We Can Smell It!

We can smell it!

Corruption, as it begins to unravel, has a rhythm to it. It has a smell to it. Stories change to fit newly released facts. Statements parsed to within an inch of their lives. Arguments turn technical, avoiding the truth, microscopically narrow rational presented as justification. Ah, yes, the rhythm of corruption and the backbeat of the attempt to make it go away.

We can smell it.

Some decide to crawl out from under the bus that is about to run over them, you know ‘Rogue Agents’ you can almost hear them thinking; “I’m not going to take the fall, not for this money, not for my manager!” And so it creeps closer and closer to Washington and the White House.

There it is that rhythm, there it is that smell.

The tease is on in Congress. Turn it off! If there are statements from the people crawling out from under the bus; let’s have it. Forget the tease. Facts and testimony are required. Release the interviews from ‘Rogue Agents’, whistleblowers, people of conscience; all of them not just one or two at a time. Let’s get on with it; this should not be a game. Forget the drama, opt for facts and testimony, they will stand firmer than name calling and histrionics.

It is nearly a certainty that someone in the chain of command will take the fall; demonstrate an epiphany of regret. So what? There is little question that these scandals are deeply political, there is also little question that it will not reach the President legally, but it will politically. This scandal will reflect on the President, it already has. There will be no memo, no e-mail no transcribed conversation as a smoking gun; that is simply not how it works. Whether or not Congress ‘get’s him’ should not, cannot be the issue, the truth will suffice and a sacrificial cow will be presented.

Cows aside, facts will generate their own inertia. That inertia will demonstrate deep corruption and disrespect for the rule of law, individual rights and the general intelligence of the electorate. We simply do not need an equally politicized effort on the other side of the isle, we simply need the facts.

We will continue to suspect, albeit probably never know if the President had a direct role in these scandals. Did his speeches inspire the bureaucracy to abandon the rule of law and the common sense of fairness? Speeches are not evidence of wrongdoing although they are evidence of the culture the President wanted within the bureaucracy. The President got what he wanted; now he’ll get what he deserves. Regardless of who steps up to be hung on the President’s petard, average people will see it for what it is.

The administration has essentially made the case that the administration has no idea what’s going on within the administration.

We can smell it!

  • Bill Hedges

    buma should have NEVER had a second term. Job performance should have ruined his day. Then Bill C. should have been kicked out of office in disgrace. THE GUY lied under oath losing his law degree (poetic justice). Both had charisma ??? Hillary & First Lady should have a beer in the ROSE GARDEN together.

    Reason for ROSE GARDEN beer party was just a long line of mistakes. Oil on a duck’s feathers allows the water to roll off the duck. Dip duck in crude oil duck loses that ability & life if not cleaned. SO FAR buma has stayed out of the crude.

    I suspect someone will become a fabulously wealthy person. Will Humpty Dumpty fall & crack into a million pieces WHO KNOWS. My fear is THE SMELL is wishful thinking. The NEWS MEDIA alone IS very vested in the ANOINTED ONE success. Blacks & others will surely see a hang man’s noose carried by Republicans. Is how the wagon will be painted. NOT that FEAR OF REPRISAL should dictate our resolve to do what is correct. IF WE DID we stalemate our action & our usefulness dies as they planned.

    Fight the good fight…