Do You Have To Live With The Terror Threat?

The predictable evolution of the Boston bombing story is being run out in the media. Why did they do it? What can we do? What is it that drove them to terrorism? Do we have to live with this manner of terrorism?

For now, the answer is yes!

When the Fort Hood shooting is officially categorized as workplace violence, yes we have to live with it. When the official report about Fort Hood contains not a single reference to terrorism or radical Islam despite the shouts of Allahu Akbar by the shooter, yes! When Major Hassan’s formal presentations within the structure of the Army represent radical Islamic ideology and no one does or says anything, yes we have to live with it.

When the FBI is constrained by political correctness during interviews with suspected perpetrators, yes we have to live with it. When the President rushes to the podium after the Boston suspect has been brought into custody to warn us we can’t “rush to judgment about these individuals of groups of people”, yes we have to live with it. When easily identifiable Islamists are brought into the key departments responsible for American security to ‘sensitize’ law enforcement and security resources to the long list of Islamic complaints and manufactured sensitivities; we have to live with it. When Stephen Coughlin, the singular expert on Islam and Islamic radicalism within the Pentagon is fired for representing the truth of the situation under pressure from Islamist apologists, you’re damn right we have to live with it. When senior military officers tell us that Global Warming is our most significant threat; duck!

When public expressions of radical ideology, anti Americanism and calls to Jihad are tolerated and protected we can count on more of what we saw in Boston.

Expertise armed with facts is dismissed as xenophobic. The President cares more for warning us off making judgments than he does protecting us or altering his politically correct view of the world, the message goes forth to those who intend terror that the law enforcement environment will continue to protect and preserve them until they actually perform the act.

This is not to say that there are not committed, competent people in the counter terrorism business, without question there are. They, however, must function within the political leadership context that is defined for them. Or, should I say, lack of political leadership context?

Our current leadership simply refuses to call the threat what it is; workplace violence? The absence of the ability to identify a threat for what it is guarantees our inability to deal with it. We have, as well, suffered confusions, willing to kill Anwar Al-Awlaki with a drone strike but not to have a look at the infrastructure that supported his teachings while in America, nor to do anything about him when clear connections to the 9/11 terrorists were demonstrated.

Yes, you have to live with it!

  • O_S

    As someone who lives in New York City and remembers the 9/11 terrorist attacks like they were yesterday I would agree you have to live with a fear of terror. However you can not let it control your life or give it to much thought. Yes I am always aware of what is going on and have called authorities on people who I believe are suspicious. Lastly people who should be more aware are people like me in big cities. If you live in a small town or in rural places I would say you are not in as much of a risk.

  • OS,

    While not in NY on 9/11 that event motivated my commitment to fully understand what happened that day, absent the details I’ve never relented in my studies, terror, led to Islam, Islam led to interpertations of the Koran and the Hadith, led to politics etc, etc.

    Your points are taken but from a strategic point of view smaller towns will provide much more accessible targets and have a similar if not more significant impact by demonstration that ‘no one is safe’. That is, one of the intents of terror.

    Thank you for joining the discussion.

  • Bill Hedges


    You’re correct:

    “If you live in a small town or in rural places I would say you are not in as much of a risk”.

    “As much” understood…

    Mass hysteria IS a potent weapon. IS there a sure fire way to stop terrorism ? A rhetorical question of course. Reason for committing IS endless. Where there is a WILL there IS a WAY. When you CARE NOT if you LIVE or DIE, near ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE. 10 FOLD increase in Homeland Security could only stop a % of devastation. As you pointed out, PEOPLE assisting IS KEY.

    As you said, perhaps the greatest deterrent IS “always aware of what is going on and have called authorities on people who I believe are suspicious”. Wasn’t it in NYC that vehicle was reported and a bomb was disarmed saving another attack ? With good, comes bad help. When FBI asked for help in Boston search, massive number of dubious data poured in. With help of super computers, the needles were located in the massive pile of hay. So to speak.

    Why did Japan in WW2, drop balloons over us with bombs with Little if any damage ? Why did we intern Japanese ? Near every group, like blacks, have been feared then discriminated against at one time or another.

    Fear-envy is a two edge sword. There are countless variations. Self-motivation ALWAYS:

    NO cigs but legalize POT ? IS Pot less of a threat to our health ? States loss tax revenue raising cost of cigs (hint demos. Reduced taxes doesn’t cost), yet legalize a weed for taxes, when growing Pot is infinitely easier to grow than tobacco IS by novice gardener ?

    Point being humans rationalize to benefit themselves. America was the envy OF THE WORLD. Many illegals cross over to steal the gold our roads are made of. Others wish to destroy our way of life infrastructure. Not physical structures per sa, but our heart.

    Their wives must be completely covered in many areas. They roll our heads in the streets physically. Etc.. Yet we are the __ infantiles __. To be hated & destroyed by a small group of individuals. Both domestic & foreign.


    I recently went on short trip & I listened to Hannity on the radio. The Oklahoma bomber was seen as a conservative. When reality showed NO REASON to believe SO. Az shooting was done because sick guy watched Fox. Saw Sarah’s BULLSEYE illustration. Sheriff’s WITHOUT PROOF THEORY began. Ah NO. Hints THAT Boston WAS US. THEN we’re bias IF we’re against bumcare. Puzzling inconsistencies & logic.

    OK bomber gone quickly. General speaking we don’t protect the guilty. Neither does liberals if perceived bomber IS conservative. Liberals fight for the life if liberal ??? Look to Gitmo…