Wow, What A Team!

The Hill reports that it was, as suspected by many, John Brennan who was at the very least, involved in the ‘revised’ talking points given to Susan Rice regarding the attack on the Benghazi Consulate.

The presumptive future head of the CIA was incapable of one of three things. Either Mr. Brennan could not determine the actual nature of the attack, difficult to accept from the Administration’s top counter-terrorism advisor. Or, perhaps he is in fact the sycophant many believe him to be. Or is incapable of telling the truth when the truth deviates from a politically expeditious position focused on a film trailer. Any of the above should eliminate him from further consideration.

Mr. Brennan holds opinions regarding Jihadists that can only be described as willful blindness, convinced that Jihad is an exercise in achieving personal purity. The people who hate him and all of those like him (us) believe otherwise. They see it through the prism of violence and domination, North Africa, Syria, Mali and Egypt being the prime examples of the moment. Mr. Brennan has a narrow view of the terror infrastructure and tends to be incapable of viewing it in a context outside of al Qaeda influence.

Mr. Kerry in his first speech as Secretary of State could have focused on the Middle East, proliferation, Iran, China; nope, Global Warming. The Eurocrats were ecstatic. The Russians insulted him, the Eurocrats were ecstatic. Secretary was slapped down by the Egyptian opposition who refused to meet with him, as they refused to meet with Secretary Clinton two years ago. The anti-Islamist forces have seen the State Department for what it is, regardless of who’s at the helm. Secretary Kerry can also expect to be slapped down by Iran, as were the negotiators at the latest ‘talks’ in Kazakhstan. No tangible progress resulted from those talks nor will they. His defense of freedom focused on the freedom to be stupid. That was stupid!!!

Mr. Hagel took his first opportunity at the Department of Defense podium to remind us that we should not remain intent on providing the scope of leadership, security and stability that has been our history since WWII; “we can’t dictate”. He engages is a brand of relativism typically reserved for Progressive bloggers and the State Department. Perhaps we should have expected exactly that, the President, after all, chooses folks with whom he sees eye to eye and there is no doubt the President sees America’s role in the world that way as well. We should expect Mr. Hagel to lead from behind.

Ms. Pelosi accuses the GOP of issuing pink slips in the context of sequestration. Considering the state of the Democratic controlled economy and the unemployment it has created or saved, it is yet more incomprehensible rhetoric dependent upon the absence of facts. At least it’s better than Maxine Waters, a 22 year veteran of the Financial Services Committee, who would have us believe that sequestration will throw every working American in the country out of a job and then some.


  • Bob


    CHECK YOUR “E” MAIL! I’m sure Ms.Stephanie Cutter is tapping her little fingers away at the computer explaining to you that “FOREIGN POLICY DOESN’T MATTER”.Her reasoning is probably that we haven’t been attacked during President Obama’s reign(oppps)I meant administration so why bother worrying about the un-neccessary?It might look something like this:


    May I call you that? Hey we didn’t check the presidents background before he got elected so why the nitpicking about cabinet jobs? I mean I can’t understand why they are so important to you and why they didn’t hide these papers the way the president hid his college transcripts,birth certificate and all other relevant records? I mean John Kerry’s foreign policy experience goes back to 1970 when he testified against our military.Like, I mean, many of the Presidents supporters I feel domestic issues take precedence.Unemployment,the economy,the GDP,national debt no,no entitlements,contraceptives and expanding government programs.These are the things that really matter to us belonging to the 99% at OWS and the real enemy is the conservative right who want to end them.I mean everyone should recognize the banks,oil companies,drug companies and the Isreali lobby control the country and are the real danger not some ranting “duly elected” dictator who wants nuclear bombs in the Middle East or North Korea to destroy one of the few neighboring democracies.Hey I mean everything is relevant isn’t it? If we can have them why can’t they?

    So lets look at the big picture here and how many people are not going to be able to have their abortion,meth drugs,food stamps to buy booze etc. and not worry about what hasn’t happened.

    Peace… piece of dirt

  • LOL

  • Bob

    I see we have a new SELF APPOINTED diplomat in America

    DENNIS RODMAN thinks he can do as good as HILLARY RODHAM in negotiating with North Korea.So far it’s a wash!