How Do You Like Me Now?

During the recent IRS hearings where ‘victims’ testified, predictably Republicans threw out the softballs to motivate storytelling and Democrats attempted to damage the credibility of the IRS ‘victims’.

The Democratic strategy was to create a false premise somewhere between weak and false and to place the blame for being victimized on the victims; standard stuff. Here come the lessons.

1) The ‘victims’ rejected the false premises and brought the issue back to its fundamental level.
2) The ‘victims’ counterattacked based the issue of fundamental rights and the facts of their case.
3) The ‘victims’ turned the arguments back on the questioners.
4) The ‘victims’ turned the questions back on the questioner.

Such as, and I paraphrase: “how did my donor lists get to my opponents? Only my organization and the IRS had it, how did that happen Congressman, and do you support that type of activity at the IRS?” “You can call my activities political; what would your call the IRS’s behavior?” And my favorite; “Congressman your attitude and your attempt to justify this activity is exactly what gives license to the IRS to engage in these types of behaviors, this is your fault”.

The questioners on the Congressional Committee appeared to be under the assumption that, as is often been the case, the ‘victims’ would be intimidated by the situation. Wrong! The ‘victims’ testified with controlled, righteous indignation; refusing to accept false premises and refusing to accept a redefinition of what happened to them. The standard attempt to place the blame for what the IRS did to them at their doorstep was roundly and effectively rejected! The questioners were frequently flummoxed, cowered, befuddled and frequently silent in response to the ‘victims’ counterattacks. You could almost hear a number of Congresspersons having one of those “oh shit, this will show up as a campaign video” moments.

Will they/we never learn to anticipate the unintended consequences? The IRS effort to profile, yes profile, the Tea Party and Tea Party ‘type’ groups has in fact reignited those groups and individuals. The Congressional hearings provided a national stage for individuals who came to be viewed sympathetically. Not a one of them appeared anything other than, smart, rational and with their Ducks firmly set in a row. It would be nice to see that much class in Congress.

‘Victims’? There were no ‘victims’ here, at least not from a global perspective. This was an exercise in truth to power, this was a challenge based on facts.

Oh yea, and by the way, our belief that ‘government is too big, too intrusive and no good can come of it’; you know the ideas that you all had so much fun, making fun of.

How do you like me now??

  • Bob

    Of course the “Army of the Occupation on the Potomac” also known as our career entrenched political representatives in Washington don’t want to give up any power for what is the purpose of being elected if power isn’t a tool to use.By acknowledging the right of the President or Congress the immense power to collect data on all it’s citizens which could be used not only against citizens but their political enemies under this grease paint mask is mind boggling.

    President Obama has justified the phone tappings by saying recently that “dozens of terrorist attacks were avoided”. Does anyone truly believe that a man who is known to wallow in heaping praise on himself for the Osama bin Laden raid would let “DOZENS OF TERRORIST ATTACKS” pass without telling the world? Another question to be asked is if Verizon was given immunity by Congress in 2008 (as they state)for providing access to the calls why give immunity if no crime was perpetrated?

    In regard to the NSA analyst Edward Snowdon many questions need to be answered here. How did a man (if he is to be believed) without a high school diploma get a position where he has access to not only top secret information but can hack into personal information of just about anyone. Is the government doing background checks or are they hiring strictly on computer skills? If this is the case we should be wary and ask if they are using the same qualifications when hiring thousands of inspectors for Obamacare.If he is lying about the amount of access he has then the government has little reason to put him on trial. Once it is determined how far the phone tapping has gone and to what purpose the storage of this information serves other questions need answering.There is nothing Constitutional about a law that violates the Constitution…EVEN IF PASSED BY CONGRESS. Numerous laws passed by Congress have been overturned by the Supreme Court over the course of history because they were deemed UNCONSTITUTIONAL. If we find that the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution was violated then can/should the government put Mr.Snowden on trial?

    What Congress should have said was “Yes a law we originally intended to serve national security and the power authorized within was abused here to a point where it not only violated the Constitution but damaged Congress.” It’s the bloated size and self serving intentions that had Congress approval at 8% prior to the scandals NOT WHICH PARTY IS IN CHARGE. This simply justify the American publics skepticism on their leadership.

  • Bob

    Lets ask ourselves “Why does a person go into politics?” which it seems eventually leads to “The Army of Occupation On The Potomac”.

    POWER ! How many times have you heard a politician (after succeeding in their chosen profession)say “I want to go to Washington to make a difference” or “make a change”? This is especially prevalent among the progressive left. They can achieve this power not necessarily by being skilled at compromise or negotiating but by expanding government through legislation. They don’t think through these programs however to see that ideas have consequences both social and economic but simply how will this affect the next election.

    Conservatives on the other hand are people who distrust government. They want to shrink and limit both the size and scope of government.They don’t go to Washington for power or to redistribute wealth but to streamline government.Conservatives take account of the whole man while the left only the material side. This is why Conservatives are feared so much in Washington by both the left and moderate republicans. This is why we have such an uphill battle to nominate and elect Conservatives. HOWEVER WE MUST EVEN IF IT INVOLVES CHALLANGING INCUMBENT RINO’s !


  • Bob

    “How Do you Like Me Now?”

    Obviously the Presidents arrogance believes party lines in Congress will protect him from impeachment in the Benghazi scandal.(read his fingertips)

    The public meanwhile are almost ignoring Benghazi and seem complacently concerned about the government looking into their “E” mails and phone calls. The best line to describe this I read recently in a newspaper. ” Low information voters think Benghazi is a salve for sore muscles.”

  • Bob

    The most popular excuse our political leaders give for brushing aside the phone scandal is “It doesn’t matter because the government isn’t listening to the content of the conversations.” Well detailed phone calls records paint a portrait.Data rich with intricate layers of information about individuals voting habits,propensity to volunteer,”E” mail addresses,cell phone numbers called, organizations you belong to (think NRA) and social media contracts among other items. This is the data information system President Obama used so successfully in the 2012 elections for fundraising and volunteers which the GOP said they wanted to copy in their autopsy report(see link below). Now wouldn’t you think it’s entirely possible that the government (I.E. current administration)sees the benefit of copying this on a national scale for their own benefit?

    According to the Government Accountability Office reports there are 4.8 million federal employees and contractors who hold clearance without any clearly defined policy for determining which positions need them. According to U.S. Director of National Intelligence 642,831 people were cleared for confidential,secret, or top secret clearance in FY 2010 alone. Edward Snowden was a Community college washout who went to NSA security guard to CIA IT specialist to consultant with defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton.As we can see from the recent scandals government can not be trusted with unlimited personal information.

    Section 215 of the Patriot Act says Congress authorizes intelligence officials to seek court orders when reasonable grounds to believe that the tangible thing sought are relevant to an authorized investigation. The Fourth Amendment is clear that search and seizure must not be unreasonable. I would dare say that targeting MILLIONS OF AMERICANS WHO ARE SUSPECTED OF NOTHING FALLS UNDER “UNREASONABLE”.JUST WHERE DOES THE RIGHT OF THE GOVERNMENT END?

    “No one is listening to your phone conversations?” Government also assured us that the IRS wasn’t auditing Tea Party organizations and Benghazi was caused by a video !

  • Bob

    According to an article on the web site “Wired” entitled “Feds Pinged Sprint GPS Data 8 Million Times Over A Year”(dated 1st December 2009) Sprint Nextel provided law enforcement agencies with customer location data more than 8 million times between September 2008 and October 2009. In addition Sprint provided previously undisclosed web portal to law enforcement to conduct AUTOMATIC PINGS.

    Now this was close to 4 and 5 years ago… did these numbers expand since then is any ones guess.

  • Bob

    “How Do You Like Me Now”

    Calling his dissenters “CHIRPERS” Gov.Jeb Bush thinks he would do just fine running on his Florida governor record in the 2016 election. The Gov. must have been listening to Sen. McCain calling us “WACKO BIRDS” because establishment RINO’s talking points seem to think it will win conservatives over by referring us to birds.