. Progressive authorities based on the degree of probable cause. The NSA, despite the potential benefits, is the canary in the freedom coalmine. If it’s okay now, it will, eventually, be okay for your political enemies, no natter where you stand. An out of control or politicized NSA should be a DefCon 5, a 10 on the 10 scale of the fear that Big Brother has become a reality. We don’t kill it, we fix it.

The illegal surveillance of the Press; the Associated Press and James Rosen, that we know of, is a story of the Press for the Press, however, this story, unfortunately, has not been not ‘by the Press.’ After the appropriate initial degree of righteous indignation and (ouch) ‘serious letters’, what have we heard? Not much! Who else was targeted? Where is the information, does the administration still have it? Apologies? Any statements from the President attempting to assure the Press and their sources that he will not attack them with the full weight of the Federal Government? Nope! That is all they need to know. We heard ‘chilling effect’ over and over; it now appears to be frozen. The mainstream Press was willing to fight a battle but cede the war. They deserve what they get. The President also expressed ‘outrage’ at this scandal; phony?

There are two points of analysis always in play, albeit your humble servant has limited skills to apply. What is there and what is not? Are there patterns? What does the absence of a thing portend? What does history teach us? What is the overall pattern of rhetoric and behaviors? How much don’t you know?

Phony scandals! …… I am not a crook!

The IRS scandal has now reached at least one of the two Presidential political appointees at the IRS.

‘Disappeared’ folks from Benghazi are showing up.

Forget the press; I’m compelled to use adjectives that could be considered insulting, condensing, mean, sarcastic and insensitive so, I’ll just leave it there.

Benghazi is being pursued by men of conscience not necessarily major committee Chairman. Shame!

Not to mention the influence peddling from a senior DHS official in favor of, wait for it ……. The Clinton family.

ObamaCare is a horrific scandal. This scandal covers 1/6 of our economy, legislation that most of us reject has met with no response from the White House of any material benefit. There is a lot phony about ObamaCare, as Speaker Pelosi told us that we had to pass the bill to know what’s in it. We’re coming to know what’s in it; the numbers opposed creep up consistently.

Fast and Furious is not phony to Brian Terry’s family. The guns are still showing up; all to make an obtuse argument in favor of gun control. You can’t make it up, and “You Can’t Fix Stupid!” “ I know, let’s do this; we’ll flood guns to gangsters in Mexico to prove that guns are bad.” “We’ll promote gun control by letting loose a bunch of guns not under control.”

The President this week, as he has done many times in the past, once again engages in castigation, name calling and bumper sticker applause lines. The President then demands cooperation from those whom he has just savaged. The real problem is that the President has some justification; Republicans have caved in more often than not. The scandals aren’t the only thing on Capital Hill that’s phony

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    “It’s inexcusable and Americans have a right to be angry about it….and I’m angry about it”………..President Obama May 2013


    “I am intent on making sure that we do everything we can to prevent another tragedy like this from happening but that means we owe it to them and all who serve to do everything in our power to protect our personal serving overseas.”


    “Earlier this month DOJ announced rewriting the rules that govern how federal prosecutors and investigations seek secret warrants to prosecute leaks.”

    From the article “When Did Obama Decide That The Scandals He Once Thought Serious Are Now Phony?” by Noah Rothman 25th July 2013

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    As I wrote previously after the court ruling allowing the NSA collection of phone data from Verizon expired on Friday 19th of July the FISA court rubber stamped it’s renewal. The FISC that meets in secret allows only the government to appear before it and publishes no opinions.IT HAS NEVER BEEN A CHECK ON GOVERNMENT AND BECAME LESS A COURT THAN AN ADMINISTRATIONAL ENTITY OR MINISTERIAL CLERK.

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    In a mind boggling display Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Hauck stated that there are some Constitutional rights that CAN NOT BE TESTED IN COURTS. He argued there is a difference between a Constitutional right and making a claim in court probably referring to the “POLITICAL QUESTION DOCTRINE”. This states that the courts could not take on political issues rather than legal questions. He further argues the Executive and Legislative branches of government could be trusted to protect citizens rights.

    Hasn’t he read the Constitution where it describes the protection it provides against just this hair brain government logic?

    From the article “D.O.J. Some Constitutional Rights Can’t Be Tested In Courts-Like Our Ability To Kill You with A Drone”

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    A few further thoughts on the comments by Deputy Asst. Attorney General Hauck above.

    Mr.Hauck states that we can depend on Congress to oversee the intelligence community in regard to protecting our rights. First off how can Congress have oversight if it is lied to by these same government bureaucrats during Congressional hearings? Second does Congress really care? Only 47 out of 100 Senators attended a briefing by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, head of National Security Agency Keith Alexander and other officials. Instead they opted to take a flight home for the “Fathers Day” break. Setting his priorities straight Harry Reid set a target date of the 4th of July recess to pass the immigration bill through. Hmmm seems like another bill they “had to pass to find out what was in it”.

    Government has access to our phone records, our “E” mail records, (once Obamacare kicks in)our health records, we go through body scans and get felt up at airports, we can be tracked for our exact location by our cell phone (or drones)at any time, and in 2015 the government wants all automobiles to have a black box installed. Yet all we hear is that we should “go on with your life as usual or the terrorist win” and “Trust Us”.

    When the President assures us “The war on terrorism is over” is it us he has in mind?

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    The NSA is a supercomputing powerhouse with machines so powerful their speed is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. But ask the N.S.A. to do a seemingly simple search as part of a “Freedom Of Information Act” request and the agency says it doesn’t have the technology to do it.

    From the article “N.S.A. Says It Can’t Search It’s Own “E” Mail”

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    I suppose the Progressives gave up trying to compete with Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity on talk radio and television.SO WHY NOT TRY A DIFFERENT APPROACH!

    Since 1948 American laws have not allowed for government sponsored or funded propaganda programming. As a result of new laws reforms initiated earlier this year United States television audiences will have access to programming produced by the “Broadcasting Board Of Governors”. The BBG is an independent FEDERAL AGENCY TO INFORM,ENGAGE AND CONNECT PEOPLE. It was established by the United States International Broadcasting Act of 1994.While other broadcasting networks like “The Voice of America” was aimed for listeners outside Americas borders this will be for national consumption.

    From the article “Federally Sponsored Radio and Television Programs coming Soon To Cable”

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    “Mother Of Benghazi Victim Sean Smith: My Son Is Dead How Is That Phony?”

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    Taking a page from NYC Mayor Bloomberg the White House announced that they are forming a “BEHAVORIAL INSIGHT TEAM” OR A DNUDGE SQUAD. This team is to encourage behavior subtly rather than outright require is based on a 2008 book entitled “Nudge” by former Obama regulatory czar Cass Sunstein and Richard Thaler. It assumes a small group of elites in government know better about choices than individuals making them. ” I don’t know who those people are who would not want such a program but they must be either misinformed or misguided.” Mr. Thaler said.


    As an economist named Jerry Ellis said in the article “A nudge turns into a shove very quickly”


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    Hmmmm the link didn’t seem to take so I’ll try it again.

    Oh and it’s correct name is the “Nudge Squad” not Dnudge.