Happy 4th…..Or Maybe Not!

Holidays, for me, are less about celebration than reflection. Oh, there will be a glass of wine or two before the day is out, but it’s not about that.

Today’s reflection, surrounds the founding, the ideas that guided the founding; the idea that individual liberty and unleashing human potential should be the guiding force behind government. That government is a necessary evil to be controlled, that governments must serve the governed and that the consent of the governed must be the keystone that supports the limitation of that government.

There must never be too much power in one place, never power beyond the ability of the governed to limit or reject it. These were radical ideas in their day; a grand experiment that would reject the premise that had governed our European ancestors and insure a nation of free men unfettered by the overreach of monarchs and governments. These ideas would provide the constant context allowing us to hold government accountable and insure the intended limitations.

These ideas formed the foundation of the greatest nation in history, the most powerful economy in history, the most benevolent nation in history. These ideas were intended to bind us, one to another, based on our shared belief that anything else would erode the very premise of what free men in control of and accountable for their fates could accomplish.

Fast forward. Your e-mails and phone calls are ‘collected’, we now learn that the U.S. Post Office is also in on the illegal surveillance of citizens. Lies laid bare to the public and yet government refuses to acknowledge the lies for what they are. The consent of the governed overwhelmed by an essentially unaccountable bureaucracy. A little girl attempting to save a small bird experiences the full weight of the Department of The Interior and threats of prosecution, small time magicians operate under the demand that they produce disaster emergency plans for the bunny they use in their act, each an effort to limit freedoms and cower the citizenry into a new reality where freedoms are not a function of birth and natural law but an entitlement, granted or removed by government.

This is what the founders attempted to insure would never happen. This is the fight that must be fought.

So let us glory in what we have accomplished, let us reflect on the force of individual freedoms; let us also be mindful that inattention, apathy and personal corruption by way of government intrusion, will limit future glories. The potential for future glories must be our legacy to our children. We must stop demanding more! We must demand less; less intrusion, less control, less of what stifles the inherent, yet currently dormant, greatness that we still have in us.

Happy 4th, enjoy the day, think to the future.

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    “I would rather be exposed to the inconvenience attending to much liberty than to those attending to a small degree of it.”……………..Thomas Jefferson

    The current administration is fond of saying it “prevented 50 terrorist attacks” DUE TO IT’S (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) TAPPING PHONES AND INTERCEPTING “E” MAILS. When asked how many of these were prosecuted we receive no answer. It seems they used the same counting methods in prosecution as they used in jobs saved due to the stimulus program. The article below entitled “Terrorist Plots Hatched By F.B.I.” explains that the bureau was responsible for setting up people with an opportunity to commit terrorist attacks and then arrested them. The article states” Of the 22 most frightening plans for attacks since 9/11 on American soil 14 were developed by the FBI in sting operations.” Some of which were described by a judge as “the buffoonery is positively Shakespearean in scope”.

    When government says “trust us” we should respond “Trust you like passing Obamacare without reading it, like looking for W.M.D.in Iraq, like the stimulus package will help the economy, like wanting to pass an immigration package without reading it or like Osama bin Laden is dead with no proof?” President Obama said we should strike a balance between privacy and national security….we have it’s called THE FOURTH AMENDMENT all it needs is to be complied with.


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    “TRUST US”???????

    From the article dated 26th June 2012 entitled “NSA Spying and The Illusion Of Oversight” on the CATO @ Liberty website. “By A 20-11 majority the House Judiciary Committee rejected an amendment that would have required the NSA Inspector General to produce a number of Americans whose calls and “E” mails were vacuumed up to broad authorization under the FISA amendment Act.”


    When politicians have trouble defining the words “is” and “that” can they be believed parsing words on their knowledge of content or existence of your “E” mail and phone being tapped? This reminds me of the lines in Casablanca where Captain Renard announces he is closing Rick’s Café because “I’m shocked, shocked that gambling is going on here.” The roulette table man then comes over and says “Here is your winnings sir”.

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    One of the MANY questions I have with the government tapping millions of phones and “E” mails of its citizens is their DOUBLE STANDARD. I’m not only talking about the government threatening to put violators of classified information in jail while they themselves acquired this information under questionable circumstances.The administrations hypocrisy is quite content to leak information when it serves their purpose and officeholders are granted immunity from prosecution for illegal deeds when covering for the right people. Justice is not supposed to be arbitrary!

    The other aspect of this hypocrisy is the one sided moral authority the United States sends out to other nations. For as long as I can remember we have been preaching freedom of speech to the world. Well my first question here is how can America preach the respect the privacy rights of it’s citizens while invading the rights of people living overseas? We bugged over A HALF A BILLION PHONE CALLS AND “E” MAILS FROM GERMANY ALONE EACH MONTH.(20 million telephone calls and 10 million internet exchanges daily)The second example would be how the world views it when the United States preaches that Communist countries (read China)shouldn’t have internet surveillance or review of it’s citizens messages while the U.S.is guilty of the very same thing. Why is it when the United States practices international network surveillance it is deemed “anti-terrorist” but when other countries do it is for ulterior motives they can also ask? Lastly why is the U.S. touting itself as the victim of “cyber-attacks” by China while it was revealed by Edward Snowdon the U.S. has been doing the same thing to China for many years. Doesn’t government officials think the world sees through this shallow charade?

    I don’t consider Edward Snowdon a hero by any stretch of the imagination but when he says he can’t get a fair trial in America it gives you pause to think. The current administration is known to punish it’s critics and political rivals in addition to being a fan of drone attacks against it’s enemies instead of putting them on trial.Simply ask Anwar al Awlaki. Now if there were embarrassing procedural secrets involving how the administration gathers information illegally…well you get the idea. If the administration wants to take their side in what Mr. Snowdon did to the public (especially if he was to be put on trial)then they need to explain to us exactly what he leaked and not be so vague with the charges. Supposedly the American people are not the governments enemy…… OR IS THE ONLY THING MR.SNOWDON DID WAS EMBARRASS THE ADMINISTRATION?

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    “How To Thank A Soldier This July 4th”….by George W. Bush

    (I know it’s late for this but I just found it!)


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    The contempt of our government officials for the American public is mind boggling in it’s scope and treacherous in the execution.

    The New York Times published an article dated 6th of July 2013 entitled “In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers Of NSA”(by Eric Lichtblau)It describes how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court rubber stamps the powers of the NSA by carving out exceptions to the Fourth Amendment requirement to the Constitution. The “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court” is made up of 11 judges who serve seven years and meet in a secure non-descript room in a federal courthouse in Washington D.C.Unlike the Supreme Court FISA hears only one side of the case….THE GOVERNMENTS AND IT’S FINDINGS ARE NEVER MADE PUBLIC.


    “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hung”
    G.K. Chesterton

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    The below link gives the exact court order (signed by Judge Roger Vinson)authorizing the F.B.I. to seize phone call metadata from Verizon. It appeared in “The Guardian”5th of June 2013.


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    Another document published by “The Guardian” that describes the “Procedures Used By NSA For Targeting Non-U.S.Persons to Aquire Foreign Intelligence Information”

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    Because the government is getting deeper and deeper into violating our constitutional rights and our privacy I thought I would forward you a link to a website called “Electronic Privacy Information Center” that covers all current aspects of the governments involvement. Just some of the items covered are drones, body scanners, cyber security, medical records privacy, national and voter I.D., the Patriot Act, and social network privacy. You can go to the site @:


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    The link for “Electronic Privacy Information Center” is :


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    Here’s the latest(as of 10:30 AM,it will change at any moment)story on how the government is wasting it’s time and pizzing away our tax dollars. They want to pass a bill making the “MOON” a national park under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of Interior and have the Smithsonian catalog what we left up there. I can only imagine they are going to claim it under the “eminent domain” clause. My first question is by calling it a “National Park” it signifies it is part of the United States does it not?


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    Below is a copy of the letter which Speaker John Boehner sent the president asking him to provide analysis regarding the impact of his decision to delay the employer mandate. He also ask for justification why this delay should cover only the employer and not also the individual and families.

    WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE ASKED IS under what jurisdiction does the President feel he has the authority to CHANGE A LAW WILLY-NILLY?


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    A new project by the Mass. Institute of Technology lab provides you to dive into the history of your “E” mail life using the “from’,”to”,”Cc” and timestamp fields. Supposedly it will not access the subject or body content only the metadata the government is supposed to be accessing and you are presented with an option of “saving’ or “deleting” your data.