Left Handed Messaging

The President’s message to the Israeli’s was not delivered in his comments directed toward them. The real message to Israelis was delivered this morning in remarks after the President’s meeting with President Abbas.

He used key code words in his remarks. He spoke of a ‘contiguous’ Palestine. Translation; split Israel in half in one fashion or another insuring that it will be nearly impossible to stem Palestinian terror or defend a rational border.

He used the work occupation. This demonstration of absolute insensitivity ignores the history of this conflict. He used the word indignity demonstrating he is more concerned with Palestinian sensitivities than the reality of what exists in the Palestinian world. There is no politically coherent Palestine; there is the West Bank and Gaza. Different ruling parties, different intentions, different approaches; what binds them together is the desire to see Israel disappear from the face of the map. The Arab world has already had three shots at eliminating Israel beginning in 1948.

The President’s adoption of Palestinian points of view is not a first and while political pressure at home demands a level of support for Israel it is clear that the President’s heart is not in it. The President is guilty of too many magic code words that are music to Palestinian ears and insufficient pressure on the Palestinians, Hamas in particular. The President insures that the Palestinians see no reason to negotiate in good faith, again, nothing new here.

The President’s pre election view of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has not evolved. Prior to his election he spoke of how he was ‘sensitized’ to the Palestinian condition by Rashid Khalidi. Mr. Khalidi is the subject of the yet unreleased video tape, in the possession of L.A. Times, which ,reportedly, has Mr. Obama showering Mr. Khalidi with praise. Mr. Khalidi, in his past, was a primary public spokesman for the PLO during the time when it was listed by the State Department as a terrorist organization. Of late, Mr. Khalidi has involved himself with the ‘flotillas’ intended to pull on the tail of the Israeli tiger. One of those ‘flotilla’ boats was named after President Obama’s book; hmmmmmm? Sensitized indeed!!!

  • Bob

    “Looking throught the prism of fairness rather than fact” President Obama lectures Israel on empathy…see the article below.

    I would be interested to hear your thoughts on why the American-Jewish population voted overwhemingly for President Obama?My initial thoughts would be that like the youth of the Christian American population religion isn’t a major factor in the lives of their youth as it was for their parents generation.They therefore feel that social issues trump religion and vote accordingly.Which takes it back to the syllogism of the left that if you eliminate religion anything can be made acceptable.


  • I find it confusing as well in terms of Jewish support for Obama and Democratic candidates in general. I honestly don’t have what I consider to be a good answer. I’ve had the discussion with Jewish friends and did not find a singular thread running through the responses.