Should Marriage Be Defended?

DOMA being rendered unconstitutional is, frankly, no surprise. It is also uncharted territory. The Yin is gleeful, at least for the moment and at least for gays. The Yang is the unknown. What happens to a society or a culture when the fundamentals it has built itself on erode in the interests of a fervent minority?

Perhaps there will be no slippery slope. Maybe you won’t be allowed to marry your cat, although you can leave your estate to your cat. Maybe Polygamy won’t be next up on the progressive agenda, maybe prohibitions against underage marriage will remain taboo. What about incest, will that be Okay because it creates a point of discrimination against cousins or siblings? Maybe Gay couples will make great parents; maybe they will be no better or worse than traditional parents. Maybe the influences of two Dads or two Moms will be the same as a Mom and a Dad. Maybe eliminating long standing societal bedrock will not generate negative influences or maybe it will render us rudderless as fall more deeply into secular minority rule.

Wait, wait; the ACLU already has a law suit supporting polygamy; they’ve had it in process for seven years! The slippery slope apparently needs its grease.

Recent polling shows that American single men are less interested in marriage than at any time on record; the culprits according to these men are women’s attitudes and expectations.

We know not what manner of cultural and social imbalance will occur although there are warning signs. The birthrates in many ‘civilized’ Western cultures; Europe in particular, show that there are not enough women interested in marriage, childbirth and nuclear families to maintain the indigenous populations. That, by extension, means that at some point in the future there will not be enough Frenchman to maintain French culture, or Englishman to maintain English culture. It is the same demographic trend throughout Europe and elsewhere, Russia and Japan being of particular note. Europe has been far ahead of us in terms of the ‘anything goes’ secular culture and their red line, while being approached, has not quite been crossed. Birthrates in Japan explain their fascination with robots; they’ll need them if things go the way they have.

China and India have a different sort of marriage problem. Only those men who have accomplished a degree of success are in a position to marry. Those men who cannot are referred to as ‘bare branches’. By 2020 ‘bare branches’ will make up 15% of the population in those countries, a permanent underclass that will only grow larger. In China it was the ‘one child’ policy that was unknown territory. The result, gender based abortions on a massive scale. A boy child was worth more to a poor family than a girl child. Millions of Chinese men, based on the dramatically reduced population of women, have no hope of ever marrying; we still do not know what manner of pent up frustration and rage that will engender in the future.

Today only half of the American population is married. Lenient divorce laws, a movement away from the traditional teachings of religious authority, erosion of peer pressures within society and a growing deterioration of traditional moral grounding all contribute.

In my personal experience many of those, wholeheartedly in favor of Gay marriage, have never seen Gay culture from the inside. The real question, however, is our absence of vision and lack of understanding related to the trend lines we have created. We are saying that thousands of years of societal and cultural concurrence are of no importance. We are saying that minorities rule the agenda with the majority, who may stand on some degree of moral grounding, are held to public castigation. We say we don’t care about consequence; “we want what we want, and we’ll get a court to agree that what we ‘want’ is our ‘right’!”

Elections, Public Plebiscites, the voice of the people; on this issue they simply did not matter. That may be the most fundamental Yang of unintended consequence that we will create here.

I hope not!

  • Bob

    The question doesn’t seem to be “Should marriage be defended” that’s a no-brainer but how will it be possible for us to defend it throughout this moral and cultural genocide?

    Earlier I wrote the church is losing parishioners (see “Return of Jim Crow”thread 27th June @ 11PM)and you might ask why? It may be convenient to use the economy as an excuse or even the scandals the church has gone through. If either of these were true then you can say the government has gone through the same issues why do people trust them? My theory is the American public today believe politics trump religion. It may have been different years ago but today Jewish Americans have been giving blind loyalty to the Democratic party even though the current administration shows little support for Israel. African-Americans who are supposed to have Conservative values are still in the low end of the poverty table and their loyalty to the left is undying.For the past 50 years the mantra has been no responsibility,morals are subjective and anything goes as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. Is it any wonder we are where we are today? THE ANSWER? THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ARE MORE CONCERNED WITH THE “HERE AND NOW’ THAN THE “HERE AFTER”.

    Republican leadership seems to believe the easy answer is throwing more money and pandering. Is that really the answer or the cause of how we got here?

  • Bob
  • Bob

    In a related piece Anderson Cooper ask “Why Does Alex Baldwin Get A Pass Using a Gay Slur While Conservatives Would Be Vilified?”

    While a justified question from Mr. Cooper who is obviously offended because he has recently revealed that he is gay the better question comes from Michelle Malkin. She ask about Mr. Coopers double standard concerning his “teabagging” slur.

  • Bob

    LMAO…I just received a phone call asking me to be “Precinct Captain for the RNC” …..I kid you not !

  • I get tired of getting RNC junk in the mail. I usually write over the donation form complaining about their latest shortcomings with a sharpie and mail it back to them. Ironically they continue sending me stuff asking for money.

    Bob, I think you’d be the perfect RNC precinct captain. You could inform some of the low-information GOP-leaning voters of what’s really going on!

  • Bob


    I attach a sticker I acquired to the donation form which says “My political donation is going to the “Club For Growth.” It seems to have worked !