They Must Have Been Exhausted

The peak year for 501c applications was 2007. In 2010 when all of this IRS mess got rolling applications were down from the peak by about 23%.

The IRS says they were flooded with applications. It could be that they felt as if they were flooded. After all when you’re busy conjuring up to 90 questions per application ranging from the potentially to an outright assault on the rights of free speech, religion affiliation and assembly; those IRS folks must have been exhausted.

Flash back to 2010. The Tea Party was, thankfully, raising hell with ObamaCare, deficits, spending and the stimulus. They were also raising hell with Republicans who had simply become Democrat light. The Tea Party was, despite the rhetoric then and now, frightening to Democrats and establishment Republicans alike.

What to do? How to blunt the growing Tea Party movement? The Tea Party was pure grassroots, no real national organization, no central authority, no single individual to attack. Hell, we need a plan, these guys could hurt us!

First we need the President to demonize the movement. Check! Can we get him to call them Tea Baggers? Check! Okay, we’ve got the Presidential dog whistle at full volume; all the President’s men…. and women were clear on the strategic imperative, how about tactics?

Four key tactics: limit the ability to raise money, limit the ability organize, intimidate those that do want to organize and make it expensive. Check, check, check, check!

As the 2012 campaign got going the President’s context for the election did not look rosy. The employment and economic numbers were such that no President had ever been re-elected on those numbers. The strongly oppose numbers were high, the right track, wrong track was 65% wrong track. What’s left, what’s a President do to? Answer’ lots of money and the ability to out organize the opposition. One way to out organize the opposition is to simply keep them from organizing; addition by subtraction. Check!

“Hey dude, the IRS can do most of that! You know 501C applications, audits of folks who presume to speak their mind and associate with the likeminded. Heck, we can even audit their businesses. We can get our hands on their donor lists and drop it off to opposing groups. We can flood them with paperwork; make them wait so that they lose donors and grants because their 501C apps have not been approved. Man! This is perfect!! Applicants and donors alike intimidated, hell we can even audit some of the donors; in for a penny in for a pound!” “Let’s get Lois Lerner on the job, she knows what she’s doing, she did it before at the FEC”

“We’ll get all this information and when we know for sure where they’re coming from we can bring in the foot soldiers; you know, FBI, OSHA, ATF, EPA. If that doesn’t scare the shit out of them I don’t know what will.”

“Dude, what about the media? This could look bad in the press if they ever found out.” “Don’t worry, we’ve got Stephanie Cutter in the meetings with the IRS and the media is still immersed in their orgasmic tributes to everything from the President’s intellect to the First Lady’s arms.”

“No problems there!”

“Lets take a break, I’m exhausted!”

  • I’m tired of this comparison.. but..

    Can you imagine if the Bush administration was using the IRS to harass and limit the free speech and organizing ability of left-wing organizations? The media would STILL be talking about it today calling it “Nixonian”.

    Meanwhile, we have patriots on Capitol Hill literally testifying that the Government has abused and trampled on their rights but we get nothing..

    Ordinarily I don’t see race, gender, etc.. but no liberals care to point out that the majority of these Americans testifying are women. Apparently there is a War on Women (Copyright © 2011-2012 Democratic National Committee), it’s just being waged by the IRS and the Obama admin.

  • Bob

    Thank you for the courtesy of your reply on the “Tora,Tora,Tora,thread dated 6th of June 2013 @ 8:53AM.I am answering you on this thread in order for you to know I received it and it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

    I am quite content with following the perimeters you laid out of “moving on” for being a participate on your web site.As I said previously I do not relish these encounters nor condone them. My intentions weren’t for anyone to have to “police” my opinions.I also hope your views you expressed on the subject of the republican party finally settle the debate as to where you stand.

    Hopefully this is the last word on the subject….by all involved……………………………..Bob

  • Bob,

    No hard feelings, I don’t mean to be demeaning regarding “policing”..

    I don’t police opinions, as you see, I’m pretty laid back unless things turn personal and spill over into my email box. I want an open forum where people can agree and disagree while being civil. There are no rules with regard to bashing the GOP establishment… they need to be tuned up behind the woodshed..


    To All:

    Everyone’s welcome here so long as the discourse is civil and not personal. That’s noted in the message above the comments section.

  • Bill Hedges

    Nate wrote “Everyone’s welcome here so long as the discourse is civil and not personal. That’s noted in the message above the comments section.”

    Then bob has a problem. See list I made when bob FIRST BEGAN. Landreaux ignored list jumping me

    I don’t want you to __ “I don’t police opinions, as you see, I’m pretty laid back unless things turn personal and spill over into my email box”. You have cast of THE THREE MONKEY’S on your desk ??? Sleep well tonight Nate. Editing my last two comments & LEAVING OUT the list showing WHO STARTED THE PERSONAL ATTACKS Before I opened FIRE.

    FOLKS are allowed THEIR OPINIONS not their FACTS. Some folks take it personal when I sink their battleship FACTS with opposing evidence. My previous two comments were VERY MUCH PROVEN. I rely little on emotion to sway unlike some. I did not stop opinions of bob but showed doubt of HIS FACTS.

    Landreaux choice to ignore list of bob’s insults leading to return fire by me, leading then, to THIS place & TIME.

    My hands are clean. Nate’s hands slightly tarnished. Answer for Nate was remove the REPORT BUTTON. LET DD Mao throw vulgarity. Was NYC insults I would not look up and know meaning. But I did. When I tired of it I TOO threw vulgarity, THEN Landreaux said something against both me & DD Mao. THOUGH record showed DD Mao began long before I battled back. Let bob start & continue adding to naughty list. What ? Like 15 in month time. List certainly is NOT all inclusive. Just stopped adding more of his foolish remarks. Ignore THIS FACT NATE which you are.

    You call the shots Nate but NOT acceptable selective digesting of total information presented to you. If fairness is a consideration.

    Since NO justice will be inflicted by the two heads of this site, no reason for me to write to bob. Facts shown disproving facts as spelled out by bob is considered my personal attack upon bob. Only logical conclusion there is FOR ME TO _ CEASE BOB _. Considering ALL OF THE FACTS NATE is using selective memory of the evidence & MY only RECOURSE is__ no bob __…

    NATE talks of “Be respectful or posts will be removed” at end of each article. As Landreaux once said after reading bob’s naughty list:

    “Really !?!”

    Not a single “Be respectful or posts will be removed” of bobs was removed. Landreaux jumped me saying nothing concerning the list. JUST LIKE NATE.

    In all fairness ???

    N O…

  • Bill Hedges

    Telling the rest of the story, my emphasizing bob’s dishonesty was leading to my banning bob from my writings. Often repeating I wrote:

    A. bob partial quotes me. Leaving out the most pertinent part of my quote:

    “I watch a lot of movies.Have ban most politics from my cable.”

    I wrote:

    I watch a lot of movies. Have ban most politics from my cable. I research online.

    B. bob leaves off KEY PART OF MY QUOTE, then says:

    “I was taught that if you didn’t know what you were talking about as is clearly evident here YOU KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT AND NOT EMBARRASS YOURSELF!”

    bob neither *** a·pol·o·gies *** nor shows any sign of remorse. SHAMEFUL…

    I found this unacceptable. With many opportunities to say I AM WRONG, SORRY, OR WHATEVER bob failed to take that road ever. He choice INSTEAD to insult me more.

    bob doesn’t “man up” . MY problem with bob IS NOT his opinion. He can have WHATEVER OPINION he wants…

  • WOW! It just never ends!

  • Bob


  • Bob

    “No more illegal wire taping of American citizens, no more National security letters to spy on American citizens who are not suspects of a crime. No more tracking citizens who do nothing more than protest a misguided war.”
    Senator Barack Obama @ the “Woodrow Wilson Center” on terrorism
    1st of August 2007

    From the article “Sen. Obama in 2007:No More National Security Letters To Spy On Citizens Who Are Not Suspected Of A Crime” on the website “Red State” dated 7th of June 2013 (see below)

    Which leads me to ask:

    1) If the war on terrorism is over as you claim Mr.President why tap millions of phones?

    2)As Sen. Patrick Leary asked the President “Are you telling me millions of Americans are involved in al Qaeda?”

    3)President Nixon got impeached for taping “ONE PHONE AND COVERING IT UP” You taped millions !

  • Bob

    “If People Can’t Trust Government We Are Going To Have Some Trouble Here”………speech by President Barack Obama 7th June 2013

  • Bill Hedges


    “Obama: “Small Town Voters Are Bitter, Cling to Guns & God”

    Lipton UNITED STATES Aug 1st, 2008 at 4:10 pm


    Back in the good old days of integrity of comments being monitor controlled. Come back Michael…